Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Charming Blog Award

Okay, sweet, funny, Charming Marcy has bestowed the Charming Blog Award to my little blog. The Charming Blog Award has no 'button' to go along with it, so don't look for one. This award is bestowed to blogs that are exceedingly charming!

"This is how the award works: This award is bestowed on to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."The award also asks that I tell 7 "random" things about myself. "

My goodness, seven more things about myself.
Okay, here goes:

1. I wear a size nine shoe (hint-hint, Marcy!).

2. I started smoking the summer before seventh grade.

3. I quit smoking when I found out I was expecting my first baby.

4. I literally laugh out loud when I am reading some posts on other blogs.

5. I really sob sometimes when I am reading some posts on other blogs.

6. I pray when I am reading some posts on other blogs.

7. I wish junk food was good for you (okay, that was idiotic, I promise I don't pray for nonsense like that, but I do wish for it!).

Now I am supposed to pass this award on to eight other blogs, but I don't want to push anyone past their comfort zone, and I don't really know for sure who wants it and who doesn't (or who already might be receiving it this very moment!), so I'll mention some names and some blogs that I find immensely charming, and I hope they want this award. If you do not, pretend you never stopped here, that will be fine, I won't alert the Award Police (but watch out for that Marcy, because I think she'll rat you out!).

The One! The Only! Jerelene @ Jerlene's Journal

The Most Charming Diana @ Welcome To My World

The Very Endearing Sandy @ beachgirl77

The Ever Informative Jackie @ Teacher's Pet

And Two Women Who Fit The Title of 'Hostess With The Mostest'
Carol @ Charli and Me
and also
Sheila @ The Quintessential Magpie


  1. Excuse me, but I'm using my own comments to talk to my family for a minute ~
    Rachel, I know you read here ~ START BLOGGING!! And how is the apartment re-do coming? Who is going to help you take down the wall?!

    INSTIGATOR, if you are reading here, Susie is having a barbecue this weekend, if she has it on Friday, do you want to come here on Saturday? I'll make you a baked ziti, and if Lisa isn't working and she's coming let me know, I'll make her something plain.

  2. Alright then, I guess I'll bring a Caesar Salad to go with the baked ziti. But really Eileen you know I'm not supposed to have cheese anymore. I suppose your planning on bringing a cheesecake too!
    Sorry, I am too nosy for my own good, but in my defense, I'm not afraid to jump in and get involved!
    Thank you Eileen for thinking about me. You are Charming,Congratulations!
    Now you may resume your plans.

    And I have a bladder control problem, thank you very much!
    I can NOT stop laughing! I know I will be thinking about this the next time I'm in Church when it's so quiet you could hear a pin drop, and I'll think of you and get the giggles!

  4. OH Thank You Eileen...I'll have to work on this one tomorrow!! Sammy's current interests are transformers. I took him to see the new movie on Thursday..I've never seen a child run down the hallway to get in the movie..it was hilarious! ..you really don't have to send him anything..he'd just be thrilled to know that you thought of him..I've been on so much today..I'm going to have to get off here and go to bed...I'll be typing in my sleep! :)
    Love, jerelene

  5. Congratulations Eileen, personally I think you are very charming and deserve this award. I loved reading your list, I think we all are more alike than different......:-) Hugs

  6. Congrats to you, Eileen, and I loved reading your random facts. I can do this with a couple of other MeMes, but it might be some time down the road because I am on a bit of a hiatus doing house things. Still, I thank you for thinking of my blog as a charming one. I certainly think of yours that way.

    Love to you...


    Sheila :-)

  7. Eileen, If you sit at the end of the pew by the exit, you can make a speedy escape if you feel the giggles coming over you. Trust me, I know!
    I have apologized to Pastor in the past and he has told me that God has the greatest sense of humor of all. Is that good or bad?

  8. HOW did I miss this post???...oh puke on that old blogger (pretend you didn't hear, er, see that). I found today's so how did this one get by me?

    I do like baked ziti with LOTS of cheese...how about if I bring some broken glass pie for dessert? what time should we be there?

    And wouldn't you know it...that Rachel and Susie are being nothing but trouble...what ARE we gonna do with them...I know, make THEM go shopping with Donald putting stuff in THEIR shopping carts and doing some of those other interesting shopping ideas!!

    This was lots of fun, as always, but you stinker pot, didn't you see that I already gave this to Diana too? How charming do you think she can get??

    blessings and lots of hugs,


  9. This was fun...I wish the same thing about foods with HI carbs!! Have a grand day! Cathy

  10. Diana, I DO think God has a sense of humor! I really HOPE so anyway!

    Marcy, what is broken glass pie??? It sounds familiar but I can't picture it.
    And Donald has done that and more to Susie already! She had to grow up with him, only girl in the house with four boys, poor thing!
    He's being very sweet with Rachel (my niece from my sister), he even offered to help her. He really is a good, generous soul, volunteering to help neighbors, at church, he's got a good heart, just nutty though!
    And I'm not as popular as you, Miss Popularity In Blogland! And I don't want to give the award to people that really don't feel comfortable with it, (plus I don't retain what I read half the time!) and anyway, Diana is doubly charming!

    Jerelene, you deserve this award and more! Wish there was something more I could do for you than just bestow awards!

    Thank you, Bernie for your good wishes, and I agree, we do have a lot in common!

    Sheila, I can see why you are so popular too, and why you get lots of awards, there is always a long list of comments on your lovely blog!

    Cathy, I am a CARB addict too (in addition to junk food!), I could easily devour a whole loaf of bread, and I love pasta and cereal too!

    We all really are alike!