Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordful Wednesday ~ Bubble Gun Bubble Fun

Bubble gun equals bubble fun
But apparently not for everyone

It's all fun and games for this little boy
But for Grandma not so much a joy

I laugh at the first few bubbles that pop in my face
But after awhile my smile is erased!

I yell for him to stop it now
As I am frantically wiping my brow

But his crestfallen face
Leaves me feeling disgraced

He doesn't mean to be a pest
This poor kid really tries his best

He really is a good little boy
And he's only trying to enjoy his new toy

I remind myself that he's still only four
And I'm trying hard not to be such a boor

Besides it's hard to keep a frown
With the antics of this little clown!

Jayden has lots of toys, and he especially has a lot of 'fight/war' toys and I don't like that very much! He has his many, many Star Wars light sabers that he 'fights' with. He has tons of guns that he's constantly shooting off at me! And he has lots of swords, and he's always playing pirate or knight (and slaying someone) or challenging someone to a duel.
I do not like these toys and I'm trying to find a way to rid my home of them!

But recently my friend Barbara gave Jayden a Bubble Gun in honor of his graduation from Nursery School. And at first I thought, well, this is harmless. Jayden loves it and while I do like it much better than light sabers, and machine guns, and swords, it still leaves something to be desired as far as I'm concerned!

Lots of 'Bubble Fun'!
Well, now, this is harmless fun...

...uh-oh, wait a minute now... comes the offense!

Don't let this innocent face fool you...'re about to go down... a hail of bubbles!

"Jayden! That's enough now!"

"Okay, Umma." (I could almost hear "Spoil Sport!" It was written all over his face.)


  1. Awe...Jayden is so darned cute, and full of life. Enjoy him Eileen, he is only four for a little while! You are so blessed, and I loved your poem...very creative! I explained what happened on my blog, and I will miss you, and Jayden's sweet face too! But...I will be back. ((HUGS)) T

  2. Hey your really getting good at writing poems. Jayden is fantastic and I loved playing bubbles with him. Say what you want Eileen, but I can tell you loved playing bubbles with him too. I know you count your blessings but now this little one is pretty special. I see Terri was here, that's great, maybe I should go change my blog as I thought she was taking a break. Have a great day....:-) Hugs

  3. Eileen, Jayden is cute. He's all boy!!
    The bubbles are pretty...and to me are always pretty in photos....catching the light of a rainbow.
    He looks like he loves his new toy, and frankly, I'd like to give it a try, too.

  4. Good morning Eileen...that just reminded me of that old song Irene Good Night...anyway little Jayden has the sweetest face and expressive eyes...he does look a little annoyed in the last photo...but I'm sure he got over least you didn't find him outside with a head full of blow bubbles...washing his I found g/daughter Katie at age 4...just rubbing away.
    For calmer lots of tracing paper and a book of simple drawings like animals, cars, cartoons, bugs, boy things...maybe one on how to draw and he can trace and learn at the same time...Andrew and Dylan spent hours doing this and eventually went on to do their own drawings in sketch books I bought for them...they still pull them out to draw!

    Enjoy your day and the bubbles!

  5. Think of it this way, you don't have to use any soap now for your shower or bath! Think you need to get one for self defense.

    He is soooo cute, just like his Umma! You got great pictures Eileen and your poem is perfect, absolutely perfect!!

    blessings with hugs,


  6. Elieen, here certainly is cute! He reminds me of my godsons. LOL! They were all boy, too, and just LOVE things like that. I love all of Jayden's expressions. So cute!


    Sheila :-)

  7. Oh yes the ever popular bubbles. I couldn't tell you how many bottles of those we have gone through. I'll bet if you look around I still have a bottle somewhere. I kept Katie's bubble mower for Sarah and still have it for Jack to play with soon.
    Jayden is lucky to have such a fun grandma Eileen. He is very fortunate to be able to grow up around you. You should save this post for him when he grows up. Especially the poem! Great job Eileen.

  8. Now you need to check my comment on yesterday's post that got by me somehow did you sneak that one in on me?

  9. Turning the bubble gun one him would have been fun. When it came to bath/shower time, he would only need a rinse-off. This was fun and I did so enjoy your poem! Cathy

  10. Jayden is such a BOY. He really is cute. And he looks soooooooooo much like his Umma.

  11. Thanks, Teresa, I am really going to miss you. Hurry back soon! I'll be praying for that!

    Bernie, I do enjoy him so, even though he drives me batty, and I am TIRED!!

    Jackie, he does love it! He's just a bundle of energy and hard to keep up with! I'm a bundle of 'lazy bones' most of the time. Poor kid.

    Wanda, I loved those stories, especially the shampoo! I've tried to get him interested in busy work but it only last about ten minutes! Too much energy to sit long! Although he does get engrossed in those computer games, but I don't know how good they are, I guess good development of hand/eye coordination. The bugs! That he likes!

    Thank you, Marcy, I already had this post planned when you reminded me of the poem, so I had to include it at the beginning! It's fun, but my brain hurts! Between trying to rhyme a story and thinking up your former job!

    Sheila, you hit the nail on the head! Jayden is ALL BOY! And my granddaughter Mia is ALL GIRLIE GIRL!

    Thanks, Diana, I really enjoyed your post today! Am going back for a second look.

    Marcy, I did check and I responded there! I haven't seen anything new from you today yet, is it blogger or are taking a break today? I get thrown off your blog all the time too! Plus my computer has been acting wacky again!

    Thanks, Cathy, his Mom did turn the gun on him, and he enjoyed it a lot! I'll be over your way to check if you posted too!

  12. Thank you, Jill, how did I miss your comment? We must have been posting at the same time.
    I loved your multiples/small world story! It's really amazing! And now I see they've posted comments! Will you get to meet them? Post about it!

  13. As I sit here at my computer (at work) (not working) reading blogs(!) I am always so taken in by the everyday posts of family and friends and beautiful pictures. I am munching on some wonderful licorice (black, the only kind) laughing at the antics of that darling 4 year old boy, wondering if in this lifetime our paths will ever cross other than blogging...Isn't life wonderful! And we live in such a small world... I love visiting...

  14. Eileen! Your poem was wonderful!! Jayden is so adorable!! I think he looks like you..(you are very pretty too..he has your beautiful smile!) Loved the bubble pics...they don't feel good when you get them in your eyes though! I was thinking about Sam..he LOVES NEW YORK..maybe you could send him postcard!
    Love, Jerelene

  15. Linda, thanks for visiting! And I understand completely how the blog world sucks you in! I am up some nights until two in the morning reading everyone! And then doing the picture posts for my own blog is so time consuming!
    I'll be visiting your way tonight!

    Jerelene, what makes Sam love New York so much? I find that amazing. I actually find it amazing that anyone outside of New York loves it so much, but especially a young boy from Indiana! I will gladly send some postcards along!
    I want to get into the city and take pictures to post for Diana too, but with all the rain I haven't ventured there yet. I'm hoping after this weekend the weather will start cooperating! Is there any special landmarks he'd like to see?
    My grandson loves those transformers too! And he's Star Wars crazed, and he also loves all the Superheroes (you would think a four year old would be into Sesame Characters or Barney, but he left them behind when he hit two!).

  16. Eileen..I wrote you in my comments..but I'll write some more here too! The spiderman movie is what really prompted him in that area..When he was smaller..he used to say that when he grew up he wanted to be a photographer and move to New York City..He's always like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty..He's not really been anywhere except Tennesee, but New York City has always been a request. He got pretty excited when I told him that that is where YOU lived..He said "Wow...that's SO COOL!!"
    I think maybe because my kids know that I've been there before, that might have sparked some interest as well..I hope that helped a little. I bet Jayden likes to be grown up too :)

  17. Thanks, Jerelene, I did stop back by you again and I read there, but thanks for coming back here too! I'll try to get some of his 'favorites', my husband works in Manhattan so that shouldn't be hard to pick up. And I'll also be going there myself soon and I'll post pictures then too.

  18. I too have a 4 year old grandson, so I too know how you feel, we love them so much,and they are so cute, and my grandson like yours is all boy and never stops,and boy do I love him but it is hard to keep up with him sometimes. I get home from the shop and he wants to show me 100 things and he is so full of engery and I am so tired, but I look and I love...

  19. Thanks for stopping by, Donna, I LOVE 'On A Whim', so many beautiful things! Presents for my eyes!

    I can't imagine putting in a full day at work and then coming home to all that energy! How do you do it?!
    I'm happy to relinquish it all to my daughter when she walks in the door, I know she's tired too but I figure she's a lot younger than I am!

  20. Jayden is so adorable! Hold on to all of these precious moments because they are gone before you know it ♥ He is a sweet heart!