Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Soccer Time!

Okay, I think some of my Blogger problems might be fixed. I think I'm stuck with this small font though, so everyone get out your magnifiers! (For some reason a lot of my problems started when I tried to enlarge the font).

I posted a 'picture post' last week, Blogger said it published successfully, but Blogger lied. Well, maybe it published successfully somewhere, but it did not publish successfully on ''Umma's World"!

Also, I want to thank everyone for all your suggestions, and I have been 'googling' to find the right fit for my blog, and in searching I have found that a great many people have been having trouble with Blogger ever since Blogger upgraded and made 'improvements'. Many complaints about disappearing photos and posts, so I'm not alone in my complaints anyway, and that made me feel better. Misery really does love company!

Anyway, we've been enjoying some nice Fall weather and some NOT so nice Fall weather, a tornado touched down in our area last week, and something called a 'macro burst' or a 'micro burst' or whatever, which had winds that were 150 miles an hour compared to the tornado at 80 miles an hour! It was scary. Lots of wind, lots of thunder and lightening, and what looked like a river running down the street! We weren't hit too bad, but just a few blocks away it looked like a war zone. Our son lives in the next town over and a tree came down on his house just as he was closing a window (he said the sky was an eerie color green!) and a tree branch landed on the hood of his car.

Okay, on to a nicer subject:
Jayden joined developmental soccer this year and he loves it, the first weekend the weather wasn't great, it was cold and windy, and it started to rain, but Jayden didn't notice at all. He really enjoyed himself, and that's how I get him through the week (another bad year with him not wanting to go to school), I have him count down the days until soccer!

Mia has started Nursery, she goes two days a week, and my daughter-in-law says she's doing very well and she's enjoying it. She's also taking dance classes again this year (and she wore her little tutu to our house one day).

(They grew a LOT, right?)

And I'm taking advantage of Jayden being in school full days, I'm trying to tackle projects both big and small around the house, I really need to purge my home with the hope of a major move within the next five years. I only hope the economy cooperates!
Well, I guess we will be wherever we are meant to be.

Okay, I'm off to visit all of you. (I notice that I have lots of success if I click on your names in my comment section and then come to your blogs through your profile pages, otherwise I 'google' you because I still just get an error message when I click on my sidebar).

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hi, My Name Is Eileen and This Is What I've Been Doing! (Word Post)

Diana @ Welcome To My World actually gave me that post title!
And I'm still having issues with Blogger, it seems a lot of my problems with my posts have to do with trying to add pictures. So until this is resolved I will be doing either a 'word' post or a 'picture' post, but not together.
So this is going to be a very boring post without pictures, in a few days I will post some pictures that should have been in this post. Ugh! This is annoying!
And it seems the only way I can visit most of you is to 'google' you, or try to get to you from Facebook, because when I click on your blogs on my sidebar I only get an error message.
I do have another blog that I used to do sort of 'home improvement' projects or Tablescapes, things along those lines that I think is still working okay, so if I can't get one of my computer whiz family members to fix 'Umma's World' I may have to switch and make 'Stick Close To Home' my personal blog.
Anyway, I will try to get my Summer into as few words as possible, it was lots of fun, lots of HOT, lots of dentist appointments for gum surgery (yuck!), not feeling well in the beginning of the summer (had to miss out on some fun plans the first few weeks such as a class reunion), feeling much better towards the end, and I even kept a promise to myself to visit my doctor for a check up. But I still haven't followed up on any of the tests that I'm supposed to get and my doctor knows how I am so he asked if he could speak to my husband, and Ray now has the job of making sure that I actually do make appointments and KEEP them this time! (Psst, I haven't made even one appointment yet).

Okay, here's some of the fun with pictures to follow later this week:
Family picnic in June where we celebrated my sister Marybeth's 60th Birthday! Family near and far came and it was wonderful!
We went to the beach a few times, we spent lots of time out back in the pool, I had lots of fun with the grandkids outside, I had visits with friends and relatives, some barbeque/pool parties at my sister-in-law Susie's house, Jayden lost his first tooth (in the pool!), we visited lots of parks in the neighborhood, Ray's tomatoes did not do well at all this year, but Jayden's little cherry tomatoes in the pot out back did very well (he planted them in school from seeds taken from inside a tomato and he brought the tiny plant home in a tiny paper cup). I'm trying to eat healthier (a more Mediterranean diet), and in about two minutes I will be leaving to go on a bike ride with my sister Diane.
Oh, and Jayden's first full day of Kindergarten is today (that is going to feel weird after having his company the whole Summer). So far he loves it, his teacher is a doll and we all love her!
And we got some other nice news over the Summer that I will tell you all about in a few weeks!

My goodness, this post is so blah without pictures!
Okay, I will be 'googling' all of you and trying to visit with you later today.
I've missed you all so much!
Love to you all!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11

"And it came to pass when I heard this, that I sat down and wept, and mourned for days, and fasted and prayed before the God of Heaven." ~ Nehemiah 1:4

Lead us into Your Light and Peace
Let the cold, and darkness, and turmoil take leave of us
No more let this poverty of the heart linger on us
No longer allow us to remain in these ruins
But rebuild us in Your Divine Love. Amen.

"But as for you, ye thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good..." ~ Genesis 50:20

"I can do all things through Christ Jesus in Whom my strength lies" ~ Philippians 4:13

God Bless America