Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Favorites

Most of my favorites this week are actually Ray's favorites. Whenever we go to any rummage sales at Churches I have to steer Ray away from religious items, he can't seem to pass them up. Soon I will have to open my own church. Most of these religious articles are now in our dining room and living room.

This first is what I call The Pieta. It's not a depiction of the famous Michelangelo Pieta, but it is the Sorrowful Mother holding her Son after witnessing His Great Sacrifice. It is a very big, very heavy statue. I think it's a beautiful statue.

The next religious article he acquired is this statue of The Sacred Heart. This statue is also very big and very heavy.
He is on a dresser in our dining room.

And another of Ray's purchases is Jesus wearing His Crown of Thorns.

We also have in our dining room a statue of the Blessed Mother. This statue belonged to my grandmother (my Dad's Mom). This statue is much smaller than the others.

And the last of my favorites are two religious art pieces that I bid for and won on ebay. These two little works of art hang in our living room.
This retablo is of The Child Jesus.

And this retablo is of St. John the Baptist as a child.

Weekend Forecast:
Saturday ~ Ray's niece is graduating high school next week and her parents are having a party to celebrate the occasion this weekend.

Sunday ~ Happy Father's Day!
I asked Ray what he wanted to do to celebrate and he said his only request was to watch golf (the U.S. Open) on TV! He then offered to barbecue and invite our kids, and his brother and nephew, his sister and her family, and my sister and her husband. So we should have a full house! I hope the weather cooperates!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. A beautiful post Eileen, you have some wonderful religious items and must find them very comforting placed throughout your home.
    Your weekend sounds fun with family time, I, too hope your weather is nice. I know how Ray feels about the US Open, I was disappointed when it was rained out today and am hoping it's a go for tomorrow.....:-) Hugs

  2. Boy are too fast for me at posting...I wasn't finished taking in your last I'm commenting here about your honest list...getting to know you has been rewarding in you were a shy wild child...that's funny...Being a homebody who has unmeasurable love for her granchildren and misses her mother(gone 2 yrs. also) is something we share...
    I will try to post for Friday Favorites too!

    Take care!

  3. Dear, dear Eileen - this (in response to your note on my blog)is one of the dangers of blogging, I fear. That we compare ourselves to the lives of others and come out negatively OR try to make ourselves appear positively to others. I know what you mean about not wanting to be "fake self-effacing". It takes a lot of faith for me to see the finish line. And that faith is not my own. It, too, comes by the grace of God.

    Now a word about your religious art...I love it. It was not so much a part of my church background, but in the past years my life is richer as I have admired and even collected a few piece for our home. Thanks for sharing these.

    My husband, too, will be happy to watch the U.S. Open this weekend :)

  4. Eileen, You have some beautiful peices of religious art! I love to surround myself with things like that. I collect angels and I have religious art all over my walls. I find it so peaceful and calming. One of my favorite places to go is to the religious store. I could spend hours there. When my grandson's Michael and Thomas were little they collected religious cards like other young boys collect baseball cards ♥ I enjoyed reading your post.

  5. You forgot to mention that the Blessed Mother statue was also a church rummage sale item. Your Mom had donated it unbeknownest to me and I re-aquired it not knowing it.

  6. Eileen,
    I just love the first one!! It's beautiful..they all are but that one is my favorite!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures....Love, Jerelene

  7. Can't beleive I read this and forgot to one had even been here yet! My mind and body sometimes aren't even speaking to each other!

    Have to run now and go get into trouble at the Grower's outlet, but will be back to do a good comment!!

    blessings with hugs,


  8. Okay, I made it back, but not unscathed as I have 11-12 new plants...think my love of flowers only grew as I grew.

    When I was a young girl my mother gave me two statues, both with the sacred hearts showing, one of Jesus and one of Mary. They were about the same size as yours! After many moves I don't evne remember what happened to them.

    How awesome that Ray re purposed a VERY special statue!

    And I, too, like to have holy 'reminders' around
    me. Except for the three bathrooms and Kelly's room, every room has something "holy" in it.

    Very pretty and nicely presented, Eileen!

    blessings and more hugs,


  9. First Eileen I have to apologize as I didn't see all of your new posts. I check a couple of times a day but I didn't see on my google reader that you had a new post. You must think I was being rude. Anyway these statues and ritablo's are very beautiful and I can see why you love them. I am somewhat finicky about religious art. Some I like very much and some just seems tacky! But they were all eqully beautiful. Are the ritablo's very old? They look like it. I collect crosses. Again I'm sorry I didn't see your posts.

  10. Diana, I would never think you were being rude! Now, if you didn't stop here for a few days PLUS you weren't posting on your own blog, then I'd be worried!
    But I just figured you weren't feeling up to par, and/or you were busy (I know you said you'd be busy with your husband at home), or that you just forgot to stop by (something I do a LOT!).
    Plus, you did comment on my other blog!
    And if I wanted you to especially read something here I would have forced you over here (ha!).

    I know the same thing has happened to me a lot lately, it will be days and days sometimes before a blog says there is a new post and I know that's not so because I just came from the blog and there already was a new post! Ugh! What can you do?
    You don't have to apologize but I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Oh, and yes, the retablo's are old!