Monday, June 22, 2009

Jayden's Quote

At Jayden's 'graduation' ceremony from Nursery school we were given a binder that contained all his work from school, some pictures that were taken during the year of the children in his class, and also some of the cute antics of the children that the teacher and her aide had taken note of were written down for us all to enjoy.
One paper had written on it 'famous quotes' from each of the children, and next to Jayden's name was the following quote:

"What time do I have to stay 'til?"

Jayden's nursery school schedule was only three afternoons a week (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday), but every school day, all afternoon, he would ask that question over and over again. His teacher and her aide said Jayden asked that all year long up until the last few weeks of school!
Poor teacher! Poor aide! Poor Jayden!

I wonder what the Fall will bring when he's going five full days a week?! Yikes!


  1. Too cute and you sure know he loves being home with you! That picture is so sweet...was that taken during the Pledge of Allegiance?

    blessings and hugs,


  2. The picture of your little grandson is so sweet ♥ He is just a little doll! What a wonderful gift the school made for all of the parents and grandparents. Jayden's quote touched my heart ♥ Our grandson Thomas was a lot like him in that he hated to be away from home. He used to cry sometimes when I took him to school.
    Thank you for your kind comments about my blog. I like to change it for holidays and seasons. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Well Eileen, I bet you can look forward to many more cute quotes from young Jayden...I'm wondering too how Alivia will do in the first grade all day 5 days a week...

  4. Hi Eileen,
    Jayden is so cute, and his quote is so cute...I bet all he is thinking of is to get back home to be with you. ((((Hugs)))) T

  5. Oh, what a sweetie! I can remember those days of wanting to be at home. I still do! :-)



  6. Thank you everyone for your kind comments, and yes, that picture was taken during the Pledge of Allegiance at his graduation ceremony.
    Thanks also for sharing all your stories, I appreciate that so much! It always feels so good to know you are in the same boat as others!

  7. This was just too cute Eileen! Jayden to me, looked like he was thinking " Am I doing this right?". So sweet, it reminded me of Sarahs pre-school graduation and even Ginny's 24 years ago! Sweet memories, thanks for reminding me!

  8. How very sweet. Isn't is wonderful to know that Jayden knows "There's no place like home." I love the fact that the teacher included pictures taken during the school year...and those li'l quotes are and always will be priceless.

  9. Sounds like Jayden missed his Umma at home. Well he sure is cute!!

  10. Hi Eileen, love your post, Jayden is so cute. He must resemble your family with the dark hair and eyes. They just grow up to fast, I know you are enjoying him... :-) Hugs