Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Favorites

My Friday Favorites this week are three purses.

The first purse is a little silver bag my friend Barbara gave me as a gift. It’s not a vintage bag, but it’s so vintage looking and Barbara said when she saw it she had to buy it for me because it’s so me. I love the turquoise detail on the back of the bag. It certainly doesn’t hold much, so of course I don’t use it for everyday outings, I’ve only used it for a few weddings and other special occasions, but it’s such a pretty little thing that I just can’t store it away in a closet somewhere when not in use, so I leave it out on display hanging on a dresser in my dining room, and it holds little odds and ends for me.

This next purse is one that I bid for on ebay. I actually wasn’t looking for a purse at all, but I came across this while searching for something else, and I have a strange attraction to owls, so when I saw this unique looking bag with owls on it I took a chance and bid on it. I felt a little bad because I was bidding against others who had been in a bidding war for days and I came in at the last second with the winning bid. I guess it was meant to be.
It’s really a cute little bag, it reminds me of a purse or train case from the forties or fifties, it’s boxy with a small handle. I’ve only used it once or twice as a purse, but I display it in my home and I use it to store scented tea lights.

This last purse I absolutely love. This purse was my Mom’s. I remember she used it when she got dressed up and was going out someplace special. I always loved this mesh bag with the gold drawstring closure, and the way the little leaf charms on it would jingle. When I got older I used to borrow it from my Mom to use whenever I had a special occasion and needed a black bag, it’s great because it’s so deceiving too, it really is roomy inside and it holds a LOT of stuff! One time after borrowing it I was returning it to my Mom and she told me just to keep it as she didn’t use it anymore anyway. I was happy to have that treasure then and I’m happy to have it now. Not only is it something I’ve always loved since childhood, it is a reminder to me of my Mom, and I still reach for it every time I need a dressy black bag.

Weekend Forecast:

Saturday ~ Ray and his brother Donald are going to open the pool (we are so LATE doing that this year!), and they are going to replace the motor for the awning on the back deck.
I’m going to enlist the help of my daughter Ellie to switch out the rug in the back room for a new one, and also to switch the rug in the living room for a new one. (That is going to entail moving a lot of heavy furniture around and I know she’s not going to be very happy about it. Wouldn’t it be nice if I suggest she help me and she answers very happily and eagerly, “Sure, Mom!” Wish me luck!)
I’m also going to try and coax her into helping me outside to move the furniture on the front porch out of the way so I can put down an outdoor rug there.
Somewhere in between all this I want to bake a cake for my brother-in-law Donald and then later in the afternoon/evening we’ll barbecue and have a belated Birthday celebration for Donald.

Sunday ~ I want to shop for paint for the living room, dining room, and hall.
If the weather is nice I’d also like to make a trip to the cemetery and then maybe take a ride to the beach. If we have time I’d like for Ray & me to put together the little cabana he made to provide shade over the loveseat on the back deck (I wish I had pictures of the creation of that cabana project [pvc pipes, planters filled with cement, rattan blinds, hot glue gun, lots of tools, lots of trial and error]! I think Ray was sorry I came up with that idea, but once he saw the fruits of his labor I think he was happy. I know I was!).

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Eileen, why don't you wait until the painting is done before you lay the rugs? Just an idea, your weekend sounds lovely and I love each of your purses. I loved your mother's and I also loved the silver one, why they put that beautiful turquoise on the back of it I don't know, I love that side the best but then I also love turquoise. Have a wonderful weekend my friend....:-) hugs

  2. Hi, Bernie, I like turquoise too, and I actually bought shoes in that color to match the bag!
    I am thinking of waiting to change out the rug in the living room, but I'm not sure when we'll get to the painting, I was hoping over the next two weekends, but now we have two graduation parties to go to, I guess I could try during the week myself, but it's hard with my grandson now, he'll be out of school, so I'll see (I really can't see trying to paint with a four-year-old underfoot!).

  3. Thanks, Simone, I stopped by your blog and really love your printer's tray, and I love your idea for it!

  4. Hi Eileen! I love your purses, I'm not a big lover of purses (strange I know) except for vintage. But that's me, anything vintage,retro, antique or just plain old, I love! I am very anxious to see this cabana. You must post photos of it as soon as you get it up. One day I will post a photo of this owl night light that my great grandmother made. I think you will like it!

  5. Thanks, Diana, if we get the cabana together this weekend I'll post a picture.
    It's very weathered now as Ray made it a few years ago, it's really just a simple little thing but I love it. The rattan should be replaced around the poles (pipes actually), but you know me, I kind of like that worn, weathered look anyway.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hi Eileen,
    I love what you love! Those purses are amazing...I especially liked the one with the turquoise stone...I can see you with that purse and the shoes to match! I want to see a picture of the pool and the cabana! You are so lucky you are close to the beach, I would have to travel at least 800 - 1000 miles to get there these days...but it is forever in my mind and on my dreamboard! Have a wonderful weekend Eileen!

  7. Thank you so much Teresa!
    I really enjoy your blog so much! I love the idea of the dreamboard and I am going to be working on one.

    I will post pictures once we're set up. I think I will take 'before' and 'after' pictures too. I'll take the back deck today in the gloomy rain with the pool cover still on, and the cabana looking sad and bare without it's cover, and then I'll do another next week when, hopefully it's sunny and everything is ready and waiting for summer!

  8. Eileen I'm sorry I forgot to mention that I love your new background! I've just been kind of out of it lately but it's very beachy beautiful. I like the sand background. I was wondering about Marcy myself, I figured she was out somewhere having fun in the real world!

  9. Thank you for looking for me!! I have been rushing around like a weirdo wacko, finally just did finish my own post now! I popped in here for a real quick minute this morning...hmmm...guess that' a New York minute...hee, hee, but then I had to go sing at a funeral at church, run 3 errands, type up a letter for the HOA and Word was fighting me all the way!

    Whew...I'm here and glad to breathe for a second, then have to deliver that letter in person!

    That last purse is so YOU! As soon as I saw it, I said to myself "that is so cute Eileen" and myself answered "you know what, you are right!"

    blessings and lots of hugs,


    p.s. Wild new look here for a wild chick!! You've done a great job of capturing and bringing the beach to us!!!

  10. Whoa...the sand was here just a second and ago and's gone...are you doing magic tricks, Eileen or am I just hallucinating?

  11. Three's the charm...thought I'd make up for my 'absence" by being here a bit too much, but it's such a fun place to be with things disappearing before your very eyes!

  12. Welcome, Marcy! Glad to see that you were just 'out in the real world' as Diana said!
    Diana, you are too funny!

    I actually wanted this Sand and Seashell motif for Diana's Beach post, but I'm so computer illiterate I had to wait until Ray had some free time to do it for me!

    I've been having trouble all day with this blog, so I don't know what's going on!
    Hope it settles down.
    Marcy, I didn't know you sing! Give us a video on your blog sometime.

    And, Diana, I forget things all the time. I had to go back and visit you again because I forgot to mention something too. All my friends and I are always interrupting each other because if we don't spit out of our mouths what is on our minds right away we forget what we wanted to say! You should hear our conversations!