Monday, June 22, 2009

On Another Blog

One of the stories from my blog has been picked up by a website called Imperfect Women. This is a great website if anyone is interested, they have various articles on a wide variety of subjects. It was started by women just like us, seeking to better themselves, and helping each other out along the way. And that's what I love most about this site, the support these women all show for each other, and I really enjoy reading all the human interest stories.
They are also willing to accept articles for consideration to publish. Pay them a visit, I don't think you'll be disappointed!
The article I wrote is one most of you have read already, it's under 'Relationships'.


  1. I am just sitting here trying to stay cool and Kate is "letting" me use the computer so I will head on over to Imperfect women. Thanks for the hint!

  2. Eileen you are perfectly welcome to copy the's my pleasure to have you like it.

    The pitcher is an old one we found on the just sits there...repurposing things like you do.


  3. Thanks for the info on the Imperfect Women website...I can't wait to read more on is nice to have such support...


  4. I will go and check this site out my friend.
    Have a great day..... :-) Hugs

  5. Eileen,

    Your article, "This Old House" is also on the Imperfect Women site. I was running down through some of the aritcles and I saw a familiar picture. It was the old house.

  6. Yeah, Marybeth, they had asked about that one when they first started up their website. I should have told people to read that one because I don't think they've seen that one (I wrote that when I first started blogging), the other one I'm sure they've read already.
    I just wanted to promote that site too, it really is nice, sort of like reading a magazine on-line, very different. It reminds me of McCall's Magazine or Redbook, with a wide range of interests, and even better because it has a wide range of readers and articles geared towards all ages and all walks of life.

    If you ever get down here remind me to give you something I had picked up for you and Diane from the Irish shop when we were in Mystic.

  7. How wonderful that they put your stories on their page!! You should be so proud :) I will definately check it out! Love, Jerelene

  8. Eileen, I went over and read "This Old House." That is just amazing that you grew up in your home. What lovely memories and stories you can share with your grandkids. You really have 6 bedrooms? Wow!! Your home is beautiful and so are you!! Love, Jerelene