Thursday, June 25, 2009

100 And Counting

While blogging and visiting the friends that I admire most
I almost didn't notice that coming very soon would be my hundredth post

But when Congratulating dear friend Marcy as she reached that peak
I checked and saw that mine would be within the coming week

So today I am celebrating my one hundredth post
With a give-away too that I'd like to host

A basket of goodies for you to enjoy
It's more for a girl than it is for a boy

Even though it contains items that more reflect me
I hope they are things that will bring you some glee

It's all wrapped up, it's ready and waiting
And it will be yours just for the taking

It is one thing old, and it is one thing new
And (of course) one thing pink, along with one thing blue

Now if you will be so dear
Please leave a comment here

And then onto some coins your names will go
And then into the pool, your names I will throw

My little friend Jayden will then take a swim
The coin he retrieves will be the one to win!

(Hey! Today should have been Wordful Wednesday with this poem here!)

Okay, enough with the bad rhyming. It's been my pleasure to blog along with all of you! You have all enriched my life so much with your witty jokes, and your thoughtful posts, and your kind and caring comments. It would be fun to host a party for you all, to give back to you in some small measure, but instead I'll just have to settle for this little give away.

I'm not very creative when it comes to the 'fun and games', so I'm going to leave that to our Dear, Fun-Loving, Always-Makes-Us-Smile Marcy, and I'm going to do something very boring and just ask you to be your usual kind selves, leave me a comment, and I will write your names on some coins, and then throw those coins into the pool and have Jayden pick the winner!
We might have to wait a little while though for the weather to start cooperating, I don't want the poor kid to get hypothermia! And I'll try to record and post a video of it all too!

Something old ~ A Vintage Irish Burmel Linen Handkerchief (no! It's never been used!)

Something new ~ A Scented Candle Tin (Fresh Ivy Vine)

Something pink ~ A Small Candy Dish

Something blue ~ A Little Sack of Blue Beach Glass in a Blue Glass

I purchased most of these things from one of my favorite stores ~ Anthropologie (except for of course the Irish vintage hankie and the beach glass!). I love the uniqueness of this store. I wanted to get pictures of the inside of it, but they frown upon picture-taking inside the store, so I just snapped the outside. This particular one is in a shopping mall, the other one I shop at actually has a much nicer facade.

I love the fact that this store uses vintage looking tables and cupboards to display their 'vintage-like' inventory. I like the way they stack the dishes on the tables, just as if they had been recently washed and dried and waiting their turn to be put back into Grandma's cupboard, and they have vintage looking aprons and dish towels hanging on hooks nearby. It's like taking a trip back into my childhood.
Shopping Anthropologie is not as much fun as shopping thrift shops and/or flea markets, but it's the next best thing!

I hope you enjoy the things I've chosen for you as much as I've enjoyed choosing them! And I'm going to try to add something a little more personal after I know who I'm sending this to!

My heartfelt thanks to you all, to those who have included me in your worlds and who have been kind enough to visit me in mine.

Good luck to everyone!
I'll have Jayden do the honors as soon as the pool water is warm enough and I'll post it right after!


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!
    I Love reading your blogs!!!
    I come and visit you...never leaving a comment but enjoying what I read.
    What's new in Umma's World today?...Leaving your own world and invisioning something else..
    I think you are very Creative and Extremly Heart felt...
    My Favorites are your Tributes!!!....and Poems.. I cant wait until it's someones Special Day...Your Tributes are sooo Beautiful, Heart felt, True, sometimes they make you laugh and sometimes cry.....But Always True to the Heart--Extremly Enjoyable and a Pleasure to read...
    You dont have to throw me into the pool....I never comment....I just wanted to give you a HUGE ---- SHOUT OUT ----

  2. Here I I am...the first to comment too...uh, oh, I just remembered, the Bible says the first will be last. But no matter, it will be just as exciting to see whoever wins!

    Now I'm intrigued with the coin thing do you write on a coin? Will Jayden come up for air?

    blessings with hugs,


  3. Congratulations on being almost 100....I mean on having nearly 100 posts.
    I send a hearty Yippeee to you.

  4. Jackie is so funny! It is something though to have written nearly 100 posts. I think I am close to that but actually haven't looked! Congratulations Eileen, I do enjoy reading all of your posts. Seeing Jayden dive in the pool for the coins is something I would really enjoy seeing!
    All of the things that you chose for your gift basket are very nice. I love hankies and have some that my grandmother gave me. Remember when girls would always carry a hankie and white gloves? I must say that it's the beach glass that intrigues me the most.
    Oh and you are just full of poetic words lately! We better start working on a poem for next Wednesday!

  5. Eileen your "poeticness" is really blooming...that's a great job at rhyming...and you chose such pretty gifts for your give away...anyone would love to receive the!

    I've been working outside this morning...just came in...I usually quit by 10:00...found that almost everyone has posted since I checked earlier...have to catch up...Happy 100th!

  6. Eileen, congratulations on your 100th, I have to learn these blogger rules....I don't know anything! Loved the poem, you are really getting the hang of it. Have a great day my friend...:-) Hugs

  7. Your poems are as personal and unique as Dee's doodles! It's very hot here, so I'd dive for your coins if you lived closer. Would love to have access to the pool w/o the work involved keeping it up :) Congratulations on your 100th post. They go fast, don't they? All your give-aways are sweet - I especially like the blue beach glass. I've a huge weakness for the color blue.

  8. Congratulations Eileen! I love your poems. You are a very talented gal :>) Your gifts are all beautiful.

  9. Hi Eillen I'm back. I forgot to answer your question. Charli goes to the groomers. Thanks for asking about her ♥

  10. Hi Eileen,
    I too loved your poem, and that beach glass has my name on it!

    I was wondering just like Marcy, how you write on coins and throw them in water, and expect the names to stay on them? I am sure you have figured out how to do it, but I just can not figure it...

    Congratulations on 100 the way, who keeps track of that?

    Thank you again for your prayers and kind and wise and all my blogger friends are such a blessing!

  11. Thank you, everybody for commenting here!
    Rachel, I think YOU should start blogging! I think you would love it! And you always have such funny, interesting stories to tell! Seriously, think about it! Right now you could blog about your 'stripping the wallpaper' story and how you spent over nine hours doing it.
    Bernie, I didn't know about these blogger rules until I read Marcy's post!
    To those who asked about the coins ~ I'm hoping permanant marker will stay! It has on other things that get used in the pool. Otherwise I'll have to come up with a color code for each coin I guess (I hope we have enough different colored coins!) I'll figure something out. It might even be warm enough to do it this weekend!
    And, Teresa, Blogger keeps count of the posts, otherwise I'd have no idea how many posts I've written!
    Thanks again, everyone, and KEEP WRITING, because I so enjoy reading you all!

  12. Sorry that I didn't tell you Congratulations a little quicker..but I've not been on the last couple of days. I think it's just wonderful that you've reached your 100th post..come to think of it..I wonder what number I'm on. Your poem is really good. You are VERY good at that. Maybe you should write a poetry book :) Your give away gifts are all just beautiful!! How sweet of you to do that!! You definately have great taste and I bet you'd be awfully fun to shop with :) Congrats!! Congrats!! love, Jerelene