Monday, June 1, 2009

The Model And The Photographer

The other morning my daughter Ellie treated us to bagels and muffins for breakfast (she actually gets up early every Saturday morning and makes a trip to the local Dunkin' Donuts to retrieve these goodies for us, and she's usually back home before the rest of us even arise). I usually protest that it's not a very healthy breakfast for any of us and I lament how we're all going to get fatter, but that doesn't stop me from indulging every week!
This past Saturday my grandson Jayden, my daughter Ellie, and myself decided to eat our not-so-healthy breakfast outside because the weather was perfect. My husband was golfing and Jayden's Mommy (Katie) decided she'd rather not join us. So the three of us were settled outside for the morning feast. I decided to get the camera so that Grandpa and Mommy wouldn't have to miss out.

I started clicking away and at first I got this:

And I got this:

But then Jayden had just about enough of Grandma playing photographer and I got this:

I said to him, "Jayden, come on, can't you smile and pose nice for your old Grandma?"

In response I got, "Okay, Umma, you asked for it!"
And I got this:

And I got this:

A few days before that Jayden wanted to take some pictures, the camera is big, heavy, and expensive so I usually make sure to put the camera strap over his shoulders and I help him snap the pictures. This time he wanted to do it all by himself. "I can do it, I can do it, Umma, you'll see."

Well, at first he aimed a little too low and we got this:

Then he aimed a little too high and we got this:

Then he snapped what I thought were acceptably centered pictures:

But Jayden spotted a problem with one of his subjects. "Umma, she's not smiling!"

Okay, Grandma would go to work on getting Mia to smile.
And we got this:

"Okay, Jayden, that's enough now, you took a lot of pictures."

Surely he was satisfied?
"NO! I didn't want you in the picture, Umma, I only wanted her!"
"And shape her like an 'L'."
"Jayden, how can I shape her like an 'L'?!"

Jayden poses himself with his arm straight out and says, "Like this!"

Okay, I pose Mia with her arm straight out according to Jayden's instructions on how to shape her like an 'L'.
And we got this:

To which Jayden said, "That's perfect!"



  1. Darling photos...even the ones Jayden took!
    I'm trying to learn just who belongs to who... Perhaps I will go back in your blog and do my homework.

  2. You know Eileen you may have just inspired a future photographer! I do believe that Jayden has your eyes!And he seems to be a bit of a ham! I now have to bribe my granddaughter Sarah to let me take her picture!

  3. Hello, Jill and Diana!
    Jill, our grandson Jayden belongs to our daughter Katie and they both live with us. Our granddaughter Mia is the product of our son Erik and his wife Lori, I watch Mia during the week for a day or two when her Mom works (very local as a speech therapist) or when her Mom wants to shop kid-free! We have lots of fun together!

    Diana, Jayden is more than a 'bit' of a ham! And in addition he likes to be the boss which makes for some very interesting scenarios around here sometimes (especially when Mia is around), but most times he's a VERY GOOD little boy!

  4. this post was too cute for words...loved every bit of it. You get the greatest pictures, Eileen and I think they both look like you so much!!! A handsome little guy, a pretty little girl and a very lovely grandmother (who looks like she could be their mom)!

    That "shaping her like an L" made me laugh out loud...thanks for giving the "whole" story...just wonderful!!

    blessings and hugs,


  5. Oh, Eileen, I'm SO excited for you...wish I could call you or e-mail you, but hopefully you will be checking on your comments again today!!

    Please click on a blog that I follow, called Just a little something for you. As soon as I saw today's post, I almost said it out loud...Eileen, Eileen...this is so much right for her, so go over and enjoy, my sweet friend!!

    blessings and lots of hugs,


    p.s. Thank you for making me feel better about my overly long least yours are super interesting because they are personal...mine felt a bit impersonally long.

  6. Hi Eileen,
    Don't you think grandchildren are wonderful! I think perhaps handsome little Jayden may remember this day forever, and taking pictures will be a joy for him. I really enjoyed the pictures and his creativity. I wonder why he wanted her to make and "L"? Perhaps he was thinking of LOVE! Wonderful Blog, wonderful moments, and thank you Eileen for sharing them with us. Mia and Jayden are beautiful!

  7. Had to come back one more time to revisit this adorable post and adorable just is brimming over with wonder, look who did it?!

    blessings and more hugs,


  8. Thanks, Marcy, I find myself doing that same thing a lot throughout the day, if I have some free time I'm visiting my favorite blogs and then revisiting them!

    Teresa, thanks for stopping by, and yes, I agree that grandchildren are WONDERFUL! This is such a joyful time in my life being Blessed with them!
    I love visiting your blog too!
    Everyone has such interesting lives!

  9. Oh my goodness. He has got personality plus, doesn't he? Each and every picture was cute as could be!

  10. What fun! You have beautiful grandchildren and children. To have five children is such a blessing ♥ I'm sure you have many wonderful memories of them growing up and now you have these beautiful grandchildren to love. Thank you for the comments on my blog.