Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pool Progress

I'm thinking we are never going to get a chance to use the pool this year! With the cool weather and the rain we've been having this spring, Ray took his time opening the pool, and since he's opened it, there still hasn't been much sun! The water may be nice and clear now but it is COLD!

Here is the pool still covered on Friday, June 5, a cold, rainy, dreary day:

The next day was bright and sunny! Time to open the pool!
Anyone care for a dip in the pool?

Sunday, June 7 ~ Getting better!
(Ray is in the back power-washing the deck.)
(Don't be afraid, that's not a power cord laying in the pool, it's just a hose. I almost had a heart attack when I first walked out back and saw that! Ray thought it was hysterical!)

Monday, June 8 ~ Well, at least the deck is all cleaned. And the pool is looking better:

Sunday, June 14 ~ Crystal clear but freezing cold!

Well, hopefully summer will arrive sometime soon and we can start the pool volleyball games!

If anyone is interested in seeing Ray's canopy project you can go here to find it: Stick Close To Home.
Also in my previous post on the other blog (just below the canopy project post) there is another post with information on a giveaway on an artist' blog if anyone is interested in that too. The artist said she's expanding it to two giveaways now!


  1. Shat a lovely place to sit and "reflect." (A really BAD pun, huh!?!) Have a grand day! Cathy

  2. Good morning Eileen...You have a beautiful pool to enjoy...I know how green and yucky the water can become between seasons...We had a 24ft. pool when my children were young and then later years a smaller one here...but there came a time it became too much to worry about with all the grandchildren...We had it with the first three...but with the arrival of 4,5,and 6...and baby sitting full time for 3 of had to go...but it was an enjoyment to remember for sure! All of our trees didn't help either...we even found tree frogs in it once in awhile and a drowned squirrel once!

    After they all became older they talked us into a small blow up lasted two or 3 they go to the Y.

    Yours is set up very your canopy...Maybe you will have an extra long summer season to make up for the late start!

    Thank you Eileen for such a nice made me smile...I so appreciate you and other friends I've made through blogging...Hope you get in that pool soon!

  3. Cathy, I liked your pun!
    And I do actually sit out there a lot and 'reflect'!
    I liked your post today!

    Wanda, I am so nervous with the pool and the grandkids! We have it fenced and with a self-closing, self-locking gate, and we have an alarm for the pool too, but it still makes me nervous. I have two locks on the back screen door too!
    We use the pool A LOT, and we have a lot of fun but I still wouldn't mind getting rid of it, I could breathe a sigh of relief.

    It is a lot of work, but for Ray really, he takes care of it all, so I can't complain that way.

    LOVE your blog!

  4. Me again...your pool looks very safe Eileen...our situation was different...just impossible to fence in or make safe in any way and with 3 little ones here all day and others visiting often it was impossible to keep track and still let them run freely outside...I do miss it though...They have so many motion detection safety devices now too that make one safer.

  5. Good morning Eileen. Your pool is so beautiful. You must have so many good times out there in it. I think I would spend my whole summer there ♥ Your grandson must absolutely love it!

  6. I love your pool and deck area Eileen , it is very beautiful. It is right now close to 100 degrees with the heat index here! And so horribly humid I would love a cool pool right now!
    Is that concrete on part of your deck by your canopy? I love that!

  7. Wanda, I know we've taken a lot of precautions, but I still get nervous.
    Ray does have one of those motion detector alarms too. But you just hear and read so many tragic stories all the time.

    I would probably miss it too if we didn't have the pool, we do have a lot of fun with it, especially on the weekends when everyone comes over.

    We just have to be vigilant! Especially with Jayden, he's a little smarty-pants and can now open the gate on the little deck that goes down to the driveway. He's not tall enough to reach the pool gate, but I have visions of him dragging a chair over! I just have to have eyes on target twenty-four, seven!

  8. Thanks, Diana, and I can't believe it's so hot by you! We finally have a day of sun, but it's not hot at all! And the water temperature is not even 60 degrees yet I don't think! Brrrrr!

    No, it's not concrete by the canopy, it's an outdoor rug. The deck gets so hot in the summer, we needed a place to run for relief! I really should look for a bigger one!

  9. Carol, how did I miss your comment???
    My family does have fun with the pool, thanks. And my grandson does love it!!
    I refuse to take him in by myself though, so he's constantly asking "When is Paw (grandpa) coming home?" everyday, all summer long! He's really getting to be a good little swimmer (only under water though, I'm hoping he gets better with regular swimming on top of the water this summer), if only the weather would cooperate now!

  10. What a beautiful pool area. Can I pretty please come live with you?

  11. Samantha, you would be welcome in my home anytime!

  12. Okay, am I in Twilight zone or what??? My Blog said this post came up 4 hours ago which would be 6:47 p.m., yet the first comment says Good morning to you!
    Plus you have back and forth comments making it look as if it was here a long time.
    Now I think I forgot my comment...
    -pool looks great, looked less than desireable before cleaning.
    -looked just like an electrical cord to me too and still gave me a start (and almost a stop too!)
    -great post and love being 'invited' into your back yard!!!

    blessings with hugs,

    -love your deck and the back of your home!
    -would worry just like you if we had a pool...happy without one, but they are fun.
    -temperature today was over 96 (last time I even wanted to dare look)...can I send heat some your way?

  13. Eileen, Now I know what they mean when they say "I am a poor relation", LOL. Your back yard and pool look lovely. I hope the hot sunny weather arrives soon so that you and your family can enjoy such a lovely setting.
    I understand how you would worry about Jayden and Mia but I am sure all of you are watching them closely so that they too can enjoy the water. Have a great day......:-) Hugs

  14. I think it's interesting how you keep your pool covered in the winter. I don't think I've seen that done before. You sure have a nice pool area!