Sunday, June 7, 2009

Look Who Came To Visit!

This little fellow (or this little miss) swooped in while we were opening the pool and cleaning the back deck. He (I'm just going to call it a boy!) landed on the table and started eating some of the flowers that had fallen off a tree in the back. Ray quick grabbed the camera and got a few good shots.

I was standing on the other side of the deck and called to him (well, I tried making some kind of bird sounds), and he flew right at me! He landed on a little shed we have in the side yard and he kept looking at me and squawking to me!

We do have lots of wild parrots in this area, but Ray thinks this one must be a pet that got loose. I wanted Ray to try and capture him so we could be sure if he belongs in the wild or not, but he was afraid of Ray and flew down the driveway a little and sat on the gate for awhile. Then Ray spooked him again and he was gone.

He came back a little while later and landed on the roof of our back room and he kept looking at me and squawking again! I squawked back! We were able to get a few more pictures before he flew off.

I wish you could have seen him in flight, he was so pretty, lots of blue feathers on his back.
I really like this little guy! I hope he comes back!


  1. Oh Eileen I love this little guy! I love birds and parrots. I have always wanted one but with so many cat's I don't know if it's a good idea! Maybe he'll come back and visit you every day and become your foster pet!Better get some seed!

  2. Wow Eileen, that was an amazing Story, perhaps he will be like the little dog that found Diana, little Roxy : )

  3. Beautiful pictures of the parrot Diana, I am like the others hoping he comes back to visit you soon. Have a great Sunday....:-)Hugs

  4. Love that's almost as if he wanted to come for a visit. Eileen, I didn't know you spoke bird...that has to be the reason he hung around so long and even had his picture taken. He might have been fleeing from Ray, thinking he was a jealous husband because Romeo (the bird's name was hitting on you!! What do you think???

    Hope you can catch some more visiting wildlife, but not tigers and lions!



  5. That would be neat to have wild parrots in the area...I think I saw someone's lost parakeet in our driveway once...but I would really be excited to see a parrot...Hope it returns!

  6. Isn't it interesting how a parrot comes into your life, and a peacock comes into ours? :)

  7. Thanks, everyone!
    Marcy, you are too much!
    But, alas, I have not seen Romeo since.

    Wanda, we do have a lot of wild parrots here now, but nothing that looks like Romeo, the wild parrots we've seen are just completely green and they are much bigger, and LOUDER. I think Ray was right about this little guy being a pet, especially the way he came right to the table with everyone sitting there.

    Jill, please post more on the peacock! He (she?) is very beautiful! Try to get a picture of him with his feathers on display, I'd love to see that!

  8. How neat! He is as cute as can be!


    Sheila :-)