Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Keep Faith, Be Encouraged, God's Rooting For You!

Encouragement ~ to give support and confidence; to persuade and promote; to hearten and cheer; to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope; to spur on; to stimulate.

The sermon at Mass yesterday was about Faith and Encouragement. The priest was talking about how God, as our Father, encourages us just as a father here on earth encourages his children. He encourages us by pushing us along with His Love, and pushing us to a deeper Faith. And the priest in his sermon impressed the importance of encouraging others, he said when we encourage others to do what is right and good, that is the Holy Spirit speaking through us. (This part of his sermon reminded me of all the wonderful, uplifting, encouraging blogs I read each day!)
And he said that if we have a major decision to make and we pray upon it and then we feel inspired to take a leap of Faith, it is with God’s Encouragement and God’s Inspiration that we are doing so. (This made me think specifically of Teresa at Do The Write Thing who is in the midst of decision-making right now).

I loved when I read that Jesus called God ‘Abba’, for I learned that ‘Abba’ is more than just the title of Father, Abba is a term of endearment, much like ‘Papa’. Abba is more informal and familiar than ‘Father’, Abba is more like ‘Dad’ or ‘Daddy’. Jesus preached that God wants us to endear ourselves to Him (Luke 18:16, one of my favorite Bible verses), and Jesus encourages us to have a familiar relationship with God. I love thinking about God as Papa giving us His Support and having Confidence in us. I love the idea of God Encouraging us and Cheering us on! He’s Rooting for us! It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?


  1. Good morning Eileen...what an uplifting post...I just left Bernie's Blog with her burst of sunshine and now finding such warm thoughts and encouraging words here...my day is off to a great start! Smile and take care!

  2. Spreading the "Sonshine"...isn't that what this life is all about? You do a good job of Sonshine and sunshine, my friend.

    Have another termite estimate coming this morning, so it's a thrill a minute around here!

    So, did you go to Mass on Monday because the first reading was all about encouragement. It seemed that the word encouragement was in every sentence and sometimes twice! God must be trying to get my attention here.

    blessings and hugs,


  3. Your post was short and sweet Eileen. I wanted to say short and sweet like you but I have no idea if you are short! I am 5'2, that is short my friend!

  4. Yes, Marcy, that was the word of the day! I think St. Paul used the word 'encouragement' every third word! Well, it encouraged me! Just as you always do.
    Good luck with your pest control!

    Thank you, Wanda, every picture you share is encouragement to me!

    Diana, alas, I am not short (except maybe in the sweetness department!). I am 5'8 (well, actually I think I'm in the shrinking phase of life now, I think I'm only five foot seven-and-a-half inches now!), So while my post may have been short and sweet, I am not!

  5. What a wonderful and inspiring post. We all need to encourage one another. I couldn't imagine living my life without my faith. To have faith is such a blessing. Thanks you for bringing sunshine into my life ♥

  6. Oh Eileen, I loved your post today, imagine how our lives would be without encouragement from those we love and respect. God has put so many of these people in my life including you my friend. (Mass on Monday.....I'm impressed) although I do go through the week when I am trying to work out an issue, helps me stop the chatter in my mind and see everything more clearly........:-) Hugs