Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've Never Won Anything Before!

Well, I guess that's not exactly true, I remember winning an award for "Most Athletic" in a vacation summer program in a school across the street from our house the summer I was nine. But I found out later from my brother that the school had made a mistake and that award was really supposed to go to my sister Diane (she was the athletic one while I was definitely not), the summer program director had mixed up the names, so I guess that award doesn't count.
But there really was one little something I was awarded, it was a little pin for having "Best Penmanship" in the fifth grade. And that really was mine to keep.

But I most definitely have never won anything for maintaining a blog before! I have been bestowed the honor of the "Honest Scrap" award by Marcy from Blessings Each Day and I thank her from the bottom of my heart!
I can see why Marcy was awarded Honest Scrap because Marcy's blog is one of the most honest, and most uplifting blogs, and truly I am in the presence of pure goodness when I am visiting her blog! I am honored that Marcy would choose me to receive this.

Now on to the rules of acceptance.

1. Say thanks for the award and give a link to the presenter.

2. Share ten honest things about yourself.

3. Present this award to seven other blogs.

4. Tell them of this award and the rules.

Now Ten Honest Things About Myself:

1. ~ I did not feel bad about my brother saying the athletic award really belonged to Diane, in fact, during the presentation I felt bad that I had won something and she didn't, and I also felt like "HUH?????" when my name was called for an 'athletic' award. But I did always feel bad that I was not at all athletic. When choosing teams, I was last to be called (or not at all), and when a teacher forced a team to take me there were lots of moans and groans.

2. ~ I have a bad habit of judging people on appearance and I am trying hard to correct that. (Not so much if they are dressed shabbily or if they seem poor, it's just the opposite, I feel like if they are 'put together' or they seem like they have money, I say they must be snobs!)

3. ~ As a child I had to 'force' myself to be good. It did not come naturally to me, I had to talk myself into doing the right thing. (Sometimes I still do.)

4. ~ I am afraid my past will come back to haunt me.

5. ~ I am a homebody and have no desire to roam.

6. ~ I like Sarah Palin. I don't agree with her on everything, but I like the woman. There, I've said it. I've outed myself now.

7. ~ That being said, I despise politics and I have no faith in politicians, I feel that most politicians will say anything just to get elected. I vote only because I feel an obligation to vote, I feel that not to vote would be a slap in the face to all those who have sacrificed for my right to vote, and that is the only reason I vote.

8. ~ I MORE than merely love my grandchildren. There is no word that I know of in the English language that could convey the feeling I have in my heart for my grandchildren.

9. ~ I want my Mom back. There is a hole in my very being without her.

10. ~ I truly was lost (spiritually) and gratefully was found.

And I happily want to pass this Award onto seven bloggers that I find so inspiring and enriching, I check their blogs each and every day hoping to see a new post:

1. Jerelene from Jerelene's Journal
2. Jill at Grandma Honey
3. Bernie at On My Own
4. Lara at A Vintage Touch
5. Carol at Charli and Me
6. Sandy at Beach Girl 77
7. Cathy at Bit O Blarney


  1. Eileen, I am honored and in tears that you would even think of me!! Wow..I am sort of speechless. If you met me in person you would know that is difficult for me.. as I'm pretty chatty :) I appreciate this so much!! I still have so much to learn about blogging..I am trying though ;) I can see why you won the are so kind and know just what to say to make people feel better and to uplift them when they need it. It's a high-lite of my day to read your page..I'm blessed to know you, even if we've never met face to face..I know, that if we would be a wonderful thing!!
    With Gratitude...Jerelene

  2. WOW!!!!! My sincerest thanks. I will be posting on Tuesday as we leave VERY early tomorrow morning for Charlotte, NC! God Bless and you have a GRAND weekend! Cathy

  3. How sweet, girlfriend, that you shared and that you touched Jerelene as she was one I wished the award for as well as Bernie and that just super delights me!!

    I always hated when it came time to pick for my high school it wasn't even whether you were capable or not, but whether you knew anyone (at first I knew NO ONE at all), so it got pretty lonely.

    Can totally understand the incredible love of grandchildren...undescribable, isn't it? And to top it off, yours are little Eileen carbon copies. do we know where Jayden gets his cute naughtiness?

    Really enjoyed reading this!

    blessings and hugs,


  4. Jerelene, it is I who am honored to have been led to your blog. God was Good to me!

  5. Sorry, I just wanted to say that I LOVED your 10 honest things about yourself. My mom isn't doing so well..I talk to her daily (several times actually.) She is sort of my best I loved your number 9.
    I wasn't athletic either. I remember in high school having to run a mile (I think?) My friends would take turns walking some of it with me :)
    I've only won one thing my whole life..a cake & Bible when I was around 10 yrs. old. Our church had revival meetings and when you attended every night your name went in the drawing. I can still remember it quite plainly. A huge white cake with red roses and red lettering. My parents kept the Bible.
    Thanks so much for sharing so honestly about yourself and for thinking of me!! Love, Jerelene

  6. Cathy, you are very welcome, I enjoy your blog very much! Sheer inspiration!
    Have a great trip!

  7. There you go, Jerelene, just the fact that you stopped back to say these sweet things. Now you see why your name jumped into my head! I rest my case!

  8. It's kind of scary being honest, Marcy, I was humbled after reading your list.
    It's hard being honest because you have to take an honest look at yourself!
    And all these wonderful people I 'paid forward' your kindness to, have enhanced my life so much.

    And you are so right, how do we choose just a few out of so many good? That's the only drawback about this.

  9. Oh Eileen, thank you for this lovely award, my blog is only sharing my day really. Thank you again my friend, very much appreciated.
    ......:-) Hugs

  10. Eileen, You know it's really nice reading your ten things. And I am finding out through this that we all have so much more in common then we think. And you know I would have chosen you if I could!

  11. Ditto, Diana!
    I just got back from reading your ten, and I'm still catching my breath from the laughter!! You are too funny!
    I don't mean to ignore your serious 'honesty' ones, but the others have me reeling!

  12. Bernie, only sharing your day?
    I don't think you realize how much you uplift us all!

  13. Eileen, I'm just overwhelmed that you thought of me. Thank you sooo much! You are the sweetest person. I'm so glad I've met you. I will post mine as soon as I can. I've had some unexpected company which I'm very happy about but I haven't had the time to be on line that I usually do. Thanks again ♥ I hope you have a lovely day.

  14. did i care? i really have no memory of this.

  15. I don't know if you cared at the time of the actually closing presentation, but I remember you were very nice about it when John and Mom told us, we were in the kitchen and Mom was cooking dinner and she seemed concerned that I might feel bad I think, I remember thinking we were going to be hearing bad news because she seemed so serious, and then she asked John to tell us something and he told us about the award, and I remember feeling relieved that it wasn't something really bad, and I was handing the certificate to you and you said, "No, that's okay you can keep it." But I said no that you should have it, and Mom said you should have it too, and I remember sitting at the kitchen table and Mom just came over to me and she stood behind me and was playing with my hair. And then the next day John was helping them clean up in the school and he went and got a certificate with your name on it. And I think John felt bad for me because he said something like I should have gotten one for dance but they didn't have enough left so I could just use the athletic one in my name for the dance one! For a pain in the neck sometimes, he really was a sensitive guy!
    I remember that as a very nice memory.
    Isn't it funny the things that stick out in your mind and your siblings don't remember at all?! You have no recollection of this??
    I wonder if John remembers it?

  16. Carol, I think you have a wonderful, uplifting blog. I look forward each day to seeing what you've posted!
    Enjoy your company!