Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Award! This Blogging Is Fun!

I have been given the honor of the Premio Meme Award by Jackie, her blog is great and filled with beautiful pictures and fun facts!

The rules for accepting this award are simple:
List seven facts about myself.
Pass the award on to seven other blogs.

Seven facts:
1. A piece of junk that someone spots in the garbage and retrieves for me because they think I will like it, is equal in value to me (probably more, to tell the truth) as someone giving me a very expensive gift.

2. I am not smart. School was always a struggle for me. I was left back in first grade, I had barely passing grades all through the rest of elementary school and high school, I was happy to graduate high school and had no ambition to further my education.

3. I have had only three jobs in my whole life. I worked in the meat department of a supermarket in my teen years. I graduated high school on a Friday night, and Monday morning I went to work for McCall's Magazine in their Advertising Dept. processing orders in the morning and helping with the lay-out in the afternoons. I only worked there about two years (until a month before my first baby was born) but I loved it!
When my youngest son was about twelve I was offered a job as a teacher's aide in a Kindergarten classroom (I did that for about seven years). That was the most fun ever!

4. I have always wanted to work in a Shabby Chic type store.

5. I have never felt that I needed a job title or a career to define myself and I feel sorry for people who do. While I do think careers are an accomplishment, and definitely something to be admired, I don't think anymore of a doctor or a lawyer than I do of the people that may clean their offices, or clean their operating rooms. In fact, I hold the people who clean up after the professionals in higher esteem (I'm a snob that way).

6. I would rather eat 'junk' food than 'healthy' food.

7. The morning that my first son was born I had to admit to my obstetrician that my breakfast was a bowl of Cocoa Puffs. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday (it was over thirty-five years ago!):
Dr. "Eileen, did you have breakfast this morning?"
Me "Yes, I did."
Dr. "Was it a big breakfast?"
Me "I had a bowl of cereal."
Dr. "Was it hot cereal or cold cereal?"
Me "It was cold cereal."
Dr. "And what brand was it?"
Me "Cocoa Puffs."
Dr. "Cocoa what?" (sounding stunned)
Me "Cocoa Puffs"
Dr. "What is that? Some type of children's cereal?" (sounding incredulous)
Me "Yes, it's a kid's cereal."
Dr. "Well, let's try to eat better." (this time with a little smile on his face)
I don't eat Cocoa Puffs anymore, but I do prefer a bowl of cold cereal for breakfast every morning (only now it's Life Cereal I eat, every morning).

Now, I'd like to pass this award on to the following blogs: (If you already have it, well, now you have two! And only if you want it, if not, no hard feelings.)

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Whew! I'm done posting! If you don't know a lot about me by now, I don't know how much more I can share! Between this award post and Jerelene's tag below I unloaded a lot!


  1. Thank you very much Eileen...but this is way too funny...our circle of friends is too small I guess...we keep overlapping these awards...It could go on forever...back and forth.

    We have a similar job history Eileen
    I've only worked at 2 for 6 mos. before getting married and another for 6 mos, after my kids were grown.

  2. Thanks, Eileen. Sometime a little over a week or so ago, I came up with something similar. It's nice of you to think of me - it's even better to read YOUR truths! The Cocoa Puff story is a "keeper"! Those poor doctors!

  3. I loved your #1 Eileen, I feel the same way. I love old and used over new any day! And with the way you write about Jayden, it doesn't surprise me that you loved being a teachers aide for kindergartners!
    You know I didn't get the best grades in school either. Truth is I hated school and I really didn't care. I wanted to be a mom and a wife. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that career! We are phenomenal!

  4. I especially like your #5 and your #7.
    You are a sweet person, Eileen. I've never met you, but I feel comfortable 'talking' to you on the blog....and blessed to read what you have to share with us.
    Have a restful week.

  5. Eileen, that is really so cool that you worked for a magazine!! I bet it was interesting and fun. I don't think you give yourself enough are a VERY smart shows in every post you write!! I think that is hilarious that you remember eating cocoa puffs..that is just too funny!! Thank you for nominating me for an award..I'm doubly blessed by you and Diana :) Congrats on your was greatly deserved! With gratitude..Jerelene

  6. Wanda, you are so right, we either have to forget about these awards or get more friends!
    I've kind of always been like this though, few friends, but the few I have I consider very good friends.
    And, I'm glad I'm not the only one with the little job history! I actually don't feel bad about it, I just get uncomfortable when someone else tries to make me feel bad about it!

    Rebecca, that doctor's reaction was the funniest! He really was the sweetest guy, I liked him a lot. I think I amused him a lot of the time. He was great, he stayed with his patients that were in labor from the moment they came into the hospital until the moment he delivered the baby, no matter how long it took, he was right there!

    Diana, I did enjoy that job in Kindergarten so much, I got such a kick out of the kids, and they were so loving. It was really a boost to my ego to have these little ones running to me each day with hugs and kisses. Can you imagine getting paid to love and be loved? It was a dream job!
    And you know, Diana, not doing well in school didn't bother me all that much either, I just figured it was my lot in life, it only bothered me when others made derogatory comments, then of course I was embarrassed about it, or when people go on and on about the degrees they've earned and then ask where I went to college, and then you get that sneering look when you tell them you didn't attend.
    Or in a debate type scenario, people can talk circles around me, I don't have a lot of confidence in my facts (because I can't retain any!), but mostly, I'm just comfortable with who I am. I don't have the Gift of being the brainiest person and that's fine.
    It's kind of amazing when you think of the confidence that we do have, right? I guess that's a Gift in itself!
    We are phenomenal!

  7. Congratulations on your award, Eileen! You deserve it. It's been so nice meeting and getting to know you...


    Sheila :-)

  8. First of all thank you and thak you...I am now twice blessed, but much more than that as the friendships are super important.

    Knew I would love your list of seven things and there are a bazillion more I'd like to know about!

    Guess what? Tomorrow you will have a surprise at my blog site...this is too funny!

    blessings with hugs,


  9. Thank you, Jackie, I feel comfortable with you too! Blogging is not only a nice outlet, it has brought many wonderful people into my life!

    Jerelene, you really are sweet! And I enjoy your blog and your comments!

    Sheila, right back at ya! I've enjoyed your posts very much! Really liked taking the little tour today!

    Marcy, what is it? A picture of a brain in a frying pan?

  10. Congrats on your award. Great to find out all these things about you!

  11. Eileen, congratulations on your award, well deserved my friend. I love reading your "7" and I think you are very smart, you are loyal to your friends and family and you can decorate my house are great at it....Thank you for the award my friend, have a great day....:-) Hugs

  12. Good morning Eileen, Congratulations on your award! You do deserve it. I have to say I think your very smart and I always enjoy reading your posts. Today I especially liked reading the part about the Cocoa Puff cereal. That was funny :>) It's been fun to get to know you better ♥

  13. Well in response to least you were not like me. With my 3rd son I did not eat anything all day except for some brownies. So I went into labor with chocolate and sugar running through my veins.