Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reason, Season, or Lifetime ~ I Am So Grateful

We come from all walks of life, we are different ages, we are at different stages in life, we come from different financial situations, different backgrounds, and we are spread all over the country, it certainly seems like we don’t have all that much in common, and yet we are drawn together, an unseen connection that bonds us one to the other. We share our deepest most feelings, we read each other’s hearts, we support, we cajole, we entertain, we amuse, we commiserate, we console, we suggest, we advise, we seek opinions, we share our beliefs, and we hold each other up in prayer.

There are cynics who feel that those of us who blog cannot really ever be true friends. The skeptics say that there is too much potential for bloggers to portray themselves falsely, and while I’m sure there is a potential for misleading, I don’t think I’ve come across it yet. I haven’t seen anyone ‘put on airs’, I haven’t met anyone boastful, in fact, I’ve only seen people with a true concern and respect for others. I haven’t come across one person who ‘toots their own horn’ so to speak.

If you look at the definition of a friend and friendship you will find the following words:
Attachment, Relationship, Bond, Alliance, Link, Association, Tie, Affection, Harmony, Goodwill, Closeness, Rapport, Fondness, Companionship, Comradeship, Love, Regard

And Webster defines friendship as:
One attached to another by affection or esteem

It seems to me based on those definitions that we are friends indeed.
And I feel that we may even have an added advantage in that we don’t have all the trappings of material things to bind us nor to separate us. There was absolutely nothing physical that drew us one to the other, it was more spiritual, it was more heart and mind that brought us together. Do you believe in Divine Providence? I do. Do you think God has a Hand in collecting this group together? I do.

Now we may or may not be lifelong friends, but I don’t think that really matters all that much. We are here for each other now. And now is really all that counts.
I recall reading a concept about friends being drawn together sometimes for a reason, sometimes for a season, and sometimes for a lifetime.

I tried looking it up to give credit to the creator of this inspired idea but I came across quite a few names, so I’m posting the three names that came up most often so as to try to give credit where credit is due:
Alvin C. Romer
Jean Dominque Martin
Valerie Reiss (Holistic Living)

Well, my friends, for however long or short the span may be that you have entered my life and remain here, I am grateful for the reason, I am grateful for the season, and in my heart this friendship will be carried for a lifetime.


  1. Eileen...you have said exactly what I feel so well...there is such a feeling of connection in mind and thought that developes...blogging has introduced me to many wonderful people that I think of as friends...friends that you want to be there for...friends that appreciate what and who you are...friends that expect nothing in return...friends that understand you...so I'm taking this opportunity to express a concern I have...and hope all understand...I was so happy with my first blogging award, then a couple more came in over time...making me feel so appreciated and honored...well this week 4 were given to me, which I happily received each time...they are fun...but I am having a problem acknowledging their receipt on my blog...just seems too boastful for me and too difficult to handle...the awards have certainly made me aware...nice as they are...everyone's sincere comments mean more to me personally...so if given any in the future I will accept...and just quietly post them.

    Sorry Eileen...I used your comment section for a post...it was just easier here...actually I'm almost in tears...I don't want to offend anyone...I So enjoy blogging with all my friends.

  2. Oh Wanda it's o.k. Sorry Eileen I just had to talk to Wanda for a minute! The awards are nice to recieve but it can make one feel boastful. But just remember that we all know in our hearts that you are not that way. And your blog is so beautiful so we know what a wonderful person you are and wouldn't think any less of you for accepting an award. But no one wants you to feel uncomfortable either, so just do what you think is right Wanda, that's the most important thing!

    Now as for you Eileen, that was such a heartfelt post and I agree with every word that you said. There is no rule that says we must pysically know someone to be their friend. And I love that I have met all of you with your wonderful and funny personallities! I truly enjoy hearing about your days and your familys it makes you feel as if we really know each other even with the separation of miles! Many friendships have been built through pen pals. And in a sense, thats what we all are.
    I am proud to call you my friend Eileen!

  3. Wanda, I'm right there beside you!
    I agree with you that it's very nice, and who wants to sound like "Oh, this is too much for me to accept an award!" As if we're so above it.
    But I understand it's not like that at all, it just gets to be overwhelming. I had never even heard of things like that before. I didn't start blogging to have an 'award winning blog'.
    You know, Wanda, it's just friends that are acknowledging you, and whatever it is about you that speaks to them, I'm sure a 'thank-you' will suffice.
    And for me, I feel like I'm revealing myself in every post anyway, do I really need to reveal even more?
    I don't think you are going to offend anyone, Wanda. Especially not our group. You are who you are, and we accept that.
    And I'm going to follow you, I think it's a good idea to just say thank you and post it. It's appreciated, and I'm sure that will be enough for anyone.

  4. Diana, it's so funny you said that about 'pen pals' because I was just saying that to my sister. I think this is the electronic version of pen pals! And something that started out as a nice diversion, something that was just a form of journaling (spelling? no 'spellcheck' for that word!), anyway, an added bonus of meeting wonderful people evolved! And I appreciate that.
    And the awards should be something 'fun' but if they turn into a chore for us, no one is going to be put off if they are ignored. If I get two at once I don't make two posts about it. I don't think it's a big deal to just say thanks and move on.
    Uh-oh, are the 'award police' going to be after me?

  5. Whoo ooo whoo ooo...pull over, lady, this is the award police and you are in deep troooble. We do have these rules to keep everyone safe and sound in blogland and then along come wild ones like you and we have to call in the riot squad...just who do you think you are, some wacko weirdo redhead named marcy? Trust me, we can't have two of those!!!

    synsearly urs,
    the pulice

  6. Whew...think I just barely missed getting pulled over there, Eileen...that's what I get for not having one of those things that let you know the police are around...think they've been nicknamed fuzz buster but can't think of the right name.

    You are right on target with the friendship thing here, Eileen. In many ways these friendships are even more special than the 'in person' ones because they are so unselfish and undemanding, so caring and immediately sharing.
    You've geivn me some ideas on a post about this...would be sweet to see everyone do a post on this.

    The awards are neat, but the most fun in is doing what they say (sharing) and then giving them away! Yea...warming up for the poem tommorow!

    blessings with big hugs,


  7. Oh, Poem Day! I forgot again! I better get busy!
    Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Dear Eileen what a beautiful and heart felt post ♥ It's exactly how I feel and you have said it so well. Yes, I do believe that God has had a hand in all of this. I think of you as a truly special friend and I value your friendship more than you will ever know.

  9. Dear Eileen, what a beautifull heartful post. You have expresed almost exactly how I feel, I think we all feel it really. I think we are all blessed to have found each other and you my friend have put it into words beautifully.
    Have a wonderful day......:-) Hugs

  10. Hi Eileen,
    I completely agree with your post. I think we are friends for a reason, and I hope not for just a season, but who knows. I have felt a closeness to each of you, and I feel it is absolutely alright to be myself, completely! I too love hearing about everyone's life and it makes me realize I am not alone in my thoughts and feelings, like I once believed. I love all of you!

    I too felt overwhelmed with the awards thing, and although I am very thankful, I really hate competition, and would rather not compete in regard to awards. I just want to give all of you an award for being there....in our own little blogging world! (((HUGS))) T

  11. Okay, sweetie pie, time to hop over to my blog today for you newest award! Oh the price you pay for popularity and cuteness!

  12. I'm running out but just wanted to thank everyone for commenting!
    Carol, that was so sweet and I look forward to your blog each day, and I pilfer a lot of your ideas! You have a nice decorating style!

    Bernie, I enjoy reading about your day, you are always positive and it is always uplifting to read you! 'Wish I could be as positive! Something to strive for!

    Teresa, I'm glad you find some solace in blogging, I think it does help to know we're not alone, and even if we can't be there physically for you, I think you know we are there in spirit, and giving the Gift of Prayer to you, as you do for us.
    And I agree about the awards, some people are thrilled, some people feel overwhelmed, that's what makes the world go round. How boring if we were all the same! I certainly won't hold it against anyone if they choose to ignore an award.

    Um, are the award police here again? Is this a set up, Marcy?

  13. Eileen, that was one of the most beautiful posts I've ever read. Sometimes, I'm not sure if one realizes what an effect..even through the friendships of blogging, that he or she can make. When you find yourself talking to your family about your blogging friends you know they truly ARE your friends..even though we've never met! Each one of you has helped to fill some empty place in my heart with friendships that I was very needing of. I am so appreciative for all the kind words and thoughts and the new friendships I've made in the last few months. I am sort of a loner due to being home and not out in the workforce. It makes me feel so good to know that people really DO like me and that I matter!! Your post has made me teary eyed!! For some of us (like me)the awards are like little patches on my heart :) Each one has helped me reach out share more of myself with all of you!! I love the idea that basically we sort of pen-pals...but we're more than that!! I feel like I've made some new (sisters in heart :)
    Love, Jerelene

  14. I couldn't agree more with you. The only ones who think you can't have real friends through blogging, are those who don't blog..or who don't blog about anything personal, like you and I do.

  15. What a beautiful post and how true! Your feelings are well-shared by all of us. I have received so much pleasure in finding and forming friendships. We are all so different in many ways, but the common thread that connects us is "acceptance". Women accepting women for who they are --- not being judgmental, but caring and supportive of each other.

  16. That is so beautifully stated, Eileen! I loved this! And it is Sooooooooo true!

    Thank you for sharing...


    Sheila :-)

  17. Jerelene, you make me cry! You are too sweet. I was just telling my family that I want to adopt you! You know you have a special place in my heart.

    Jill, I whole-heartedly agree, we blog our lives!! Good, bad, pretty, or ugly, this is it. (Oh wait, I blog what I'm permitted to blog, some of my kids are blog-shy and made me sign 'disclosure' agreements! So now I'm relegated to boring posts most of the time!)
    But you know what I mean!

    Yes, Annette, EXACTLY! Acceptance that's the key word. Excellent!

    Sheila, thanks for stopping by and always leaving a nice comment for me. I'm enjoying getting to know you through your blog and comments!

    Thank you, everyone!

  18. Oh joy!!! I connected via dial up....This is the second blog I've been able to get to...and I promise, I'm trying to get to every single one...not because I have to, but because I want to....and what a wonderful blog to pull up tonight...Eileen!!! Yes. You've said it all. You've said it sooo well....and I have the wet eyes, too. How wonderful to meet new friends....different friends....and are as different as snowflakes...but have much in common. Thank you for being my blogging friend. I send you a smile from North Carolina. I'm 4,000 feet up....it's late....and I even had a nosebleed on the way here....really!...not kidding....I guess it's the altitude. I do know that when I bring a bag of potato chips up here that haven't been opened yet, they are blown up like a helium balloon. Makes me wonder about my insides! :-)) OK...enough of that! Thank you for such a lovely blog tonight. I needed it.
    Big smiles from Jackie