Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Little Gift For Diana ~ Beaches!

Diana (her blog is "Welcome To My World") has been saying she'd like to live by the sea. And she once asked me to post any pictures I might have of the shore.
We go to the beach a lot during the summer, and while I'm not really a sun-worshiper, I do enjoy the beach and I do enjoy sitting in the sun (all covered up for protection though), and I love walking either along the shore or walking the boardwalk, and Ray likes fishing with his family (I'm not so fond of fishing, but I like to sit on the shore with a good book and read while they all do the fishing), so we do go to the beach quite a bit.
Every weekend now that we have planned on going to the beach this year, either the weather hasn't been cooperating or other things have come up, so I haven't been able to get any pictures yet this year for Diana other than our Rhode Island trip.
So I'm going to post some pictures for her from previous trips to the beaches near us and from our trip to Myrtle Beach this past March (we went with Ray's brother Donald and his sister Susie. Ray and Donald were going on a little golf vacation for Ray's birthday, and I made Susie tag along so I could have some company).

On Ray's birthday Donald got up really early and made a Happy Birthday sign in the sand for Ray (this picture was taken from our balcony):

Ray said he wanted to get a picture of Donald and Susie down by the Birthday sign so they went down to comply. Of course it was just an evil plan drummed up by the brothers. Donald had some cereal that he was going to throw to the seagulls, but he didn't warn Susie, you can see her running away in one of the pictures when the birds swoop down for the food. (Idiots! Oh, sorry, Marcy, is that considered being a 'potty mouth'? Sometimes I just can't help it with those two guys!)
(Anyone remember "The Birds of Alfred Hitchcock"? That's what it reminds me of, especially the shot of Susie running away!)

These next pictures were taken from our balcony. We didn't have great weather that whole trip, I think maybe only one day of full sun, and it was cold, but we had a great time anyway!

The three of them liked leaning over the railing to look down at the swimming pools below. I have a fear of heights and did not do that at all!

This next one Ray took of Donald and me in the room, the guys had already finished playing four hours of golf, and I was still in my pajamas lazing around and Susie was still snoozing away! Ahh! That was the life!

Another shot from the balcony:

This one was taken by a beach near us last October when Ray and Donald were fishing. I forget which beach it was (maybe Fire Island or Jones Beach Island?), but it's great because you can drive your car right on the sand up to the waterfront. I only go in the summer though, it's too cold for me to sit out there for hours and hours!

Here are some pictures taken last summer at Jones Beach on Long Island (about a half-hour drive from our home).
Ray and Jayden making sandcastles:

There was a big sand hill there that Jayden loved climbing up on and sliding down over and over again:

Sand and shoreline, Diana, as far as the eye can see!

These next pictures were taken in October at Baiting Hollow, and at Long Beach, and at Short Beach, all on Long Island, NY, they are about an hour drive away from our home. Every year Ray, his brother Donald, and his sister Susie take a trip out to Calverton Cemetery on their Dad's birthday, and then they go to the beaches they used to summer at as kids. Ray's family had a nice little summer bungalow on Long Island for many years until his parents retired to Florida.

I also have more pictures taken at Captree Beach (fishing from the piers there and also fishing from the shore) and pictures at a few other beaches near us but unfortunately I can't find them now. And I have a few pictures of Donald dressing up like Carmen Miranda with a scarf he found on the beach, but unfortunately (or maybe FORTUNATELY) I can't locate them either. And I have some pictures somewhere of trips to Florida beaches and trips to Cape May, New Jersey, but again, they are lost on this computer somewhere.
Anyway, Diana, now you've had a glimpse of northeast beaches and southeast beaches, I hope you enjoyed, and when we get to the beach this year I'll be sure to post some more for you!


  1. Oh Eileen what a beautiful person you are to do this post for Diana. I am sure she will enjoy all the lovely pictures. You are a true blogger friend indeed....thank you for sharing these beautiful photo's.
    Have a great day......:-) Hugs

  2. That's what I'm talking about! After seeing all of your beautiful photos I decided that I will go rent "Nights in Rodanthe " again. Thank you Eileen. I haven't been to the ocean since I was in high school. And really it's not the weather that attracts me, it's the romanticism of all of the past sailors and ship wrecks that give me pause to think. I am fascinated with stories of shipwrecks! I have to tell you though my favorite photos were of Jayden sliding down the sand hill! So precious. Thank you again for your stories and photos, they both brought a smile to my face!

  3. So sweet and ALOT of did great Eileen!

    Loved the creative Happy Birthday, Ray thing, but they were VERY naughty about the seagulls!

    Nope, idiot is okay and not potty mouth....guess you could call them pukers, too, never used that one!

    The Jayden picture is too cute.

    blessings and hugs,


  4. You are welcome, Diana! My pleasure!

    Pukers, Marcy, I love it!
    Well, you know, Marcy, if you enlarge the picture of Donald and me in the hotel room, you'll see Donald's smug look on his face, and you'll see he is having me read the Bible Verse in Timothy about St. Paul preaching that women should remain silent!! Yes, Marcy, Donald can really be a Puker!

    Thanks for visiting! I'm off to all my blog friends now before my daughter-in-law drops off my granddaughter!

  5. Hi Eileen,
    The Beach is my favorite place too, as I lived in California for twelve years not far from the ocean. I love everything about it! Thank you for your photos', I loved every single one. I used to go sit on the beach with my blanket, bible, journal and write letters to God, as I felt so very close to Him is funny how the ocean can make you realize how big and mighty God is...thanks for sharing.
    ((((HUGS)))) T

  6. Thanks, Teresa!
    And I love that idea of going to the beach and strengthening a relationship with God. The ocean actually scares me, but if I think about it in terms of God Revealing Himself as you look at it, I definitely have more favorable feelings about it.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Great photos but I love the ones all taken from above on the balcony overlooking the sand. Very artistic really.

  8. Very beautiful photos...the beach didn't appear to be overly hot...which is what I would prefer..

  9. Beautiful pictures!! I wish I was at the beach..I would love to be able to just jump into the pictures!! LOL What a wonderful place to sit and just relax and throw all your cares away!! It's nice that you live so close..I would love that! Love, Jerelene

  10. Simone, I love how artistic you are, and how you look at everything through that perspective. If you get a chance you should go to Wanda's blog "Moments of Mine" because you would love it, her photography is out of this world!

    Wanda, thanks for stopping by, and again, your photos are amazing, I am really awe-struck every time I visit your blog.

    Thanks, Jerelene, and I would love to be able to live in your neck of the woods for awhile. It's nice we get to 'visit' this way though. I love reading everyone's blogs, it's really an enrichment, whether it's a life story, or photographs, or ideas, or just a day in the life, I really love it all!
    Thanks, everyone!

  11. What beautiful pictures! I love how your hubby carved the happy birthday sign in the sand! How thoughtful and creative. That is one huge fish! Thank you for the lovely coments on my post. I feel like I've been to the beach looking at these wonderful pictures ♥ Thank you....

  12. You live just 30 minutes from the beach?!! I can't imagine. You must have clean air, unlike us in our part of the US. I also have your fear of heights. I wouldn't be looking over any railing either!!

  13. Oh, NO, Jill, we have lots of pollution where we are too.
    Actually, I love our location, if we drive out east we are at the beach within half an hour, if we drive west we are in Manhattan within half an hour (of course that is without traffic in both directions, so forget about rush hour!).
    Thanks for stopping by!
    I have been really enjoying your blog and all the family photos!