Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

My Dad will be gone two years in August. My Dad suffered from a rare neurological disease the last few years of his life. This disease left him incapacitated and unable to care for himself. My Dad was on Hospice care the last few months of his life. Throughout this battle, as with other trials he suffered in life, my Dad never lost his Faith.
One of my nieces, and both of my sisters, and myself were Blessed to be with my Dad when he passed.

For you, Dad:


We are here with you, Dad, you are not alone
Your girls are gathered as you head for Home

We sit by your bed as you labor to breathe
Hearts full of sorrow watching you leave

With love we surround you and stand by your side
And we pray that the Angels to Heaven will guide

We talk of old times to keep the sadness at bay
We know before too long you’ll be on your way

Obligations long ago fulfilled, each and every one
It’s time for you to rest, Dad, your work here now is done

You’ve been missing Mom for much too long
And your life without her seemed all wrong

Lately you talked of when your love was new
You couldn't fathom why she chose you

You said the happiest day of your life
Was the day she consented to be your wife

Now your arms are lifting, reaching up, far and wide
Who’s come to meet you? Is it your bride?

One more breath here with us, and then you are gone
Far from the reach of your daughters arms

Hearts full of sorrow, sinking deep in our grief
But unburdened to know you have this relief

The tears flow from your girls as we break down and cry
A granddaughter’s kiss on the cheek says good-bye

With love and gratitude for all you have meant to me,
Your daughter,

Thanks, Pop, for everything.
I treasure in my heart the gift of your last five words to me.


  1. Eileen, I have tears in my eyes from reading your post. I could feel the love you have for your father and knowing he was surrounded by love fills my heart...he is at peace now and you honor his life by helping and loving others. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday though I know it's raining in NY.... Hugs

  2. Eileen...That was a wonderful Father's Day post...missing a parent is a great sadness I know.....your poem brought tears to my eyes just like Bernie's...and I'm sure to all the others that read it as well...

    Take care and enjoy your family today.

  3. So, sooo touching Eileen...what a blessing that you him for a father and that he had YOU for a daughter. Your poetry is just beautiful, an obvious talent.
    Just LOVED all the incredible pictures you found of Joseph and the baby/child Jesus, so tender and full of love...thank you for taking the time to find such treasures and share them.
    The one that touches and hurts me and is so poignant is the one where baby Jesus is picking up those huge nails from his foster father, Joseph, knowing that those will be a sign of His ultimate love for us!!!

    May you and Ray be blessed with a day full of joy and happiness!!

    blessings with hugs and love,


  4. Forgot (imagine that!) to tell you that blogspot is totally messed up and I just click on a web site (to see if there is a new post)because it is not telling me when a new post is available as you can see from yours on my side bar!

  5. Dear Aunt Eileen,
    Your poem brought me to tears..Crying from your beautiful words..Crying from remembering as he takes his last breaths..Crying remembering holding his hand..Crying remembering kissing him on his cheek..Crying remembering Yours, Diane's, and my Mother's words as he passes with the Angels to Mom Mom, his one and only Love..Crying remembering such a Magnificent, Generous, Most Kind Hearted, Caring, Man that ever walked the face of this earth..This most incredible Man with little words, a small peck on the lips, and A Great Big Squeeze on the arm to say, "I Love You!"..Criying remembering how Good he was to me!!..I cant even think of the words for a Man who does something and does not even tell you!!..He did soo many Great Deeds for others.. Not to be Noticed..Not to be Thanked.. BUT just because he Wanted to!!..Who does that?..Pop Pop, out of the Graciousness of his Heart..Pop Pop, I Miss You!!..I Love You!!..Give Mom Mom a Great Big Hug and Kiss from Me..And Thank You to the Three Sisters who Graciously allowed me to stay with them in their Most Personal, Private, Significantly Special Moment.. Thank You for allowing me to be there with you!!..
    Love Always and Forever

  6. Rachel, I'm so glad that you could be there with your Mom and Diane & me to see Pop Pop off. I know it's sounds strange, but I really do feel that we were so Blessed to be there for that 'death watch', there is so much sadness, but there is so much beauty too in seeing a loved one leave for Heaven.
    I wanted to write a tribute to him, but words just wouldn't come. So I just wrote my feelings of those last few months, days, and especially those last few hours with him.
    And I'm sure Pop Pop was so happy to have his eldest granddaughter there to send him on his journey too.
    I love you,
    Aunt Eileen

  7. Thanks, Bernie, for your kind words.
    We did have a nice day too, thanks, a little bittersweet, but a nice family time. My sister and I went to the cemetery, and then later Ray barbecued in between the rain. It was a very nice, very relaxing day.
    And the guys got to enjoy the golf on TV as I'm sure you did too!
    Ray is off tomorrow too, so he'll be able to watch again!

  8. Thank you, Wanda, and I know you understand as only someone who has felt that same loss can.
    And as I said to Bernie, we actually did have a very nice family day!

  9. Thanks, Marcy, I agree with you about the pictures of Jesus and St. Joseph, I've always been so drawn to pictures of Them in the workshop doing carpentry, Son helping father. And I especially love that picture too.
    There's another Christmas picture I've been searching and searching for, maybe you know it. It was a picture of Mary sleeping on the hay in the foreground, and in the background was St. Joseph holding The Crying Newborn King, trying to sooth Him so that Mary could get her much needed sleep. It was so sweet.

    And with the blog, yes, I've been doing that now too. I don't wait to see if there are any new post, I just got to the blogs now!

  10. Dear Eileen, This post was so heart wrenching and beautiful that it made me cry. What a wonderful tribute to your father. I loved the pictures and your poem was so lovely. Your father was indeed blessed to have you girls.

  11. Eileen, I am so touched by your beautiful poem...What a wonderful way to remember your Father for Father's Day..I luckily, still have both my parents..I as of lately, have been trying hard not to take that for granted. I know they are getting older and I won't always have them. The pictures were just beautiful. What a very special person Joseph must have been, to have been chosen to be the earthly father of Jesus. What a wonderful thing it must have been for Joseph to have been able to watch Jesus grow up!!
    Love, Jerelene

  12. Thank you, Carol, I appreciate your comment so much. And I liked your post about your Father's Day, I love family days!

  13. Jerelene, I'm sure you know how Blessed you are to have both your Mom and your Dad. And I know how much you love them, and I can hear how worried you were about your Mom when you thought she wasn't feeling well.
    I had that same relationship with my Mom, not a day would go by that we didn't speak to each other until she became so ill with the Alzheimer's.

    And I agree with you about St. Joseph, it must have been a wonderful relationship!

  14. Eileen your poem was beautiful and I had tears in my eyes reading it. Your father must have been a wonderful person,I do believe that poem would make him very proud! I love that Ray wanted to watch t.v. Jake wanted to play video games as he never has time anymore! He played for awhile and went and mowed the lawn! Oh and I don't know where you found the pictures but they were also beautiful! A post to be proud of Eileen!

  15. Your poem made me think of my Mom when she was dying. As hard as it was, it was also such a special time. A very spiritual time. I know you understand.