Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Happened To 'Sun and Fun'?

Okay, the first day of summer has come and gone and still no sun. I heard on the news today that twenty of the last twenty-three days it has rained. I am tired of rain. I don't feel extremely energetic to begin with anyway, but with all this rain I don't feel like doing a thing except maybe curling up with a good book.
I don't even feel like writing on my blog. It's not writer's block as I never run out of things to talk about and write about, it's just that I have a case of the 'blah's', I feel like my flowers outside look ~ limp and shriveled. I know the flowers need rain, but obviously they don't need this much rain, and I know for sure they need a little sun each day. And so do I. All this raining is draining to me!
Well, I'm off to get my cup of cheer for the day as I'm off to read my favorite blogs. Thank goodness you are not all like me!


  1. Sure wish I could send you some of our blazing sun. We finally got a little rain yesterday, but then the hot sun popped out again.

    Guess you need o be in Florida, Eileen...when my mom moved there, from Chicago, the newspapers in Port Richey, FA said that your delivery would be free on any day that there was no sunshine...don't worry, they rarely, rarely ever had to give freebies!

    Too bad we can't have a little weather swap from time to time???!!!

    blessings and hugs,


  2. Hey Eileen, I can relate to everything you are saying....but the rain will go away and your mood will pass too. Enjoy these quiet days as when the sun comes out you will busy chasing Jayden and enjoying your pool. Have a wonderful day my friend, all will be well.
    .....:-) Hugs

  3. I'm with Marcy...The sun here is driving me crrrrazy. If I could send it via this comment section, it would be yours for a while. And....Eileen it is allowed that we feel blah. Nothing says we can't feel that way.... Curl up with that good book. Take some quiet 'blah' time for you. (I make myself a chocolate float: Coke and chocolate ice cream...) :-))
    Many smiles,

  4. Well Eileen it does appear that we both share weather woes today! Honestly Eileen, the streets are so quite. I do believe everyone is just sitting inside trying to stay cool. It reminds me of when I went to Spain at siesta time. It's so dead and quite out. Kind of eerie.

  5. Eileen..I like Jackie, wish I could send some of the hot and humid weather your way. I don't think you'd want it though. We are under a heat advisory today. The temps for the last few days have been 95..96 degrees with intense humdidity. You can't hardly breathe. I've not even wanted to go outside. We have scattered storms in the afternoon..but they don't last long. On the good side of this.. our garden is awesome. It's crazy..but it is really doing well. We've sure been enjoying the bounties of the harvest!! :)
    Sorry you're feeling blah..hope you're feeling smiley and chipper in no time!! :) (sending hugs and smiles your way)
    Love, Jerelene

  6. Hi Eileen, I know exactly how you feel. I get that way when it rains a lot and in the winter too. I'm sending sunny thoughts and blessings your way. Sometimes when I feel bla I turn on music. It helps me to get in a happy mood again. Of course the neighbors probably all talk when they go by and see me dancing LOL

  7. Oh, thank you, you are all so kind! I'm not really depressed, just more fed up! Enough with the rain already!
    And, Carol, I do get like this in winter too, but for some reason it's not as bad because I kind of expect that weather in the winter and you feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. But June here is usually beautiful! It might get hot sometimes but it is usually sunny, I think that is why we have so many June Brides here, well, I'm feeling sorry for them this year because they were very soggy brides!

    Oh, the sun was here for a second! Now the sky is dark and scary-looking again, as Jayden would say. I guess I just have cabin fever. As much as I am a homebody, I do like to go outside on my own property, play with the grandkids outside, play with my plants, read outside, have breakfast, lunch, dinner outdoors. Oh well, there are worse things in life.

  8. After 2 weeks of nothing but rain, high humidity and cloudy days...we are now having sunshine plus a little breeze...but rain is expected Thursday...sunshine may be just around the corner Eileen...so wait with a smile!