Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marybeth, Happy Birthday!

Okay, Marybeth, I know this is your special day, but I'm including Diane and myself in this post too. 'Hope you don't mind.

I love this symbol of the triquetra, the ‘Sisters Knot Celtic Heart’:

In Celtic art the power of three is symbolized in the triquetra, it is a widely recognized knot that has been used as a sign of special things and persons that are threefold, such as Mother/Daughter/Grandmother, or Past/Present/Future/, and especially the Holy Trinity, Father/Son/Holy Spirit.

It is also a symbol of sisterhood, it represents the strong, eternal bond between sisters, especially among three sisters. The intricate Celtic knot heart is an unbroken line symbolizing everlasting love. It also is a symbol of the three stages of woman, maid/mother/wise woman. And this symbol celebrates the powerful, life-long bond of the family/friendship between sisters.

Well, Marybeth and Diane, I think it would be nice if these three wise women did something not so wise. How about we throw caution to the wind and get a tattoo of the Celtic heart symbol? It would be a nice tribute also to Mom and our Irish roots (maybe we could get a little green shamrock in the middle of it too?), as well as a tribute to our relationship with each other. And I love how it represents family continuity, and also how beautiful that it represents such an important religious symbol, The Holy Trinity.

Also, if you agree to that, I have an idea for a ‘ghost’ tattoo in honor of Mom (no, I’m talking about Casper The Friendly Ghost! It’s a white tattoo, I thought a lacy heart with MoM in the middle of it), and something for Dad too. Wouldn’t that be such fun for three old broads to walk into a tattoo parlor saying we want three identical tattoos?!

So, girls, what do you say?

Okay, so maybe you're not so enthusiastic about that idea.
So here’s a little Dr. Seuss-type rhyme in honor of Marybeth’s Birthday!

~ Sisters We Three ~

So different yet so much the same
Sharing more than just a name ~ (you both thought I was going to say ‘brain’ didn’t you?)

Growing up under the same roof, then living apart
But forever together within the heart

There is no problem so mighty nor so grand
That together we three could not withstand

Marybeth, Eileen, and Diane stand strong
And I pity those who say we are wrong!

Don’t bother my sisters, don’t make them upset
For that is something you will soon regret!

We are a formidable foe together we three
And those with an ounce of sense turn and flee

I'm sad for our brothers who just can't compare
To the bond that we have and the love that we share

When push comes to shove and the chips are down
It is these sisters of mine who come and rally around

The guys seem so helpless as they flounder about
So it is my sisters I turn to and they help me out

Throughout the years this bond we keep
The love of my sisters is powerful and deep

(and just because I had to include Mom & Dad ~
here's a little line for them)

Mom and Dad sadly for us are no longer here
But united by love they always are near

More than you'll ever know, I LOVE YOU!!
Love and Prayers,

We looked like babies back then!

What happened to us???!!!!

Who was it that said, "You're old, you're fat, and you're ugly, get over yourself!"
Was that you, Diane?

And who said, "Oh, who's going to be looking at you anyway?"
Oh, yeah, that would be Mom!
I LOVE THAT LINE!! It makes me feel less self-conscious all the time! And all my friends love it too! They say every time they are feeling bad about the way they look, they remember Mom's wise words and they feel so much better! It's really so very true, what are we all so worried about? Seriously, who's going to be looking at us anyway?! Let's just walk out the door and be happy with ourselves!


  1. That last line sounds like something my mom would have said!
    I had no idea you write poetry Eileen. That was really good! And I know what you mean about brothers just not knowing what to do, but sisters sure do!

  2. Oh Eileen you had me laughing out loud at that line that your mother said! I say that to Katie every time I ask her to walk the dogs or take out the garbage, If she hasn't showered yet she won't step out the door! And I say " Oh who's going to see you any!"
    That poem was beautiful Eileen. Do you often write poetry? You maybe should post some more?
    I hope Marybeth has a wonderful birthday. Do you live by each other? Do you have plans?
    If you do I wish you girls loads of fun!

  3. And I say, surprise your sisters (and maybe even Ray) and go out and get that tattoo(s) all by yourself. You could even do it on your cheeks (shamrock (or Casper)on one side and triquetra on the other) so people wouldn't have to wonder where they are! Of course, that could prove your mom wrong and people might start REALLY looking at you!!

    You did great with your poetry, Eileen, and you should give us more of it...hey, how about if we start a poetry day and anyone who wants to join in with us would do at least a cute or serious little poem as part of their post for that day???

    How about on Wordful Wednesday??

    Happy birthday to Marybeth...have lots of fun!

    blessings with hugs,


    p.s. HOW did you sneak in that post below? I checked kinda late last night and didn't see anything!

  4. Jill, I'm glad my sisters and I are not the only ones who feel that way about their brothers. They are good people, we love all four of them, but it is the sisters that have shared the burdens and obligations and responsibilities that come along with family!

  5. No, Diana, I do not write poetry often. And I find it much easier to do a funny little ditty rather than a serious poem!
    My sister Marybeth does not live close by, and she works two jobs, so we don't often get to see her, and I miss her lots. But we do call, and email, and she does come down once in awhile for special occasions. I last saw her on Mother's Day, and it was wonderful!
    My sister Diane lives only a few blocks from me, but she has gone back to work full-time now, so I don't get to see her often anymore either, and I miss her too!
    They both read my blog, but only Diane comments once in awhile.
    Marybeth will call or email me about it sometimes (she just left a message on my machine yesterday about it).
    I truly cherish them.

  6. Marcy, I'm a 'fraidy cat' and I would need support to get a tattoo!
    But I do like that idea!
    And I like the idea of Wordful Wednesday! That sounds fun!
    But we have to allow bad poetry because it's hard to rhyme! At least for me it is! Half the time the second line doesn't make sense!

    The 'Pollyanna' story I posted yesterday afternoon.
    It's a long story. Just skip it! It's just some nuttiness that went on in my life years ago.

  7. It was Jo from "The Facts of Life" who said "You're old, you're ugly...ya live with it."
    I vote no to the Tattoos.
    Take that after picture down, we look like we exploded! Who's gonna look at us?- the whole world when you put us on the internet!
    A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved Marybeth.

  8. Oh, nobody reads my blog, Diane! And the ones who do are very nice and place no importance on outward appearances! Get over yourself. We're old, we're ugly, we live with it!
    No tattoos? No Celtic Sister Heart? No shamrock? No ghost tattoo for Mom? Nothing for Dad? Okay, you're not only old, you're no fun now too.

    I LOVE that line that we look like we exploded!! I seriously have tears running down my face, I can not stop laughing!
    We're not growing old, we're just exploding!

  9. I don't know where to begin. I too, Eileen, am laughing so hard that there are tears running down my face. It has always been hard for me to express my feelings and even harder to write them. Right now I wouldn't know where to begin, except to say I love you both so much. I think of you often, everday, in fact. I miss you two so much sometimes it actually hurts. I would never mind including Diane in anything. We are like the Three Musketeers, or maybe I should say the Three Stooges.
    Every time we are together we have so much fun.

  10. The Three Stooges! I like that! Can I be Moe?
    Don't get me started on nostalgia, Marybeth, or I will be here with tears of longing instead of laughter!
    And I miss you too, so much.
    But I'm going to be like Jayden now and say, "We don't have to miss each other when we're apart because we keep each other in our hearts". Pretty smart for a four year old, right?

    I saw Rachel left a message on Facebook for me, she thinks we should go for the tattoos!

    Well, Happy, Happy Birthday, Marybeth! And MANY more!
    And 'Happy Trails to you, until we meet again'!
    I love you!

  11. Happy Birthday MaryBeth! Have a wonderful day sister of my blogger friend.
    Eileen, what a lovely post and I can honestly relate as I too have two sisters and 3 brothers (one has passed) I agree sisters do carry the responsabilities but when done together it's a much lighter burden. Not sure of the tatoo's but I love the triquera, the first time I have seen or heard of it.
    Have a great day my friend...:-) Hugs

  12. Whaty a truly wonderful post ♥ Happy birthday Marybeth! Your poem was absolutely lovely. Your sisters are blessed to have such a wonderful sister ♥

  13. Thanks, Bernie! I always think about my sisters when you are posting about yours, I have the same feelings for them that you share with your sisters. It's your words speaking what is in my heart.

    I like the Celtic Heart symbol too. I'd like to maybe paint it on a wall somewhere in my home (instead of on my body!). It looks simple enough, I might give it a try.
    Thanks for visiting!

  14. Hi, Carol! Thanks for your kind words.
    But it is I who is the lucky one. And I feel doubly lucky that I am smack in the middle of these two wonderful girls, I really had the best of both worlds growing up with an older sister and a younger sister. I am Blessed!

  15. Hi Eileen! What a wonderful poem!! What a lucky person to have an older and a younger sister!! I have a half brother and half sister. They are a LOT older than me and sadly I am not close with her. She lives a very different life-style than me and we just aren't close. They both have been in a lot of trouble and she has (drug problems.) I'm my father's only child. Over the years I have often wished they would have been able to have another child. I always felt very alone growing up and still do sometimes. My mother had to have an emergency c-section with me and she and I almost died. Her uterus ruptured..therefore no more children. The nuns actually came in and prayed over me. They thought I wasn't going to live. Thank God above I'm here. Family truly is a blessing though...you really are BLESSED!! :)
    Happy Birthday to Marybeth!!

  16. Jerelene, I do appreciate my family, especially the close relationship I have with my sisters, but your words make me appreciate them all the more!
    Thanks for sharing your story!
    And I thank God above too that you're here!
    Thanks for visiting!