Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Little Princess

I am always busy posting about Jayden, but today I thought I'd post a little of my precious time spent with Mia!

Getting suited up for the pool!

Waiting very patiently to go in!

Lots of pool fun!

"Now it's time for the ducks to swim, right, Grandma?"

Playing with some of the same 'Little People' that her Daddy played with over thirty years ago!

Mia loves Tinkerbelle so Grandpa bought her a Tinkerbelle costume.
Her Mommy and Daddy sent us these pictures after they dressed Mia up.

"I can fly!"

(Mia asked her Mommy if she could fly so my daughter-in-law Lori picked her up and 'flew' her around the room. Then Mia asked if she could fly by herself! Yikes!)

Mia admiring herself in the mirror:

So what do you think of my girl?

(I have both Mia and Jayden again today so I don't know how much I'll be able to visit ~ I'll 'see' everyone tomorrow!)


  1. I think your little girl is absoluely beautiful, OMG she is so cute Eileen. Thank you for sharing. So glad you have them both together, enjoy my friend, they grow up so fast....Hugs

  2. Princess is a perfect name for Mia.
    She's beautiful....
    She is absolutely photogenic. I bet you have a bazillion photos of her.

  3. I think Mia is a Thinkerbelle Princess with her sweet smile and twinkling know she looks like you does Jayden.
    I assume there was no tossing of Mia in the pool...You have good examples of girl-boy differences...sweet delicate little girl and a sweet tough little they grow though...those traits blend a little.
    Enjoy them today!

  4. It's amazing to me how much Jayden and Mia look like you Eileen. My Sarah loves playing with little people. She has them everywhere! The one photo of her standing right beside the pool with her foot pointed up was so cute you can see the anticipation in her expression.
    I go to see the dr. at 2:00 so maybe he will know what my problem is beside the fact that I'm probably just retarded! I will email you later!

  5. What I think is that I JUST WANT TO SMOOCH, SMOOCH SMOOCH AND HUG HER, she's so incredibly cute!! Both she and Jayden look like little Eileens!!! She is such a feminine little thing...she looks perfect in frills and lace and as Tinkabelle!

    blessings and hugs,


  6. Oh that little face!! Jayden and Mia look more like siblings than cousins and they both look like their Umma.
    Aren't you so happy you save the little people all these years? I wish I had saved some of my sons' special toys.

  7. Hi Eileen,
    Mia is so cute...and she and Jayden look just like you! She is a true princess! I bet Jayden just loves to tease her...he is such a boy! Grandchildren are such a joy! You are so blessed to spend so much time with them, as they grow up so fast. You will always hold a special place in their hearts!

  8. Eileen, what a beautiful child! All of my grandchildren are soooo blonde. I have always wanted a baby with hair, and grandchildren with hair.....huh...NOT! She just looks like a little doll! I am so glad you posted some pics of her. Jayden is a little stinker....(hehe)and the tossing of Jayden in the pool...well I do the exact same thing when the big guys think it is fun to toss the little guys....I too put a STOP you are going to hurt my baby into the fun! It's is our grandmotherly right to be this way! Even though we spoil the fun! hehehe

  9. Mia is absoluetely beautiful! She and Jayden must have so much fun together. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow with your little ones :>)

  10. "Ditto" to all the aboves! She is as much little girl as Jayden is all boy! One day I'll take a picture of all OUR little people, too. They were favorites of our 5 year old grandson. He played and played with them earlier this week. I must have 30 of them. Can't resist 'em!

  11. Oh, Eileen... Mia is absolutely ADORABLE! Precious as can be!


    Sheila :-)

  12. Mia is absolutely adorable. What a precious little one, Elieen. I tried to publish this a minute ago and am not sure if it published or not. BLogger has issues today.


    Sheila :-)