Thursday, July 2, 2009

An Eerie Event

**A few years back I was a teacher’s aide in a Kindergarten class. The teacher Debbie and I would open up the classroom in late summer to set up for the year. Debbie had been hard at work all morning and I came later in the afternoon. Debbie had just about everything set up but there were a few things she had left to do, and also some of the desks she had in the classroom were bigger than others. There was a classroom not in use on the floor below that had a few of the smaller desks. I told her to go on home and I would take care of sorting things out and switching the desks. She told me to get one of the maintenance men to help me move the desks if I wanted, and she said if she saw one of them on her way out she’d ask them to do it.
After she left I was busy doing other things, I was organizing the toys and separating what Debbie wanted to put in the playroom from those she wanted to keep in the classroom. I was about to walk out of the classroom with some things when the radio in the classroom came on and started playing by itself. I turned it off and then as I was walking down the hall to the playroom I heard the radio in the classroom come back on, I went back and turned it off. I started back to the playroom and the same thing happened, this time I unplugged it. I said to myself if this thing starts playing again now, I’m out of here. But all was quiet. For a while.
I then started on swapping out the desks, I collected the bigger desks from our classroom and set them at the top of the staircase and took them down one by one, I’d swap a big one for a small one and then make the trip back up. I was getting tired of going up and down the stairs, so I decided to go back and finish straightening out the playroom and then I would go back to trekking desks up the stairs again. I was rearranging the closet when I heard a noise behind me, I turned to see what it was, nothing was there. I turned back to my task, again I heard a noise and turned, and a ball came bouncing across the room towards me. I figured it must have rolled off one of the tables, I placed it in a toy bin, and I went back to my organizing. Then I heard noise coming from the floor below. It sounded like furniture being moved around. I figured it must be one of the maintenance men, I thought maybe they were getting the desks for me, I called down to make sure they knew to bring up only the small desks, but there was no answer. I then looked out the playroom window and saw that all the maintenance men were out doing lawn work. It could not be a maintenance man downstairs in the classroom below. I was thinking (hoping!) maybe the noise was one of the other teachers in another classroom below, so I called down again, but I got no answer. I got more than a little nervous, and I started to feel very uncomfortable about being in a big building all alone. I decided I would just finish with the desks and then lock up our room and the playroom and go home. I went back to the classroom downstairs, made sure no one else was in there, retrieved another small desk and was on my way out when I noticed that written on the blackboard was the word REDRUM, with the M trailing off the board (if you haven’t seen the movie The Shining [or read the book by Stephen King] you will not understand my terror, if you have seen the movie and/or read the book you will readily agree that my fear was not at all irrational. For those of you who haven’t yet read the book or seen the movie, I don’t want to spoil the ending for you but maybe you’ve already figured it out). Well, I dropped that desk, I shot back upstairs, grabbed my things, I did not even bother to lock up doors, or draw the shades, or close the windows! I flew down four staircases and out the front door, with my heart pounding out of my chest! I refused to stay alone in that school for a long, long time after that. Now I can look back and laugh, and I have convinced myself that I let my imagination run away with me, but when it was happening to me I was completely panic-stricken!

I've had a few other experiences that left me just as frightened, some of them felt downright evil, but I'll leave those stories for another day.
Have any of you ever experienced anything like 'noises that go bump in the night'?

Did any of you ever have any eerie events?


  1. Eileen...remember the line in the movie: "You had me at 'hello' "..? Well, you had me at 'the radio began playing again.' I would have unplugged the radio...and had it come on again, you would have seen the last of me there that evening. My friend, I wouldn't have stayed to straighten one more desk, look for the janitor, or probably even grab my purse. The door would have hit this girl in the butt on my way OUT!...and I'm not joking about that. What in the world??? I couldn't stop reading....thinking there has to be a twist to this story. But no... That's frightening. Have I ever had anything like that happen to me? No...and I hope that it doesn't happen to you again. You don't need to be there by yourself....period. Please, take care of you. OK.. Now I'm not going to sleep for a while. I didn't see the movie that you referred to nor did I read the book....but when I read the word that you put in your post, my mind immediately spelled the word backwards (I do junk like that all the time...and that scared me.)
    You know, the little girl that went missing has been in the news for the longest time....well, her name was Nevaeh. No one said a word about her name on TV....but as I thought about it, that is "Heaven" spelled backwards.
    You take care of you....Please.
    Hugs and smiles from Jackie

  2. Jackie, you have me laughing! And yes, that was the kicker near the end of the movie, the little kid kept saying that word over and over and then the Mom realized what it was!
    I haven't worked at that school in years now, but grandson does go there now, and his class was in that very room, and it did give me the creeps! I wouldn't stay alone for a long, long time after that! I came home and told my family and they laughed, soon after there was an open house type thing and we passed that classroom (it was locked as it was never used back then), my husband looked through the door window and sure enough, it was still on the board, only it was as if someone tried to erase it but couldn't, like it was etched into the slate! My husband said, "That is creepy!"
    It wasn't like that when I took Jayden there for nursery thank goodness!

    I've actually had a worse experience, but I don't even like to think about it. And I'm getting spooked now, it's dark and everyone else is up in bed. Let me run!
    Good night!

  3. Wow. That would bother me not to know just what was going on that day. Did you ever find out who wrote that on the chalkboard?

  4. Eileen, I don't scare easy but this experience would of terrified me....I can't believe you went back to that school....everrrrrrrrrrr!
    I have not had something like this (not even similar) happen to me and I don't want to. I am looking forward to hearing about your other experiences....:-) Hugs

  5. My goodness...No I've not had any experiences like that. I know you left me feeling somewhat anxious after reading this! God Bless you!!!! Cathy

  6. Eileen...The radio coming on wouldn't have spooked me too badly the first time...because once while off, one of our radios picked up a trucker's cb transmissions one night...but 3 times coming on and then the ball bouncing...something tells me I would have left the building...I never would have seen REDRUM...I would have been GONE!!!

    I've only experience one unexplained event...about a week after wearing a new wedding band of Celtic Knots design...I woke one morning and gradually realized it was uncomfortable on my finger...closer inspection showed it was bent..flattened on my finger...honestly would not come off...tried oil, soap, WD 40, everything...held my hand in ice water...then quickly heated the ring and pulled extremely hard...hurt my skin a little...anyway my ring looked worse than this()...and Herhusband could not press it back into shape...even with pliers...eventually heated it in hot water...placed it on a graduated in thickness dowel and gently hammered it into cannot be easily this day we can't figure how in my daily routine this happened...if something had hit my finger that hard I would have known it and remembered...we've tried purposely to bend it and can' still bugs me not knowing! Not as eerie as yours but an unsolved mystery for us.

  7. Jill, we never did find out, I had told the teacher I worked with and she told the principal but it was still there all that year (but as I said the classroom wasn't used then, I guess they fixed it when it was going to be used), but the weird thing is I never noticed it all those other times I was hauling desks back and forth (at least four or five times), I only noticed it after everything else happened, I guess that's why I panicked.

  8. Bernie, I don't normally scare that easily, but I think that's because I always have so many people and lots of activity around me normally, it's only when I'm alone and/or when I watch scary movies that I start thinking "What's going on here?" That is why I always loved when I had pets, any noises I heard I just chalked it up to one of the pets in another room or something.
    And usually if I'm preoccupied with a task like I was up at the school that day, I just ignore things that are going on around me, but there was too many weird things that happened that day!

  9. Thank you, Cathy! I'm glad to hear I wasn't over-reacting!

  10. Wanda, I went over by you to ask this but then thought some of your other readers won't know what I'm talking about, so I'll ask here on the chance you come back ~ Was that ring previously owned? Or was it made from something that was previously owned and melted down?
    Do you still wear it?

  11. Well Wanda's story kinda creeped me out! But when I was reading your story Eileen and came to the part that you saw redrum on the black board, I thought that you were joking! That definitely would have scared the bageezes out of me! And I would have been afraid to tell anyone.
    I work in our church, most of the time, alone. It has never scared me. Actually just the opposite.It is away from town, where you have to drive to get to it. There were no other cars in the parking lot but mine. I unlocked the door and walked in as usual. I heard faint sounds of music coming from somewhere. I followed the sounds through the library into what used to be our copy room. It is surrounded by my office and the library. I was kind of getting the hebe jebe's as I slowly opened the door that lead to the copy room. Than I discovered that someone left the radio on after they were done making copies. After that I was o.k., but those few minutes leading up to opening the door, were a little creepy!

  12. Oh, Diana, I don't think I would have gone to inspect where music was coming from if I were alone like that! I guess when you are used to a place though and you feel comfortable, you don't think along those lines. I think that's what it was for me with the school, it was a place I was familiar with, I was doing something that was routine, and I just wasn't scared at first. And when I did get scared it was more just an unsettling feeling like maybe someone who didn't belong in the building had sneaked in. But as soon as I saw the redrum, I thought GHOSTS! And not nice ones! And I FLEW out of there!
    Later that evening I made my husband drive back there because it was raining and I was going to have him help me close the windows, but we drove by and they were already closed so I guess the maintenance men took care of it. I wonder what they thought when they saw two classrooms were left in disarray and desks out in the hall, and windows open, doors unlocked, it's funny to think of now!

  13. Hmmmm and hmmmm some matter what, no matter where...God + you = a majority. Just in case Mr. Satan was doing his dirty deeds, I would have prevailed upon St. Michael the Archangel for assistance. This is yet another case of, by myself I would have gotten 'out of Dodge', but if a little one was with me or even a frightened adult, then protective instinct would have taken over and righteous anger would be a force to be reckoned with (refer to above equation)!
    Think most everyone has had unexplained noises and sounds to make one nervous or anxious but it has never been specific for me, although I have had an experience or two or more of 'out of the ordinary realm' that involved comforting during turmoil.
    May God and His angels be ever beside you especially in times of need.

    blessings and hugs,


  14. Marcy, I have had some very NICE, unexplained things happen too, Gifts that I knew were from Heaven.
    And I've had some really NOT nice visits that I hate even thinking about. Things worse than sounds that go bump in the night.

    And, like you, if I feel a loved one is in danger of anything or anyone, a more protective stance is what comes out of me, but when I was by myself at the bad times, a 'run for my life and safety of my soul' came out!

    Thank you, Marcy, and all prayers are MOST welcome! Thank you!

  15. Eileen..I've only had one sort of scary experience. My sister and her husband used to live in a huge old house made into apartments. She first lived in one of the upstairs apartments. My nephew was just a toddler and my sister was pregnant. My Mom gave her a picture of Jesus to hang in my nephews bedroom. Every time she hung it would fall off the wall. Then, after my niece was born they moved into a downstairs upartment that had more room. I babysat for a couple of hrs for her. The water in the bathroom came on by itself twice. I was 15 at the time and I remember it and the apartment building pretty clearly. It was wierd the way the staircases were..their were three little turns to get to the next just seemed wierd..Later..right before my sister moved out..a young woman upstairs died..I really felt like Satan was at work in that building. I've a couple of times in my lifetime..been around someone who made me extremely uncomfortable..just a feeling like I didn't want to be near them..My Mom says she's the same way. I think maybe some people who are more sensitive and extremely tenderhearted, are more sensitive to feeling evil...I just pray all the time for God's protection for myself and my family and friends..There is, unfortunately..evil in this world..That's why I don't get around things that are questionable such as palm readers and such..I think it opens you up to evil forces..That's just my opinion..(so I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.)
    Love, Jerelene

  16. Hi Eileen...I'm back...we bought the ring new...and I still wear it all the time...nothing odd has happened since...We retraced my previous day and happenings...tried to sit up scenarios of what might have caused pulling on the car seat belt that's caught in the seat lever...trying to wedge my finger between it and the the ring was just too tight and uncomfortable for me not to have noticed right away...I just woke up and found it that way...we have adjutable beds...looked for an answer there...'s a wide thick strong band that I never take would take a lot of pressure to bend we're still wondering how...maybe Yuri Geller would know! Remember the Russian man that could supposedly bend spoons with his mind.???

  17. Very scary, Jerelene, and I agree with you about the presence of evil. I have other stories but I don't even like to think about them really because I'm like you in that I think it can open a can of worms. Most of these things happened when I was a teenager and into crazy stuff. They were very different from 'ghost' type episodes.
    That's all I'm going to say about those episodes. I hope and pray nothing like that ever happens again.

    Wanda, I find your story to be so strange and so intriguing, I am going to do some research online to see if I can find what would cause such a phenomenon.
    And, yes, I remember Yuri Geller well! I just read something about him and Michael Jackson today, how Geller tried to get him off all his drugs, and Jackson ended up cutting Geller out of his life.
    I found the Geller/Jackson connection very weird.

  18. yeah you got daughter hates it when I use the voice and say redrum.....ok, I read the whole thing...did this really happen to you...NO WAY someone was pulling a fast one on you REALLY!? I think I would have gone home and gotten my huhoney to investigate...then had a good laugh....

  19. Linda, seriously it happened to me, and seriously I was petrified. I was uncomfortable, and nervous with all the other things that were happening, but I just shrugged them off, but when I saw that blackboard (well, acutally it was a greenboard) with that word I really panicked, and as I was running back up to our classroom I was thinking I'm crazy because that's not safe if someone is in this building! And then I picked up a yardstick or a pointer (how I was going to protect myself with that I don't know!) and then just dropped it, grabbed my things (or some of them, I forgot a lot of stuff) and ran out!
    I still get that kind of 'frozen' frightened feeling thinking about it if I'm alone. Last night I had to leave the computer and go up to bed, I was feeling scared to be downstairs alone. And while reading comments on this post this morning my daughter came up behind me to say good-bye and I screamed and jumped!
    It was really unnerving. I promise I would not make anything like this up. I am no mystery/thriller writer.

  20. That is extremely errie Eileen. I would never have gone back up stairs for my things. You are very brave to have done that. I think I would have just started running and would not have stopped until I was in my own home with the door locked. LOL

  21. Hi Eileen, I forgot to answer your question. I should wear a helmet when I'm out biking but I don't. I hope you are having a peaceful and happy evening.

  22. Eileen, I am so sorry, when I answered your comment on my blog today I used Diana's name instead of yours....I don't know why but I have done this a couple of times since blogging. I don't think I am focusing enough but I promise to do better, thanks sweetie....:-) Hugs