Monday, July 20, 2009

Cowboy Pajamas And A Bow and Arrow

Doesn't everybody practice shooting arrows out in the driveway, while still in their cowboy pajamas, at eight in the morning?

Okay, get set up.




Now let's try with two arrows at once.

Oh, it's not working, let's try it this way.

Oh, let's just give up and do a little happy dance!

Happy Monday!
We're off to the beach! 'See' you all tomorrow!


  1. Just can't stand it...TOOOOOO CUTE!!!

    Thanks for capturing these precious moments so well...does he let you smooch and hug him??

    Have a super wonderful day at the beach.

    blessings with warm hugs,


  2. Forgot to mention how good Jayden is with holding the bow and arrow.
    Did you teach him?
    And is he a leftie or is it just the picture that is reversed?
    Last, how do you make these grandkids so darn cute???

  3. You are there with the camera at the perfect time...but then again, isn't it a pleasure to be with them at any and all times....Yes! These are so cute, Eileen. (I love the smile in the 'happy dance."
    Enjoy the beach.
    Smiles from Jackie

  4. Hi Eileen-

    Jayden is "all boy"......enjoy the beach. I am impressed by how much energy you have!! :-)

    Love to you

  5. Jayden has the cutest smile and body stance :)...see you tomorrow Eileen!


  6. Never a dull moment, huh? The beach sounds inviting. Except it's been cool enough here that even if we HAD a beach, the water'd probably be chilly! No complaints from ME, though!

  7. Cute Jayden. Boys will be boys!

  8. How cute ♥ I hope you have a wonderful day at the beach!

  9. Marcy, YES! Jayden lets me love him up! In fact I guess I ask for 'loving' a lot because sometimes I'll be calling him and he comes over to me and says, "I know, I know, you need some loving!" And then I have to act like that's the reason I called him over!
    And NO! I didn't teach him how to hold a bow and arrow, that was his father. And Jayden seems like a natural whatever sport he's doing, I hope he keeps up that way! And he's right handed! But the bow and arrow he does lefty! Maybe he's ambidextrous!

    Jackie, NO, I don't always have the camera with me and I miss so many good shots! It's big and heavy so I hate to lug it around, but I do usually try to remember to take it out back when I'm taking the kids out there. Yesterday morning my daughters told me Jayden wanted me to see him practice, so then I thought to bring it out with me. I do enjoy these kids A LOT!

    Gail, I don't have a lot of energy at all! I feel sorry for Jayden sometimes because I'm so lazy! I'm happy when I have my granddaughter too because then they occupy each other!

    Rebecca, I'm happy to finally be able to do some 'summer fun' things these past few weeks! Our weather has been rain, rain, rain for May and June! The water was freezing, but the beach was nice!

    Wanda and Jill, thanks for stopping by, I'm going 'visiting' now!

    Carol, WELCOME BACK! I'll be heading over to you too!

  10. Every good Indian brave is practicing his skill with thhe bow and arrow at 8:00 in the cowboy pj's not so sure! Very delightful post! Cathy

  11. Just out of curiosity..what was he shooting at? His form looked very nice! He sure is an adorable little boy!! I hope you post some pictures of your fun time at the beach!!
    Love, Jerelene

  12. Cathy, that was cute, you're funny! Thanks for stopping by!

    Jerelene, Jayden's Dad had made him a target and hung it on the driveway gate (but it's just paper so the arrows wouldn't stick to it, so I wasn't able to show you that he's a pretty good shot!).

    I'm actually working on a beach post now, but we forgot the camera! Ray did have his cell phone and took a few with that but I don't think he uploaded it to the computer yet.
    Thanks again for all your nice comments!

  13. LOL! Eileen, this is SO cute! Loved this post, and I hope you all had fun at the beach...


    Sheila :-)