Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordful Wednesday ~ Dead Pool?

~ I think you'll agree that it's plain to see
There's not much of the poet left inside of me

I don't feel at all like doing a rhyme
I hope Marcy doesn't report the crime

Here are some pictures and words to tell the story
So please persevere and accept my sincere apology ~

"Umma, I want to be Dead Pool!"


"Umma, make me Dead Pool!"

"Dead pool?!"

"Yeah, make me Dead Pool!"

"Jayden, I have no idea what you are talking about!"

"Make me him!" (And he thrusts one of his ugly characters at my face). "You know, Umma, write on me like this."

Okay. I get out the face paints and go to work on Jayden. And I wrap his arms up in paper towels to look like his ugly little character.

"Umma, take my picture! Do I look like him?"

"Yes, Jayden, you do."

"Are my arms like him?"

"Yes, Jayden, they are."

"Am I making a bad face like him?"

"Yes, Jayden, you both look very scary."
(It is scary!)

"Wait, Umma, we forgot his things!"

"What things?"

"His things sticking out on his hands!"

Jayden runs to find something and remedies the situation.

"Okay, Umma, take it off now, I had enough!"


"I don't want to be a bad guy anymore. I don't like bad guys!"


But it took me an hour to get the face paint off (the instructions say it was supposed to wash off easily)! Ugh!

On another subject, one of my first posts ('Tattered Treasures') is a story on another site called Imperfect Women. It is under the heading of Hobby Lobby, I think it is the second or third story down, it was a week or two ago that the ladies who created the site printed it but I forgot about it. I wrote about this site before, it's really got a lot of different topics of interest, and there are a wide variety of opinions on each subject, I stop in each day to see what new stories they have, and I love the human interest stories they post!
One of the girls father (Emil) wrote a few stories and I found them really appealing, one was titled 'Time On My Hands' and it is under the heading of Life (I think that one is about six stories down) and the other is 'The Historian' about his high school reunion, and that one is under the heading of Relationships, and I think it is the second or third story down.
Also, this site is willing to accept stories (and I think poems too) for consideration if anyone is interested. Just click on their site and email them with any questions you might have.


  1. You did a great job making Jayden 'Dead Pool'...and I love the way you wrote and photographed the story....very nicely done, Eileen. He is so cute....and isn't it interesting as to how long it took to make him up...and then...'poof'..."I'm finished, Umma."
    You are a sweet Umma...and I enjoy being visiting your site so much. Have a restful evening, Eileen.
    P.S. I think your poem was great. I don't do poems...but gave it a stab this evening. Thanks for a good ending to mine. :))

  2. What a cute post..I had to bring Sam in here to take a look! It did get a chuckle out of him!
    Jayden is adorable and what a sweetie you are to do things like that with him..he likes having his picture taken doesn't he? It shows in all the cute pics of him!! I loved the always do such a good job!! You make it sound easy!!
    Love, Jerelene

  3. I have never heard of Dead Pool, so I was wondering myself what he meant...Jayden is so cute Eileen and has such an imagination...Good that you granted his wish...

  4. I loved this post so much that I could have hugged it!! Jayden and his Umma are in danger of getting 'arrested' for excessive cuteness (just as I am in danger for excessive dumbness). You tell the whole thing so perfectly, just as it happened, the way I would have reacted and I love it.

    You gave me tons of smiles.

    blessings and hugs,

    the village numbskull

  5. Gosh this post brought back memories Eileen. Frank was so into He Man and Skeletor! We had to but all of that stuff and then he was heavily into the wrestling.You are so sweet to help him become that character. Their imaginations are wonderful!
    I have submitted a story to Imperfect Women. They said that they accepted it and would let me know when it would be posted.That was several weeks ago.

  6. Jackie, thanks for all your sweet comments all the time!
    I do have a lot of fun with Jayden, but I'm also so tired all the time!
    I'm lucky though that I don't have to do too much to entertain him as he entertains himself a lot!

  7. Jerelene, I'm glad you and Sam enjoyed it! I actually enjoy Jayden a lot although at times he exasperates me!
    The other day he asked me, "Umma, are you mad at me?" And I told him no, that I was just exasperated. And he said, "Oh, I know what that means. That means you are like this 'WHAT? AGAIN?'" Well, I had to bust out laughing at that!

  8. Oh, Wanda, I think I'm the one that exasperates Jayden because I can never keep his characters straight! I can't even tell which characters are the good guys and which are the bad! And I can hardly tell some Star War characters from the Super Heros! Nor can I tell the girls from the boys!

  9. Thanks, Marcy! Both Jayden and Mia give me tons of smiles!
    And so do you and others here in the Blog World!

  10. Diana, my older boys were into all those wrestling figures too, and they had the whole arena or whatever you call the thing they wrestle in! I forgot about that!

    And my youngest son was into all those Japenese cartoons (Pokemon? I think that was the name of it!), every morning before school he would watch that, and he had some kind of figures for it and lots of cards I remember!

    Let me know when you hear about your story featured on Imperfect Women!! I can't wait to see it!
    They usually leave the stories up for a week or two before new ones to give a chance for people to read and comment.

  11. Hi Eileen-

    I love how Jayden 'set the stage' and you wee HIS stage-hand!! Excellent.

    My lil grandson 'Jo'el' will be 7 this Saturday - :-) He is into transformers so we got him shirts and toys and video games all of that theme.
    Have a lovely day.
    Peace and love\

  12. Gail, it's so funny you put it that way, that Jayden sets the stage! And I'm his stage-hand! That's how my life feels right now!

    Jayden likes the transformers a lot too. It makes me sad that he's only four years old and already he's left behind Sesame Street characters and Barney, and 'children's' shows and he's on to all this 'fighting' nonsense! Everything is light sabers, and sword fights, and bad guys! I was talking with my friend about this and she said it was always that way with boys, and I guess she's right, even my brothers had their 'army men' and the 'cowboys and Indians' and everyone was fighting then too. Ugh!

  13. Eileen... what a scream!!! I love the way you told this, and yes, Jayden is scary as is that little scary doll! LOL! Oh, you are such a fun grandmother! Loved reading this. And why is it that when they tell you something is going to take two minutes it takes two hours???

    Loved this post. When I get a chance, I will check out that other site.


    Sheila :-)

  14. You have no idea how much I needed that laugh! I am taking a little break, and I came back to the computer to read this. It just brightened my day. XO

  15. Did anybody have bad dreams last night?!? I like your kind of poems - short and sweet. (Every week I say I might try it, but then Wednesday comes and goes....)

  16. I had a giggle ....... he obviously loves getting into character!!!
    YOu did a good job there Umma ..... Jayden looked exactly like the model!
    You have a lovely family ..... I enjoyed perusing through your pics.

  17. Sheila, thanks so much! I'm glad I gave you a laugh! That's how I am a lot of the time with Jayden, this kid is such a character!
    And talk about story-telling, I love going to your blog! Your last 'tablescape' was a really cute story!

  18. Rebecca, I know how you feel, I can't rhyme anymore, it's getting crazy because I'm starting to rhyme EVERY WORD in my head!
    Next poem is going to be a haiku or NOTHING!
    I think I'm going to start WordLESS Wednesday and just let pictures do my story-telling!

    You should try a poem though, Rebecca, it's fun the first or second time around!

  19. Thanks for stopping by here, Fifi!
    I love your blog! And it's such fun following your family!
    I loved the 'swimming' post!

  20. Don't you just love little boys? They start out wanting to be these really powerful heroes, only to grow up wanting to protect their woman. All part of the plan.

  21. Hi Eileen,
    I really enjoyed how you handled Jayden's request, and I bet you had fun too! So glad he decided he did not like being the bad guy...he is so very cute. I remember my boys were all into stuff like that used to upset me that my oldest son always wanted to be Darth Vader. He turned out fine though, then my son Don liked to be the good guy, Luke Skywalker, and my youngest son Adam, was He-Man! I think that is the way boys are...not to worry!

  22. Jill, YES, I do love little boys, and of course this little boy in particular! But I did always get a kick out of the watching the difference between boy play and girl play with my own kids growing up, and then when I worked in Kindergarten, and now with my grandkids. Mia is a real little princess and Jayden is ALL BOY!

    Jill, you may already know that site Imperfect Women, it was started by the women from that Jon & Kate site we used to visit. You may be going to the new site already, but if you haven't, give them a read, I think you'll enjoy it!

  23. Thanks, Teresa! And I was happy too that he said he didn't like being the bad guy, and relieved! Although I wish he had decided it before he got all painted up!

    And I'm relieved to hear that your son turned out fine because Jayden does like to dress up as Darth Vader! He was obsessed with it for awhile. Since school started it calmed a little, and now this summer I'm happy that his new obsession is the Pink Panther!