Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordful Wednesday ~ Trying to Chill Out with the Super Soaker

I'm trying lately very hard to chill out
But of true success I have my doubts

I'm told the game of Super Soaker is lots of fun
You not only get wet but you also get to run

This little boy was soaked through and through
As he played with Lisa and his Uncle Andrew

I was afraid there would be someone tripping
From all this water that was dripping

But I've been trying hard to keep my cool
While everyone is busy having fun with the pool

So my peace I did keep
As my heart took a leap

Each time someone slipped
I just prayed and bit my lip

And in the end
There was not much to mend

For it all turned out good
Just as it should

But I was very glad to hear them call it a draw
So I could just relax and breathe easy once more!

(I took Diana's advice and I did turn my back
But truly my patience is beginning to lack

No matter how hard I try
I am just getting by

I don't think I'll ever be the type
to enjoy any of this hype

For I am not very cool
When it comes to breaking pool rules!)

I guess I must be an extremely strict one
because my sister Diane says I'm not very much fun


  1. I loved your poem Eileen and the story it is hard to close one's eyes to the danger of accidents that could happen...I use to worry about my grandkids climbing the trees too high, then riding their dirt bikes too fast, and now most are driving cars, it's just have to say prayers for their safety and trust...helmets, life jackets, skid proof shoes, and prayers help grammas relax...all that worry is because we love them so!

  2. Well Eileen you get points for trying! It was easier for me because both of my husbands were so over protective that I always had to step in and mediate so that the kids could be kids! It wasn't always easy and many times I wondered if I did the right thing but if I didn't all the kids would have only been allowed to sit in the house!
    Your poem was great at telling your story and I think you are doing fine!

  3. I'm not very fun either, but hey, somebody's gotta do the worrying.

  4. I LOVE the poetry! So much true feeling comes out in spite of the "discipline" of rhyming. Right along with the honest reality comes the humor. I REALLY do think they must both be there. And like Jill said, "Somebody's gotta do the worrying..."

    Incidentally, it was me yesterday when my husband took grandsons to ball diamond. He chose the one that had just been watered! There was a puddle and mud on homeplate & again at first base! I rode my bike over to take pictures and gave a motherly lecture on "why not the adjoining DRY diamond...dirty sandals, dirty feet, dangerous slides" etc.

  5. Eileen, you are getting too good at the photos. You must be getting nice weather now after all the rain you had. I know its hard to watch those we love doing something that may hurt them but its life and we have to lighten up and let them go, trust, pray and bite your lip.....Have a great day sweetie, enjoy the pool.....:-) Hugs

  6. Your son is INCREDIBLY handsome, and his girlfriend is stunningly beautiful!! They look like a wonderful couple--very sweet, very fun. You must be very proud.

  7. Too funny, Instigator! At least you're not freaking out about being on my blog like the Protester!
    You are a wonderful, sweet, fun couple, and we are very proud!
    Call me when you get a chance and let me know what happened with the dentist.

  8. Thanks, Bernie, we are enjoying the pool and beach weather now that it's finally here! I just had Jayden in now for an hour, he really loves it so much!

  9. Rebecca, I posted by you thanking you for your comment. Makes me feel a little better knowing I'm not the only one who hands out the lectures and rules all the time!

  10. Jill, we're not fun about dare-devil type stunts and rough play, but we're fun in a much more sedate way!
    Well, maybe our families wouldn't agree, but I think you're lots of fun! I love visiting your blog!

  11. Thank you, Diana, I guess someone has to be the 'fun' parent (grandparent), and the other has to be the 'worrier'!
    I was like that when I did Kindergarten too, the teacher was always telling me to chill out, but I just couldn't! Especially when it was someone else's children I was responsible for!

  12. Wanda, I'm sorry, you were first to comment and I started at the bottom and worked my way up! I know you, Diana, and Bernie are right, I do much better when I just go into the house and am oblivious to all that goes on!
    That's what I try to do, but I don't always have a lot of success!

  13. Eileen, big brownie points for trying! I'm right there with you, and I don't like pool rules broken, either. There is a definite reason for pool rules!


    Sheila :-)

  14. What a good poem!! You are a lot like me..I get nervous over things like that too! Especially when there are little sweet ones involved. Your pool looks like a wonderful place to go and have fun!! I love your little covered seating area..that would be my getaway!! Jayden sure is adorable!! (Sam is still playing away with those transformers :) I spent my evening cutting up veggies and staring at the pretties that you sent me :) It makes doing my chores much more pleasant!!
    Love, Jerelene

  15. Cool pool....
    Cool poem.