Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Favorites

A lot of my favorites today are things (old things, of course!) that I have outside on the back deck by our pool:
Three of my favorite things in this picture are from my sister-in-law Susie and her husband Doug. The old red cooler chest and the old railroad lantern belonged to Doug's uncle, when he passed away Doug gave them to us. Now the scary looking figure I think Doug found in the garbage a few years ago and took it home to Sue, and then they both very kindly gifted it to me! They surprised me by hanging it up on one of the plant hooks out back. I was thrilled when I spotted it! There is something about it that is so oddly appealing to me! It seriously touched my heart that they did that for me, I treasure it, and it is one of the nicest gifts I've ever received.
The tin watering can belonged to my grandmother, and Ray very kindly turned that and the cooler into planters for me.

The other favorites today are two pictures of our house. The one on the left is an old tax photo (I think it was taken in 1940), and the other is extra special to me, it is a pencil sketch of how our house looks now (but before we had the awning put up), it was drawn by my brother-in-law Steve.
The picture I took is not great, it really doesn't do Steve's sketch justice. Sorry Steve.

And one other favorite may seem like just a little thing, but it's a very big, very special thing to me, and it is typical of my husband. I have been saying that I want more pink in my kitchen and while grocery shopping he spotted these paper plates with pink flowers on them and bought them for me:

Ray is always doing little things like that, and those little things mean more to me than any piece of jewelry or any other expensive gift he may have bought me over the years. Those gifts are all nice too, but it's the 'heart gifts' that mean the most to me.

Weekend Forecast:
Very happily for us this is a long weekend, Ray is off today (Yipee!) and he took a vacation day on Monday too (Hip! Hip! Hurray for Ray!).
Depending on the weather I think today will just be a day of fun in the pool for Ray and Jayden, and I will be relaxing under the canopy with a good book!
Saturday we are going to a barbecue at Sue & Doug's with the family.
Sunday if it's nice I'd like to have the kids over for pool fun and dinner.
Monday no real plans, I was thinking we should paint, but if it's nice I don't want to waste the sunshine! So we'll see.
Have a great weekend everybody!
Happy Fourth of July! Happy Independence Day, America! God Bless America!


  1. Hi Eileen, Yes I am up late tonight. I can't sleep when there's a full moon on the way. Once it's full I have no problem. I came by to wish you a Happy Holiday weekend! My husband is coming home so I will probably be away from the puter. Unless of coarse it rains as they say it's supposed to. I hope you have lots of sunshine for pool fun.
    I liked your Friday favorites Eileen. Is that one figure a totem pole? Actually it looks like a Hawaiian god. Those pictures of your house were very nice too! And Ray sounds like a very thoughtful guy Eileen. My hubby waits on me when he's home. I think he feels bad that he can't be here to help me more. I don't mind!
    Anyway, have a nice weekend Eileen!

  2. I know what you mean, it's the gifts from the heart that mean the most...because you know they were thinking about you.
    btw, love your "God Bless American, my home sweet home"....LOVE it!!!

  3. Hi Eileen, you are up late. Love your post and your favorite things especially the planters. I hope you have the best 4th of July ever!
    As always.....:-) Hugs

  4. Hi Eileen...with your beautiful blue pool, the red and white cooler, and the red flowers you are set for your red,white,and blue celebration of the 4th.
    I like your appreciation of found things and repurposing them...we do likewise here...liked seeing the sketch of where you live...don't awnings make a BIG difference in the enjoyment
    of your porch...our's did.
    Enjoy your pink flowered plates from Ray...
    when I see pink I think of you...I remember Marcy posting pink kitchens when I first visited her blog and before I knew of yours...

    Thank you for your sweet comment this morning Eileen...Happy weekend!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed myself again...your re purposing is making old things look even better than they did when they were new things...LOVE it!

    Isn't it funny how so many men do not understand how precious and meaningful little things are to us? Those things don't have to cost hardly anything but they say, "I heard you, I remembered and I cared enough to get this for you!"

    Is that like a bay window in the front of your house? Love the sketch and the new look of your home, a sweet improvement over the tax picture.

    Have you already 'featured' that pink and white doily? It's so pretty.

    How funny that Wanda's intro to my blog was that pink kitchen post...we're so lucky that she stayed with us after that!

    Have a super fourth of July!!!!

    blessings and lots of hugs,


  6. Eileen,

    Have a happy and safe 4th of July. I enjoyed your pictures and reading of the "heart gifts"....they are so much more's the little things....we can buy ourselves "things", but it is always the meaning behind the gift, the thoughtfulness...I can look around my house, and have a story to tell about every object....

    Your scarry figure reminds me of the Brady Bunch in Hawaii is very unique...who needs a scarecrow....LOL....

    Enjoy your weekend...


  7. Hi, Diana, sorry you can't sleep. I've been like that lately, up until two in the morning sometimes. And I just haven't been feeling really good, can't put my finger on it though, never felt like this before. Oh well.
    I'm glad your husband will be home with you, enjoy the weekend! I don't think I'll be on much after this either. And aren't we lucky to have such nice guys?!

    I don't know what that wooden figure is, he's kind of ugly and scary looking, but I loved him from the minute I saw him!
    Enjoy your weekend, Diana!

  8. Jill ~ EXACTLY! It's the fact that they actually LISTEN to you when you say something and seem to be genuinely interested in the things that interest you! They KNOW you!
    I don't know how some women continue to live with the men they are stuck with. I am so Blessed not to feel 'stuck'!
    Have a great Holiday weekend!

  9. Thank you, Bernie, I just got back from your blog and I love your new look! And I loved learning all those new things about you!

  10. Wanda, I was surprised to hear that Marcy's pink kitchen tribute to me was your first visit to her! I thought you were all old friends already and I was just forcing my way into the 'inner circle'! That's so funny!

    And, YES, the awning made a big difference, it used to be so hot out front in the sun, now it's much better, and great protection from all kinds of weather, and I think the smokers in the family appreciate it because there is NO smoking in our house!
    Happy 4th!

  11. Yes, Marcy, you are so right about men! I think Ray used to get so surprised at how happy stupid little things make me. Now he knows me though!
    And, yes, that's a bay window, and I love how it lets in lots of light, but I'm sorry in a way we did it. I think it takes away from the character of the house, and if we hadn't paid dearly for it, I would be changing it!
    This is my family home and the front steps my Mom had changed when we moved in (I was only nine then) to go down to a side walkway. When Ray and I did it over I was thinking of going back to the original, but then we decided to keep my Mom's idea and expand the porch across the house. I'm glad we did it that way, gives us more outdoor living space!
    And yes, that doily was in one of my 'favorites' I think, my Mom's mother had made it, thanks for remembering!
    And YES I agree we are so lucky Wanda stayed! But even if she didn't come to us I'd be going there everyday to get my fill of paradise with her pictures!
    I really enjoyed your post today!
    Happy Independence Day!

  12. Sandy, thanks for stopping by!
    I tried your frozen grapes that you posted and I LOVE THEM!! What a nice summer treat! Thanks!

    And you put it just perfect when you said we can buy ourselves 'things' but it's those special "I was thinking of you", "I know who you are", those are the gifts I cherish most!

    A few people have commented about the scary figure looking like something from the Brady Bunch when they see it! I think I'll call him Brady!

    Have a good weekend, Sandy!

  13. I wish you lived next door to me! I love the goodies in your yard and home. Eileen, I especially liked reading your post about blogging friends. I share your opinion about the goodness and genuineness of the people I've "met". In conversation, I find myself referring to you all as "my friend"....then I kind of stop and sometimes qualify it be adding my BLOGGING friend...but I DO count my blogging friends as friends indeed!

  14. What a great post Eileen. Your hubby sounds so sweet ♥ I love how he got you the pink paper plates. A weekend hanging around the pool sounds like heaven to me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy Fourth of July!

  15. Good Morning, Eileen! I love your treasures, and I espeically love that watering can and the cooler turned planter. Very clever re-use!

    Happy Fourth to you and yours...


    Sheila :-)

  16. Eileen, please visit my latest blog, it is very special to me and comes from the heart.
    ......:-) Hugs