Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WordLESS Wednesday ~ Blogger Neighborhood Challenge

Well, I'm not really wordless (as I always have something to say!), but I am poem-less. Sorry, Marcy! But I do have what I think is a fun future post idea!

A (home decorating) blogger pal from Australia, Irene @ RE-VINTAGED, had a wonderful post yesterday:
Blog This Challenge - My Neighbourhood (I didn't spell neighborhood wrong here, she's Australian, that's how she spells it). It was a post all about her neighborhood. I thought it would be fun if we showed our neighborhoods too. It could be places of interest, or nearby amusments, places to shop, places to eat, the place where you work, the schools, the churches, or even your own back yard. Whatever it is you'd like to show us about your neighborhood and the surrounding area.

Now, I think this challenge is not an easy one, to gather information (and maybe pictures) takes time, and I'd like to wait for those of us who are missing to get a chance to participate too. So maybe sometime in the future (when the wayward ones return!) we could think about doing this, and in the meantime, keep it in mind and write down your thoughts and any information you want to provide to your blog friends. You could visit Irene's post to get an idea of how she presented her neighborhood (or neighbourhood)!
What do you think?

Okay, believe it or not, that's my post for today!

Well, that's not exactly true.

I had to share this pretty picture I found while surfing home decorating bloggers in Australia.
This picture was posted and credited to Domino Magazine:

You know how 'pink-crazed' I've been lately, but doesn't this blue and white kitchen look amazing? It's so fresh looking, so clean and bright. The only thing I'd change is the stove, I'd prefer white over stainless steel in this kitchen.

Oh! I noticed that I did do a little rhyme there!

Blue and White
Clean and Bright

Whew! Maybe Marcy will give me a pass!

And here are the pictures Ray took at the beach with his phone. I promised Jerelene I'd post them:

The dunes.

Jayden digging his trench.

A very happy boy!

Taking a break.

Getting some help from Uncle Donald.

This boy loves the beach!

Some people love diving into the water. Jayden loves diving into the sand!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. After being at the beach all day with those beautiful white clouds and deep blue sea and's just no wonder that blue and white kitchen caught your eye...

    Hey I just rhymed accident...I get a pass too Marcy!

    I also noticed the kitchen had a couple of pink plates on the wall...this kitchen was made for you reminds me of your blue sea glass too.

    Jayden's hard work paid off...his own remote island...He is one happy and lucky little boy!

    Smiles across the miles...

  2. Wanda, I did notice those pink plates too! Of course pink always catches my eye, but how poetic of you (not just the rhyme) but to make the connection of the beach and the kitchen. That's the artist in you!

    Jayden just chugs along non-stop! He's like the energizer bunny!

    I'll probably be your way again, even if you don't have a new post, just to get my fill of your beautiful home and surroundings.
    Love from your stalker friend,

  3. The idea of posting about our surroundings sounds good...AND we could do it in poem form (just kidding). All this griping, griping about poems and you guys end up doing it naturally!! It was NEVER meant to be a scourge or penance, just a fun thing and two lines is more than enough!

    Love what Jayden did with rerouting the water...looks like something I would have enjoyed helping him do.

    That brings up the sand...don't you have a problem bringing back half the beach with you? So far, Kelly (who doesn't shake things out before washing) has left two sand deposits from two loads of clothes, in the washing machine, each one to be wiped out by!

    Eileen, I just think you have the gift for appreciating new and different things in kitchens, decor and people and that's a very good thing! Ray needs to do a 'James Bond' kitchen for you, where you press a button and the whole decor moves around and changes at least five different ways. Think I'd like that too! So, if he makes one for you please have him send us the plans!

    blessings and hugs,


  4. Marcy, you are too funny! And I think Ray should 'James Bond' my whole house because I tire of things so easily! I'd like a different decor and a different palette for every room in the house to change accordingly with the seasons! Maybe even twice a season! Is that too much to ask?

    And, so far, we have been very lucky with the sand. Well, first, we drive to Donald's house and transfer everything to his car (he has the beach sticker on his car), so coming home, most of the sand is left in his car! I'm wondering what Ray is going to do next year when he's got a sticker for his own car (that he keeps pristine), I'm sure he's not going to like taking half the beach home with him!
    Anyway, when we get home a lot of the beach stuff just stays outside, AND we now have that outdoor sink, and we rinse a lot before anything comes inside the house!
    Love your fickle decorator friend,

  5. Hi Eileen..."Blue and White...Clean and Bright"....hey, that is a pass needed for today. I'm going to need a bushel of poems have fallen by the wayside....but I'll be baaaaaack.

  6. So I'm confused. Do you live right next to the beach? Or did you mean your neighborhood pictures will be for another post? I love this idea and I think I will try it someday soon.
    I'll check back here for answers. :)

  7. Jackie, be your own woman! Refuse to commit to the dark side of blogging! Refuse to commit to the poetry police!

    Seriously, hope you are enjoying yourself being away AGAIN!!

    Jill, no, we don't live next to the beach, we're about half an hour away from the closest beach. That's just me with my ADD, all over the place in one single post!
    I would love it if you would do your neighborhood too! I so love your blog, getting to know you and your family, it would be great to see your neighborhood too!
    I loved reading Irene's post about her neighborhood in Australia, I just think it's so interesting to see how other people live, and there's just such a beautiful connection of people all over the world, and you get to see that deep down we're not so very different at all. I've noticed no matter where we are in the world, rich or poor, all the women I've encountered share many of the same feelings about their lives, their loves, their families, their homes (both as in houses and neighborhoods), it's really a wonderful feeling.

    I'll visit with everyone later, I'm running out for a bit now!

  8. Oh, LOL! Eileen, your posts are priceless, and I love Jayden sand diving!

    I love pink, but blue and white floats my boat, too!


    Sheila :-)

  9. Ah Jayden in the sand brings back so many memories! I miss those days at the beach with Katie. I liked your idea about the neighborhood thing. By the way, my spell check doesn't work on here! And I'm not sure if I can post photos or not, Kate and I may try that tomorrow. If I'm not too tired.
    You know Eileen, that kitchen can be easily converted to pink and white!

  10. Eileen, the beach is beautiful!! I can just imagine walking through the sand and the waves rolling up on my feet...Ahhhh..:)
    Seriously, the pictures are beautiful..and Jayden is adorable working hard at digging in that sand..what a cutie :) Where was Mia? Does she like digging in the sand too?
    Thanks so much for posting pictures of the beach for me...sorry I've not got on here and said anything 'til now..but it's been crazy around here..anyway..Thank You...what a gorgeous beach!
    Love, Jerelene