Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lots of Fun in the Sun!

Yesterday the weather was beautiful, so Ray, Jayden, and myself went to the beach with Ray's brother Donald, his sister Susie, and her daughter Erika.
We had a great day! But I am paying for it now! Too much sun and not enough sunscreen. Ouch!
But we did have a really good day!

Jayden was 'all business' all day.

Jayden hard at work making something for Aunt Susie:

Susie's gift from the sea laid at her feet!

Then it was time to dig a big hole and build sand castles with Paw:

It's not deep enough yet, Paw!

Okay! Now it's good and deep!

Jayden fishing with Uncle Donald:

Caught a sea robin and threw him back (actually they caught a few and threw them back):

Uncle Donald caught a big stingray! Threw that back too!

Let's go in the water!

All that gathering, digging, fishing, and wading makes for a very hungry boy!

All fed and raring to go again!
Tossing the football:

Busy day! Fun day!

We were there for hours and hours but Jayden was still heartbroken when it was time to leave.


  1. Jayden is quite the boy. What a hard worker he is!!!

  2. May I state the obvious: Jayden is so very cute!
    It looks like you all had great day.
    That 'hole digging' will never be forgotten....all the great times you spend with your family are a wonderful testimony to your love for them. I'm glad that you had a good time. Put something soothing on that sunburn.
    Take care of you....

  3. Thanks for visiting, Jill! He not only worked hard the whole day, but it wasn't enough for him, he wanted MORE! I think he's going to be a beachcomber like my brother-in-law Donald. Donald wanted to stay until 9:00 that evening!

    Jackie, we did have lots of fun, but I can only take so much of the sun, I was happy as the sun started going down and more of a breeze came up! Whew! Next time I'm bringing a little cabana with me. I did put aloe on right away when I came home, but it still hurts and feels so tight. And it was just too much heat/sun, I had the chills and shakes last night.

  4. Good morning Eileen...Sea, sun, and sand...looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time...except for the burn...there is such a thing as sun poisoning Eileen...which it sounds like you may have had a touch of it...Hope it's better today...I can't take too much sun either...always looking for shade! :)

    Jayden looks like he has a natural arm with that football pose...he is too cute...especially in the shot of him devouring the melon.

    Thank you for the comment I found this morning Eileen...you are so appreciated as a friend.

  5. It looks like Jayden had a wonderful time! I would have been right in there playing too...
    Sorry that you got sunburned..that's NOT fun :(
    My Mom used to make us soak in vinegar water..it smelled ucky but it did help..
    The stingray was SCARY.. Yikes!!! If I'd have fished THAT out..they would have heard me screaming a mile away!!
    I'm feeling better and I think they are going to send my Mom home today..YEAH!!
    I have lots of errands to do today:( But I wanted to stop by and say Hi!! I'll try to get around to posting something about pen-paling 1st chance I get...
    Love, Jerelene

  6. Hi Eileen,
    What a joy that little boy is! He is so full of life, and always has a big smile on his face. Umma's World, is so blessed! I love the beach too, and have been yearning for it. We used to spend July 4th at the beach, and always came home looking like lobsters, especially the first year, us snow white Canadians, moved to California...I am sure our glowing white bodies blinded everyone!

  7. All that I can think to say Eileen is beautiful beach, beautiful photos, Beautiful day! I am so glad that you were able to have such a beautiful day!

  8. What a truly wonderful day you had!!! My goodness what a blue sky and glorious blue water!!! love the sand castles! Cathy

  9. Jill, Jayden is SO cute, and I love to hear you tell about his activities. Love just pours from your words. Loved seeing the giant sand castle they made, and it was so cute that he was down in the hole in the center. LOL!

    Thanks for sharing with us...


    Sheila :-)

  10. Eileen, I just wrote JILL! LOL! I'm tired, and my eyes are goofy. I think I must have seen Jill's name at the beginning of the post and somehow wrote it. I'm sorry. It's been one of those crazy days! LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  11. Eileen, it looks like you all had a fantastic day, I love seeing families having so much fun and enjoying being together....Jayden is so cute, I think we all would have fun at the beach with him....:-) Hugs

  12. Good evening Eileen, What a wonderful time you must have had. I just love the water. Those pictures are so beautiful I wish I was there! I remember building sand castles on the beach. Your little Jayden is such a sweety. He is so blessed to have you and your husband in his life to give him these wonderful experiences ♥ I don't know about the sting ray. He looks kind of mean LOL I hope your sun burn is better. Thanks you for all of the lovely comments you leave on my blog ♥

  13. Hi, Wanda, I definitely had too much sun yesterday! It's still stinging, I should have reapplied the sunscreen. And my sister-in-law was laughing because I used a spray and I now I have stripes! Never again! It hurts even in the shower! Oh well.
    I'm like you, if I am home, I am running into the shade or the air conditioning every ten minutes. I love the beach, but I am not a sun-worshipper! I like to sit out but I like to know that I can get away too!

  14. Jerelene, glad to hear your Mom will be released, I know that's got to make you feel better.

    We did have fun, thanks, and I was very afraid of that stingray! I don't know how Donald held up the tail and got close to inspect it! (Shudder!)

  15. Teresa, I am so white too! It's that fair Irish skin! And Ray's family too, Swedes, except for Donald who turns dark brown every summer! My mother-in-law was like that too.
    I'm so glad you are back blogging, I've been missing your posts and comments, good to have you back again!

  16. Diana, it was a lot of fun! And Jayden enjoyed it most of all! He was actually swimming in the sand! That kid had a ton of sand on him when we got home. A lot of kids can't stand that feeling, Jayden loves it!

  17. Cathy, thanks for visiting! I've been enjoying your vacation posts too! And now I'm craving chocolate!

  18. Sheila, I do that all the time with the names, don't even give it a second thought! I was just discussing that very subject with my family and other bloggers recently!
    Thanks for visiting and thanks for your comments! And thanks for the tour of St. Augustine!

  19. Bernie, thanks, we all did have a good day, and I do think you would enjoy Jayden, most people do. He's a real character but most people get a kick out of him! Sometimes it takes him awhile to warm up to strangers, but once he does, he'll be your best friend!

  20. Hi, Carol, really enjoyed your post today. It did bring back a flood of nice memories for me!
    And thanks, we enjoyed the beach, the company, and the whole weekend was nice really! Was sorry to see it end.