Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Favorites

My Friday Favorite today is a short poem by Mizuta Masahide:

Barn's burnt down
Now I can see the moon

A friend of mine said she thought this was a 'sour grapes' view of a situation. But I disagree, I think it's a 'Pollyanna' view of a situation. I think it's looking at the glass as half-full instead of half-empty. I find these two lines very positive and very inspiring. A bad situation presented itself and resulted in a very good outcome.
And maybe the barn doesn't even need to be rebuilt, or if it is rebuilt, maybe it should be erected elsewhere so as not to block the view of the moon.

I have a few dear friends and family members that have been living through some very trying times these past few weeks and months, I guess you could say their barns have burnt down. These same friends tell me, each in a different way, that they now can see the moon.

A very wise woman, Judith M. Knowlton said, "I discovered I always have choices. But sometimes it's only a choice in attitude."

And my very dear friends and family members have made wise choices in their attitudes.
God Bless.


  1. Eileen, those are powerful words from Judith Knowlton.
    My attitude gets in my way so many times. I pray for the ability to make wise choices...with the right attitude.

  2. I had never heard that 'poem' before, but I understand it. It reminds me of another one sent to me by a friend when my husband died suddenly 12 years ago:
    "I have loved the stars too much to be afraid of the night."
    Or remember in Pollyanna when then preacher said:
    "If we look for the good, somewhere we will find it."
    Not exact quotes, but they mull around in my head often.

  3. Eileen, I like to think I live these wise words or at least try to. To me, attitude is everything and having a healthy attitude makes for healthy choices. Thank you for reminding me that being a Pollyanna is not a bad thing at all....Have a great Friday my friend...Hugs

  4. Good morning Eileen...
    It is best to accept what we can't change and look for the bright side of every situation and try to make the best of it... "look for the moon that can now be seen". I sadly had a favorite tree that had to come down...but in the let in more sunlight.

    Take care

  5. MY first thought after reading those two lines, was 'what a wonderful attitude'...maybe, just maybe if we are 'Pollyannas' we see it that way right away and if we are not we see it negatively.
    We can't always control our day or all that happens but we CAN always control our attitudes and reactions!
    blessings and hugs,


  6. Thank you Eileen, I always try to look ahead and above the bad stuff. Perserverence is a word that I try to bear in mind.

  7. Hi Eileen,
    I have never heard that poem before, but I really like it and can relate. I have been finally seeing the 'good' in the 'bad' situations in my own life too. In fact I was just thinking this morning, that if things get worse, and I can't afford food, imagine how much weight I would lose. Now, believe me, I am not starving, and I know that is not going to happen, but really I could live quite a long time on the fat I have stored up! Fats burned up, now I can see my toes!

  8. Yes, Jackie, Judith Knowlton has a lot of uplifting quotes, but I like that one best. Especially when you think of all the situations in life when it applies.

    Jill, I love what your friend sent to you, and especially so at the loss of your husband, and especially thinking of that relationship and that bond. Thanks for sharing that, Jill, I appreciate it and I appreciate all that you share on your blog. It is so positive and uplifting.

    Bernie, you definitely live those words, you are another very positive person and I look forward to reading you each day!

    Wanda, your words reminded me of the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. Isn't it funny that I compare you to him all the time with your animal friends that you photograph? And here, you think like him too! Beautiful!

    Marcy, that was my first reaction to the poem too. I really love it. It's so simple, so raw, and so truthful.

    Diana and Teresa, I actually had you two specifically in mind along with a few others when I posted this. I've been thinking a lot Teresa of your last post on your blog, and also, Diana, of all you have on your plate right now too. And through it all Diana's humor shines through.
    And, Teresa! You are too funny! I guess we should all start doing our own little uplifting lines like that about every not-so-nice situation in our lives!

    Thank you, ladies!