Monday, July 6, 2009

Is It Me Or What?

I had one of those 'Is it me, or what?' moments this weekend.

At first I couldn't believe my ears.

Jayden was in the pool with my oldest son and my husband when he said to them,
"Let's all play catch and make me be the ball!"

Then I couldn't believe my eyes!

"No! No! That's enough now! Stop it!"
Once again Umma had to be the Spoil Sport.

But I ask you, is it me or what?


  1. It's you! Harmless FUN!!! (until someone gets hurt)

  2. Well Eileen your maternal instincts are definitely still working! I just call that one of my "can't watch " moments. I would have went in the house!

  3. OOOOhhhhh ...I'm with Diana...could not watch that...if nothing else...a black eye or chipped tooth could and boys just don't know when to stop sometimes's in their DNA.

  4. Hi Eileen,
    I think it is us! I would not be able to watch that it would make me absolutely go crazy. I do not understand men and boys sometimes...I am sure Jayden loved it though...I don't think us girls would ever choose to be the ball and get tossed like that! Anyway I am so happy to be back and congratulations on your award! Thank you so much for your uplifting words and comments and for your prayers. I loves seeing you and little Jayden again...he is a hoot! ((((hugs)))) T

  5. You know how those guys are when they get together LOL Little Jayden looks like he's having one fabulous time.


  7. Diana and Wanda, I agree completely! I know I am too much of a 'fraidy cat', but they are ridiculous sometimes!

    Teresa ~ WELCOME BACK! I was so happy to see that you posted I had to run right over to your blog!

    Carol, you're right, he was having lots of fun, and I am ALWAYS the 'spoil sport'!
    But I was much better the next day when he was running around with the 'super soaker', I didn't open my mouth once! Maybe I'll post pictures later this week of that.

  8. Eileen! I want to play in your pool! It is gorgeous...and the 'guys' look like they are having an absolute 'ball'....Boys will be matter their age.
    You got great photographs, too. What fun...but as a Nana and a Mama, I have to agree....I would have to bite my tongue until it bled before I said anything....but I would have said something....and 'spoil' the fun. Thank you for posting on my blog tonight. It was so nice to pull it up and see my friends again. I have missed you all so much. Take care of you.
    Hugs and smiles from Jackie (still in N.Carolina)....but refusing to give up the blog...even if I stay on for hours to post my dear blogging friends.

  9. Hi Eileen, I think its you sweetie, uncle and Grampa are not going to let anything happen to your little Jayden...they are just having fun. Perhaps I would feel different if it were my grandson eh! Love your pool and love your picturess.....Next time get in the pool and be "spot guard"..LOL.....:-) Hugs

  10. I'm on your side. I couldn't watch that either :)
    Last weekend my 32 and 23 year old sons were being too daring in the pool like they did years ago. I told them I had already been there, done that, and NO MORE. They listened, thankfully. Some things never change :)

  11. Bernie, it's so funny how people come down on different sides of the coin when it comes to situations like this. I know MOST men side with the rough-housing, but with the women I think it's more 60/40, with the bigger half thinking along my lines, but even then most of them say "I would have to be there".
    But I see that even my sister who imagines disasters happening out of thin air thinks I am being over-protective! Oh well.

    Jackie, so good to hear from you! I've been to your blog and am enjoying your pictures and I hope you are having fun!
    I'm trying to be better about 'letting go' and being a 'good sport', but it's not in my nature!

    Jill, a very big THANK YOU to you, I don't feel alone! At least yours listen! Mine usually look at each other, roll their eyes, and then as soon as my back is turned they continue the horse play! Ugh!