Thursday, July 23, 2009

Holy Cow! I'm Losing It! ~ AND ~ Sweet Dreams

I had my Friday Favorites all ready and scheduled to be posted TODAY!
Okay, Marcy, give me every single one of those 'Village Idiot' awards (okay, I know that's not what they're really called, but that's exactly what I feel like)!
Whew! Good thing I noticed (at 11:18 P.M., and the Friday post was scheduled for midnight)!

Okay, so instead you get this: Sweet Dreams

He looks so peaceful, right?

But wait... gets better...
 can anyone fall asleep like THIS??!!

Ahh, this is more like it!

Now Umma feels better!


  1. So capture the best moments, Eileen and you just know that Jayden is gonna love these when he's a teen-ager!
    But I'm looking and looking and I don't see any of those prestigious award buttons here or in your post!
    Keep up the good work as we all need smiles.

    blessings and hugs,


    p.s. Do you think it messed you up because you did your Thursday post yesterday in your other blog when it was only Wednesday?

  2. Eileen...He must have been exhausted and fighting sleep up to the last sweet...I have an old photo of Amanda where she fell asleep laying suspended between two bar are entertaining...
    BTW...thank you for the reminder...I slipped and almost let that song slide away...Thanks!

    Another blogger friend(Jientje) has "Holy Cow" in their title today...and Delwyn is posting about rain and slip slding away today...and just did a post of "how synchronicity alive"...both left comments just after you!

    Hope you have a great day in store for you!

  3. My goodness, but he is a dear...Sweet Dreams indeed! Have a grand day! Cathy

  4. Marcy, you are right! Every one of those buttons should have been on this post! But I was so seriously beat last night, it was enough to upload Jayden's pictures!
    Don't know why I'm so tired all the time lately (well I guess staying up til two in the morning a lot of nights can do it)!
    And yes, probably 'Tablescape Thursday' (which I got ready and posted on Wednesday) is the reason I was so confused.
    My friend and I were laughing that some of these tablescapes have fine china and fine crystal, and chargers and dishes that are high-end, and I have my Mom's old jelly jars! But that's how I live! She said next time I should tablescape the paper plates that Jayden and I use for lunch, and Mia's Cinderella dishes and sippy cup!
    I said not all tablescapes are fancy like that though, and a lot are the bargains they get from the dollar stores. It's fun!

  5. Wanda, I love that story about Amanda! Post the picture sometime, I'd like to see it!

    I really enjoyed visiting your blog yesterday! Your property is beautiful even in a downpour!

    I'll have to check out your other blogger friends blogs (but to tell the truth, I'm nervous about getting hooked on yet another blog! It's very time-consuming!). Some bloggers don't even know I visit them, I just read a little now and then and don't leave comments, otherwise then I'll feel obligated to go there all the time!

    I know, you don't have to say it, I'm crazy!

  6. Thanks, Cathy, for visiting and for your sweet comment!

  7. He's so cute! Frank used to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. One time he fell asleep on our neighbors porch, he was waiting for them to come home. They had a little boy the same age and would go back and forth to each others houses. Needless to say he scared the crap out of me when he wouldn't answer my calls!
    Don't feel like an idiot Eileen, my days have been mixed up all week, Katie too!

  8. Hi there-

    Great photos..he is precious. Once my son fell asleep in his food. :-) He was in his hi-chair and I went to get something and when I came back his little face was in his plate. Guess he was tired, huh?

    Love to you
    peace and sweet dreams for us all

  9. Diana, that had to be so scary! That's a post in itself, Di!

    Gail, it amazes me how these little ones can fall asleep anytime, anywhere at the drop of a hat!

  10. LOL... How sweet is that! It always amazes me how children can fall asleep any where and in all of those weird postions. They always wake up refreshed and ready to go. I hope you are having a great day ♥

  11. Really precious! They just go till they drop, don't they!

  12. That is the sweetest little boy! He is absolutely beautiful! I know, it is hard not to be in love with our grandchildren isn't it!?

  13. Hehe ..... you tired him out!!! That's hilarious!