Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lauren Doodles Miabelle

I was fortunate to come upon the blog Doodles By Lauren. Lauren is a young woman who blogs about her busy life as wife and mother of three small children, her posts reveal how devoted she is to her family and to maintaining a beautiful home.
Lauren is also an artist and she creates wonderful one-of-a-kind pieces of children's artwork. Lauren and I communicated through emails for her to create a custom painting for our granddaughter Mia. Mia loves Tinkerbell and she also loves ducks along with ladybugs. I asked Lauren to paint a picture for Mia of Tinkerbell but with Mia's hair and eye color and to include a duck and a ladybug. Lauren emailed me with all her ideas and when I gave her the 'okay' she went right to work, and she very quickly produced this amazing piece of artwork.

I was thrilled!

But more important ~ so was Mia!

Of course the first thing Mia noticed was the duck!
"Grandma, can I play with that duck?"

Mia then wanted to show her ducks the ducky in the painting.

Then Mia notices 'Tinkerbell'.

'Grandma, can I play with her?"

"Can I play with this wand, Grandma?"

"Grandma, can I take her home?"

Great job, Lauren! Thank you!


  1. I can tell that Mia loves it...and why not. It has all the charm and fancy that a little Tinkerbell would love.

  2. Very darling picture!! I can tell Mia just loves it too!!

  3. Mia makes a cute little Tinkerbell, their pose is exact...look at that left hand...Lauren did a great job.

  4. Eileen...just letting everyone know.......
    the computer my photos are down for maintenance...soooo...I've been house cleaning, rearanging furniture, freezing "black and blue" berries, making zuchinni bread, pasta salad, filling bird feeders, working outside because it feels like "fall", doing laundry, and baking a cake today for Herhusband's birthday tomorrow.
    That's my EXCUSE for not posting...hope Herhusband finishes the computer today...I Need to work on a post before the Village forgets me.
    Wanda :(

  5. Oh, honey, it just melts my heart that Mia loves her art (and that you have such nice things to say about me)! These pictures are just wonderful! The two Tinks are so cute together (and so are all of the ducks)! :) You are such a wonderful grandmother!

  6. What a great idea & gift to Mia! Lauren really "captured" her for you. I just looked at my watch and realize I'm late for Sunday School! Oh my. Later!

  7. Thanks for visiting, everyone!

    Lauren, Mia really did love it and I think she thought 'Miabelle' was real, she seemed to be trying to 'pull' her out of the painting to play with and her also her wand too! It was really cute. My son was here too, and he said they might have a problem hanging it in her room because she won't go to sleep then, she'll be talking to it all night!
    He thought it was so cute too. My daughter-in-law wasn't here, she was having a 'girls night out' but my son took it home and I'm sure she'll love it too.
    Thanks again so much, Lauren!

    Wanda, we could NEVER forget about you! (And isn't it amazing how much you can accomplish in the real world when you are not on the computer?! It's almost shameful!)
    I'm glad I'm busy myself this weekend, otherwise I would be so lonesome!

    And the artwork, you are so right about the pose, I didn't even notice the hand in the exact position! You have a good eye, Wanda! I guess that's how you capture such beautiful pictures!

    As always, thanks, everyone, for visiting!

    Ray is off tomorrow and I probably won't be posting again until Tuesday!

  8. Oh, Wanda, 'didn't mean to ignore Herhusband's Birthday! Enjoy the day!

  9. Just loved this little painting, but even more so your step by step tale of what precious little Mia was thinking and doing. Please tell me you do smooch and hug her alot!!

    Even went over to Lauren's blog and left a comment!

    You find the neatest things, eileen!

    blessings and hugs,


  10. Another beautiful post, THANK YOU, this post is so very cute, I love it as I love all your posts. THANK YOU..

  11. Yes, Marcy, I do smooch and hug Mia a lot! Well, as much as she lets me anyway, she's 'Miss Independence'!

    I'm glad you paid a visit to Lauren, she's really very sweet and I'm glad I found her blog!

    Hey! Why are you behaving today? Is it because your 'twisted sister' is AWOL?!
    I'm missing her lots!

  12. Thank you, Donna, for stopping in!
    I enjoy your blog too, and I get lots of good ideas from you!
    And I really want to vacation down your way and pay a visit to your beautiful store!

    I'm working on Ray to take a few days so we can make it a long weekend! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  13. Eileen, this is the cutest thing! Oh, how adorable. I loved how she used glitter and things like the little shaker (for lack of the right term) eyes on the duck to add dimension to it. Just as cute as can be. Lauren gets BIG brownie points from me for this! I know she got them from you and Mia!


    Sheila :-)

  14. PS... Oh, and the netting on the dress and the ribbon on the wand! Just great!


    Sheila :-)

  15. Eileen, the picture is just so adorable!!! Lauren did a beautiful job...and the look on Mia's face was so did a good job on picking a wonderful present for her..Any little girl would be so thrilled to have one!! I'll have to check her page out..I wonder if she does pictures for little boys?
    Love, Jerelene