Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Favorites

Just some random favorites today:

I love this picture of Mother And Child. We bought this picture at a church rummage sale. I especially love the sepia tone, and I think the faces are so beautiful.

And here's my favorite boy wearing my shoes pretending that he's me!

I really don't think I've ever pranced around like that or posed like that though!

Oh! And those shoes are a favorite of mine too, my friend Barbara bought them for me and they are so comfortable, and I love the color!

Here I am holding my favorite girl, who of course is holding three of her favorite things in the world ~ ducks!

And I know this is a weird thing for a grandmother to say ~ but I'm saying it anyway ~ I love looking at the back of Mia's head!

Look at those curls at the bottom! Look at her red highlights! Come on, tell me I'm not that weird. It is a very cute back of the head, right?

This next favorite is something I eat to satisfy my sweet tooth (I LOVE to eat and I especially love to eat sweets, although I am trying to curb that lately)!
These are little sour cream cakes from Omaha Steaks. They come frozen and you either pop them into the oven for fifteen minutes or pop them into the microwave for a minute and a half. You wouldn't think a frozen food could taste so good, but they are delicious!
Ray and his brother love them too. And when my friend Barbara stops by for coffee, these treats have been our latest weekly addiction!

And this is one of my favorite songs, performed by one of my favorite singing groups, for one of my favorite people ~ Marybeth. You were right Mare, I love it! This one's for you! (I'll swap you two jelly glasses for two Chinese figurines! Oh, wait, Diane has them! You lose.) See I inserted a little joke here. Now don't cry. I love you!

Weekend Forecast:
Saturday ~ Ray golfs in the morning, and then just yard work on the agenda for the rest of the day.
Sunday ~ No special plans, maybe a trip to the cemetery in the morning and then maybe just a barbecue with the family depending on the weather.


  1. Eileen, I LOVED that video! I love listening to the Celtic women too!! The back of Mia's head is are right..I bet it is wonderful having her sit on your lap and you brush her hair or just sit and run your fingers through it :) Your picture is really beautiful too..very angelic looking. Jayden in your shoes is just priceless..he is just so cute! And the desserts..YUM..They look delicious!
    I hope your weekend is wonderful, fun and blessed!! Love, Jerelene

  2. I love looking at the back of Mia's head too! Gorgeous hair!!!!!!! Oh my. So those are all natural curls? What a lucky little girl.
    And you are just as beautiful. Incredible how much you two look alike.

  3. I love the Celtic women! Mia is absolutely beautiful. YES her hair is gorgeous! But I can see she gets her looks from you too! All my little ones are sooo blonde! I see your darling brown haired beauties and I have always wanted a baby with dark hair in our family, but it is not meant to be....everyone is so blonde! (except me of course) hehehe.

  4. Thanks, Jerelene, my friend Barbara and I discovered the Celtic Women and I've been a fan ever since, but I never heard them sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow before, my sister Marybeth called me about it yesterday.
    And Jayden is always pulling little antics like that, he keeps me laughing a lot! I should do a post of them sometime!
    You have a wonderful weekend too, Jerelene! God Bless!

    Oh! And I did post pictures of the beach for you a few posts back (Wednesday).

  5. Thank you, Jill! Yes, those are Mia's natural curls, my daughter-in-law has natural curly hair and so did my Mom. Mia's hair (texture and color reminds me a lot of my Mom's).

  6. Your favorites are super! You are right...I think Mia has beautiful hair! I bet she gets a ton of compliments!

    I'm sooo going to order those yummy looking sour cream cakes from O. Steaks! They look and sounds AMAZING! My heart will love them, but my thighs may not! Ha! Thanks for letting me know where to seek them out!

  7. Your favorites are all beautiful Eileen...

    Jayden's imitation pose of you is probably very accurate :) and the back of Mia's head is just simply "perfect"...I would sit and stare also...Mia has a great little profile too!

    I noticed your delicious cakes are on the sweet plate your sister sent you! Enjoy your life's desserts Eileen!

    Neighbor in the Village

  8. Hi, Linda! My older boys were blond as babies, and my youngest daughter too, now they are more brown, my oldest daughter was always dark and my youngest son is brown-haired, but the two grandkids are dark, the Swedish blood (my husband's family) didn't come out at all in them! It's funny because when I pictured them in my mind before they were born I did picture Jayden blond, but then after he was born and Mia was expected I pictured her dark.
    It's funny how people see different traits, I think all my own kids look just like my husband's family, but people tell me so often how much the kids look like me, and now it's the same with the grandkids and I can't see it at all!

    I know you are going to be busy with family fun for awhile! That's wonderful! Enjoy them! Take lots of pictures and post when you get the chance!

  9. Lauren, thanks for stopping by! I'm enjoying your blog so much!
    And I'm glad you stopped here to find my 'recipe' on the cakes! I love home-baked goods, but I'm not much of a home baker! I do it once in awhile but it's not something I enjoy, so I'm happy to find treats like this. Omaha Steaks is amazing! The food is really good with absolutely little to no prep time! But it gets to be expensive.

  10. Oh, Wanda, you should see the imitations Jayden does of me! I have this real squeaky 'girly-girl' voice, and I sit so prim and proper, and I walk around like a model according to him!
    You would never know by his mimic that I have a deep voice, I'm hunched over when I sit, and I don't walk straight and tall at all!

    And it's funny you said that about Mia's profile. My friend Barbara and I were just talking about how we love babies profiles!

  11. O.K. could you please stop showing those sweet treats over the blog hemispere? I saw them on your other blog too and it's just not right, not unless you can find a way to transport them. Remember Willie Wonka? Sure you do, you have grandkids! Seriously Eileen I did love your picture, it was absolutely beautiful! And Mia does have beautiful hair which you should enjoy, Someday she will want it cut and streaked or striped or highlighted or permed or colored purple or green or quite possibly her school colors. So by all means, enjoy it while you can! Sorry but I can't watch videos on here but I take it that it was the Celtic women who I live too!

  12. Hi Eileen-

    Lovely video, amazing sound/harmony. Thank you SO much for sharing it. And the back of Mia's head is truly beautiful.

    Have a magical weekend.
    Love Gail

  13. We have two or three of the Celtic Women CDs. We 'discovered' them two Christmases ago and just love them.

    Aha...more people are noticing that you cloned yourself in those two gorgeous grandchildren! And I do love Mia's back of the head...beautiful!

    How do we know that you don't walk around in that pose Jayden made?...I can easily picture you like that! Not as sure about the squeaky voice? Let's ask Ray, such a nice guy!

    You capture some awesome deals at the church rummage sale. Bet they bring out the trumpets and red carpet when they see you coming! Yahoo...profits are worthy of song and everything is gone...hip hip hooray..Eileen is here to save the day!

    blessings and hugs,


  14. Diana, I wish I could transport some of these delicious treats to you! I should at least bake something so I can share the recipe with you like you do for us! I actually do have a great recipe for some raspberry/short bread cookies, it's almost like eating a linzer (spelling?) tart! My brother-in-law Steve usually makes them for us. If I have time this weekend I'll make them and post it for you! (You don't have to use raspberry, you can add whatever you like).
    And you are so right about the hair with the teenagers! I was thinking about your Katie just the other day and wondering what Mia would be like twelve years from now!

  15. Marcy! Are you making fun of me because I said I discovered the Celtic Women! I discovered that they existed! I won't take credit for launching their career!
    And I promise you I don't prance around and I do have a deep voice. I remember back in high school one of my friends said she was shocked when she heard me speak, she said I was this skinny little feminine looking thing and then when I opened my mouth I sounded like a guy with a 'tough' Brooklyn accent (I think it's sort of a mixture of a Bronx/Brooklyn/Queens accent!).

    And the church rummage sales are the best! They charge like fifty cents for something and I'll hand them a dollar and tell them to keep it because it's for a good cause, and then they start throwing all sorts of free stuff in my bag! They tell me that they appreciate that I don't haggle with them! But, believe me, I don't think they get rich on me because they don't let me pay for half the stuff I come home with!

  16. Thanks for stopping by, Gail! You have a wonderful weekend too! I'm on my way to visit blogs now before I take Jayden out back!

  17. Can't tell you how tickled I was when I saw three comments on today's post and they were ALL from you! I love it when you do that! I was on the phone with Michael at the time and he laughed at your reaction to the wedding, then he looked at it at work right away and started cracking up over the wedding all over again! No one's gonna forget THAT wedding for sure!

    You 'caught' me and I was innocent again, Eileen! In fact, I didn't realize you had used discover, so I was going to make some goofy remark about me discovering the Celtic women and decided to just do the ' ' thing instead (had to hurry to hang out the clothes and put the pillows in the sunshine). So, I plead reason of insanity normally!

  18. I love your favourite things too ! WOW ..... that song was AMAZING!!! Oh to be blessed with a voice like that!!!!!

  19. I heard from Bernie here's her comment:

    Bernie said...
    Hi Sweetie, Just a note to tell you I am having a wonderful time and missing all of you. See you in just a few more days....Say hello to everyone from me ok, and I do hope all is well in blogland...miss you all....-:) Hugs

  20. Mia's hair and the beautiful print from the rummage sale are "tied" in THIS judge's opinion.

    You communicate so graphically the joys of your household and life. They are just as beautiful as you. (And I'm not just SAYING that!)

    (And yes, I'm blessed to have both my parents still living and relatively active. I thank God every day.)

  21. Marcy, you are too funny! And I love how you and Michael have so much fun together! God Bless!
    And I have to show Ray that 'wedding' video!

    And I was just teasing you about the discovered! I knew you weren't making fun of me! And even if you were, I'd feel more honored than miffed, that's for SURE! I like that we're comfortable with each other!

  22. Thanks for stopping by, Fifi! I am enjoying getting to know you and your beautiful family.
    Have a great weekend!

  23. Thank you so much, Wanda, for bringing Bernie's message here! That was so sweet of you and how sweet of Bernie to be thinking of you and everyone while on vacation!

  24. Rebecca, I really love that print of the Madonna and Child too, and I agree that it's probably a tie (and I think Heaven will forgive me for saying that!).
    Thanks for all your nice comments, Rebecca. And I hope you don't think I was reminding you to cherish your parents, I know you do.
    I just get wistful and get such a longing in my heart, you know.

  25. You are a wonderful grandparent....and I love looking at the back of my granddaughter's hair too!! I thought I was the only one that took pictures of the BACK of her hair! Love it!
    Regarding the Jayden and the shoes: Imitation is the greatest form or flattery.
    While I was in N.C. I saw a children's store named "Just Ducky" and I thought of you (and Mia) I took a photo of it just for you....I'll post it up soon.

  26. Oh, thank you, Jackie, you are very sweet!
    And I'm glad I'm not the only Grandma who likes looking at the back of their granddaughter's head!

    You sound good, I hope that means you are feeling better!

  27. Ok, I am not a grandma yet, but I like to look at my own daughter's hair too! Your little one's is gorgeous. What a beautiful color and texture. My girls are now taller than me. I miss the mornings spent combing out their glorious locks.

  28. Thanks for stopping in, Ann!
    And I agree about missing the little things about having little ones. They grow up too fast.