Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Many Thanks For A Day At The Beach And A Surprise At Home!

We had a great day at the beach and came home with a treasure trove of shells, rocks, and beach glass!

My brother-in-law Donald and I collected most of the shells and Jayden collected most of the rocks.

The oyster shells are my favorite!

Donald also collected most of the beach glass, BUT Ray found the beautiful blue one and I found the pretty PINK one! It was a little Gift from Heaven! (It doesn't look very pink in these pictures, but it's pink!)

Then I added them to the vase with the rest of our treasured beach glass (most of which Donald collected for us)!

(I haven't forgotten about sending my friends some, I'm just late all the time! But please don't expect the pink one!)

Now, when we got home Ray said, "Eileen, you have a package here from your sister Marybeth."

"I have a package? A package from Marybeth?"

"That's what it says."


What could Marybeth be sending me?

What's beneath all these pink and white bits?

What is that peeking out on the lower right?

Oh! It's a pretty pale pink and pastel green plate! Oh! She read my blog! She knows I want some pink! It's the best kind of gift of all ~ it's a heart-to-heart gift. Marybeth, I have tears in my eyes.

Let's take it into the kitchen and see how it looks there!

Look at the pretty little flowers all around the ruffled rim, and the polka dots! It's so sweet!

It's perfect!

Marybeth, I love it! And I love you!

Thank You, God, for Marybeth!
Thank You, God, for family, and friends, for beaches and shells, for pink and blue glass, for a family-fun summer day, for Heaven-to-Earth gifts, and for heart-to-heart gifts. Thank You, God.

And God Bless our blogger friend Diana and send her back to us soon! I miss her!


  1. Those shells are not only pretty...but the blue ones are like nothing I have ever seen before.
    What a sweet sister you have sending you a PINK plate!

  2. Some days are just too short. Sounds like yesterday was one of them. That's the kind of day you want to go on forever. What fun!!! God Bless! Cathy

  3. You really did have a great day of collecting Eileen...not only are you adding to your collection of sea glass and pink kitchen items...but you added to your collection of loving memories too.
    Isn't it uncanny how you found pink and Ray found blue!!!

    I miss Bernie, Teresa, and Diana terribly...It just came to me...you and Bernie were walking on the same coast line yesterday...she's just farther north...and then Marcy did it last week...just farther south.

    I have found 2 horned tomato worms on my plants...so now they, along with pink kitchens bring thoughts of you to mind Eileen! :)

  4. Thanks, Jill! And Marybeth is very sweet! She along with my sister Diane are both 'keepers'!

    Cathy, you summed it up perfectly! One of those days that you hate to see come to an end.

    Wanda, you're right, and adding to the memories was the best part of the day!
    I thought that was funny too that Ray found the blue and I found the pink! Donald finds lots and lots of glass, mostly green and brown (beer bottles I think), sometimes he'll find pretty white and blue glass, and once in awhile a pretty lavender, but he says he's never found pink!

    I miss all our blogger friends too! But I'm happy Bernie is getting a rare visit with her family, and so happy that Teresa is busy with her new jobs, I hope things are working out for her. And that is something about us all walking the same coastline! Very poignant, Wanda.

    Do those hornworms always travel in twos? We haven't had any trouble since those two are gone. And I don't mind so much being associated with hornworms, although I think I like being associated with pink better!

  5. Hmmm...don't think I will show any bugs on my blog or Wanda will think of me when seeing them! (I can just imagine Wanda showing someone a disgusting bug and the person is going "ewwww, nasty" as Wanda smiles sweetly and says, "Yes, that so reminds me of my friend, Marcy.")

    That beach glass still totally amazes me and I love it. I do remember hearing the term, but never seeing any or knowing that it was for real!

    Your shells are also gorgeous...Kelly and I got pitiful shells compared to yours and no big ones!

    How sweet of your sister to surprise you like that! Are you going to save the pink 'popcorn' packaging too?

    blessings and hugs,


  6. I'm SO happy for all the treasures and good times you had at the beach. I need to schedule a beach day - maybe on the Lake Michigan shore (that's about as close as any major beach to us). It's probably a GOOD thing that I don't live closer. I'd have yet another collection - sea glass! (And I don't NEED another collection - sigh.....)

  7. Actually, Marcy, I think one of the first posts of yours that I read on your blog (I think the very first post I read) was all about gardening and getting rid of bugs! And, you know what they say about first impressions? They stick with you!

    And, yes, a lot of the beaches on Long Island are great for collecting shells and beach glass, but some are only very rocky beaches with just little bits of broken shells, and OUCH! to walk on!

    And, yes, I'm saving all the 'popcorn', I always do, for when I have to send something out that's fragile. A lot of times Ray gets sick of looking at the mess of boxes and 'wrapping and packing' papers and plastic and he'll clean it out, but it's usually just before I go looking for something because I have a package to send out!

  8. Oh, Rebecca, you sound like me! I have so many collections! And so many of them are boxed and in storage now!
    I'll have to either start recycling my collections and put out a different one every few months, or I'll have to recycle them as in donate them to charity or give them away to family and friends because my house is looking like a storage center!
    Thanks for visiting!

  9. Mornin'

    Lovely post with so much heart. I love the sea glass. And the beautiful pink and green plate from your sister? Perfect, just like you said. :-)

    Love to you'

  10. Eileen...it was exciting waiting to see what was going to come out of the box! What a beautiful, beautiful, plate!! What a beautiful sister to have sent you such a wonderful present! I'm so happy that you got some more pink!!
    I loved your beach glass and all the pretty shells! I still would have liked to see a picture of the beach :)
    Enjoy looking at that pretty pink ruffled plate!!
    With Love, Jerelene

  11. I'm running out of time quickly Eileen, but I had to tell you that the plate is beautiful and it's you! I did a little post today. I miss you too. I feel like Dorthy in The Wizard of Oz, I just want to go home to Kansas (Blog Land). I am going to try and make it here everyday so if you want to email I will email you back. Love Di

  12. I was going to let you know that Diana posted (it doesn't show on my sidebar...goofy blogger!).

    And at least I didn't show you any bugs on that first post (or any post, unless accidental...bugs, in general, give me the willies). So if you associate me with bugs, let it be butterflies and ladybugs or a doodle bug would be okay.

  13. Ooh, that's a beautiful plate and so sweet, Eileen, and I love your beach glass, too! I can't believe you found PINK! Love it all... wish I could find more on our beaches.

    Love to you...


    Sheila :-)

  14. Thanks for visiting, Gail, I enjoyed your re-cap post today and HAPPY 100th!

    Jerelene, my sisters are both beautiful family/friends, I'm very Blessed!
    I'm searching through the pictures for a beach one from Ray's phone!

    DIANA!! Happy to hear from you! And we need Dorothy back here in Oz! There's no place like home! Just keep repeating it over and over!
    I will email.

    Thank you, Marcy, for coming to give me the good news about Diana.
    On the subject of posts and associations, Marcy, um, er, I hate to bring this up, but , uh, didn't you post numerous times about llama droppings? I hope no one is associating llama droppings with my friend Marcy!

    Thanks, Sheila! I enjoyed your 'blackberry' beach post today too!

  15. Ah! It is good to be home early enough to visit with the Village People : ) I loved the plate you got from Marybeth, it is so beautiful, and it reminds me a little of Mary Englebreit! I love Mary Englebreit, and I have a collection of it in my storage bin. I really thought the beach glass was neat, and I don't remember ever finding any of that on the beach in California...I really wonder what the pink one was? Any idea, any way. I think God sent it just for you, because you are so wonderful, and He knows you love pink! ((((hugs)))) T

  16. Oh, Teresa, now I have tears in my eyes again. That comment was a wonderful gift. Thank you!
    I'm so happy to hear from you! I know you're busy and I'm so glad you have these jobs and are feeling more secure. Selfishly, I MISS YOU!

  17. Love the shells and blue flowers!I actually just bought some shells on ebay from St. Thomas...I'm planning on doing some shell paintings...I love ebay for finding deals! Just wish the fees weren't so high when you sell!