Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bella Sinclair Award

My friend Bernie has awarded me the Bella Sinclair Award. Bernie's blog On My Own is one of the blogs I make sure to visit everyday as she is a true inspiration to me. She has a beautiful attitude and her positive outlook is contagious!

The Bella Sinclair was created by Ces in honor of her dear friend Bella to celebrate art, inspiration, friendship, sisterhood, sharing and caring. Thank you, Bernie for bestowing this award on me, I too see it as a wonderful celebration of the friendships we have been Gifted with through blogging. I am so happy that you've come into my life as I am happy for these others who I now forward the Bella Sinclair Award on to:

Diana @ Welcome To My World

Sandy @ beachgirl 77

Jerelene @ Jerelene's Journal

Linda @ Been There Done That

I thank you for letting me have a little glimpse into your lives and allowing a friendship to grow. You created in me an almost instant kindred spirit as I read your words, your lives, and your hearts. Thank you.


  1. You deserve this special and marvellous award my friend....have a wonderful day...:-) Hugs

  2. Congratulations Eileen...Hope you're having a sunny weekend to go along with your award.

  3. Thank you so much for the award....and all your thoughtful words about my post...I enjoy corresponding through this site.....


  4. Congratulations! I am so glad to see the award being shared with wonderful bloggers!

  5. Congratulations on a well deserved award.

    Will be missing you these next two days!

    blessings and hugs galore,


  6. Congratulations to you!! You really do deserve these awards :) You are just the sweetest and kindest person ever...your blog is always such a wonderful place to visit..your friendliness and charm always radiate through every post!! Thank you for passing it on to me...I am (again) so flattered and appreciative!!
    With thanks...Jerelene

  7. Eileen, Thank you for passing this award on to me. I haven't forgotten about it. I will acknowledge it this week! And congratulations to you for getting it, I would have chose you first if you hadn't already gotten it! I am so glad that we are friends!