Monday, September 21, 2009

The Window Washers

Ray and Jayden were busy bees outside this past Saturday. Ray did lots of yard work, he finished closing up the pool, and he and Jayden also washed the outside of the windows on the house.
Jayden did a good job soaping up the windows.

And he did a good job hosing them off.

Ray used the Windex Outdoor Starter Kit, he said one cloth washes twenty windows, it leaves the windows streak-free, and he said it was very easy to use. We were really happy with the results!

"Ray, don't forget the awning!" (He loves when I play the role of superviser! I'm surprised he didn't turn the hose on me!)

Jayden soon tired of this chore and decided to go next door to do some climbing.
I think he was trying to give my Aunt Florence and myself a heart attack!

Maneuvering his way around the garden hose.

"Look Aunt Florence! I'm holding on with only one hand!" (Doesn't Florence looked thrilled with that trick?)

Making his way to the end. Umma says, "Don't even think about turning the corner, Jayden!"

Whew! He's finally making his way back!

Here's one of Ray's tomato plants... is still giving us a bounty...

...and there's still more to come!

Now that the 'boys' were done with their work outside, it was time for me to begin mine. The windows were now clean and shiny, but the furniture out on the front porch was a mess and needed a good cleaning...

...and a nice dressing for Fall.

I love this little decorative 'Nut House' pillow and there are many times that I think it's most appropriate for our house!

And now into the 'nut' house for a little snack. My sister Diane had dropped off these wonderful cupcakes to celebrate my daughter's birthday the day before, she got them from a bakery in Manhattan. They are so delicious and so rich. (There's also a little of Ellie's Birthday cake left, but I had enough of that already!)

Now which one should I choose? I love coconut, but I'm in the mood for chocolate.

I settled on a chocolate chip one, and I enjoyed it with a cup of coffee (with French Vanilla creamer added of course!).

There's lots more ~ 'wish you girls were here to share them with me!



    Oh what a wonderful share. I love Jayden's climb and being all boy and scaring the begeebees out of ya all!! :-)
    The tomatoes? Nothing better. And those cupcakes? Nothing better.
    And I love your porch - alot!!

    Love to you and yours

  2. I loved this post and your windows do look so clean. Jayden as usual made me smile and I love that your Aunt is so close by.
    What a beautiful job you did decorating for Fall Eileen, I would love to have your touch with decorating.....the "nut" house pillow was hilarious.
    Those cupcakes are making my mouth water, may just have to pick a couple up today when I am out shopping.
    Have a wonderful day my friend, loved the photo's and so happy Ellie had a nice birthday. Hope all is well with your family, big hugs to Jayden........:-) Hugs

  3. Hi Eileen. Boy, it sure brings back memories looking at Jayden's "helping" in the yard, and his climbing adventures! I have similar pictures, with my facial expression looking just like Aunt Florence! Your beautiful Autumn porch decor looks wonderfully inviting, and just ready to sit down with one of those cupcakes...make mine chocolate!


  4. Hi Sweet Eileen!!
    Jayden is just such a boy, huh? Maybe that's why God gave me all girls...He knew I couldn't handle the daring tricks they like to do!!

    Your front porch look so great! That bench and chair are beautiful. And of course the nut house pillow!! I know your home is just lovely and so full of love!! You do a great job, gal!!

    And you're a coffee too!! I'd love to share a cup with you on your pretty porch!!

    I also may have to try that Windex kit. We have some large pane glass windows that would be perfect for and a couple of arched windows in the front. Thanks for the tip!

    Have a wonderful week!!

  5. I love the look on Auntie's face...
    A picture is worth a thousand words!!!!
    Love to you, Eileen

  6. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful little helper. Please tell Jayden that charli and I said good job! Your liitle Jayden reminds me so much of my three son's when they were little. He is so sweet ♥ Don't you just love it when your windows are nice and sparkly clean? I can't believe how big your tomato plant got. Fresh tomatoes are the best! I hope your week is going well. Thank you for the kind comments you leave on my blog. Blessings to you and your family.

  7. Well Eileen again my comment has evaporated into thin air...Just know I was here this morning ...wanted the cupcake in the top left corner and ask if I could bring Jayden home with me to wash my windows...and I told you how much I loved your pillows and the little squirrel!

    Smile always,

  8. Wish you wouldn't rub it in! Those cakes look beautiful and tasty. I love your big white windows.

  9. Thanks, everyone, for visiting!

    Gail, I eat a tomato everyday! And usually a cupcake or some kind of sweet too!

    Bernie, we are very Blessed to have so many family members nearby. My Aunt Florence is my Mom's youngest sister, she spends half her time in South Carolina and half her time here in New York.

    Mary, I'm sure my face looked much like my Aunt's! It's very hard for me but I'm trying not to be so nervous all the time!

    Becky, yes, Jayden is ALL BOY! Lots of fun but scares the daylights out of me! Rough and tumble all the time!
    And that Outdoor Windex really is great! Give it a try!

    Jackie, I loved that picture too! Priceless!

    Carol, I agree about the nice feeling of having clean windows, I love the house after a good cleaning, but it's taking me a long time to get the inside done!

    Wanda, I'm sad I'm missing your comments! What's going on?! That was so sweet of you to come back again, I really do appreciate it!
    The cupcake on the top left was chocolate mint!
    And Jayden would be very happy to help you wash your windows, but be prepared to have yourself and one little boy soaked through and through!

    Simone, you are the one that sets off my sweet tooth all the time with your wonderful candy posts!

    Nice to hear from you all! Thanks so much!
    And now I'm off to bed!
    Love to you all,

  10. Oh my, is summer over already? We don't feel it yet as we are still in the 100's. How charming your fall decor looks. And those cupcakes...they look like a party in a box!

  11. I guess I am just stupid because I keep forgetting to tell you that I love your new background and header. Blame the fever that my husband says I have! I remember when Frank used to walk around the stairs and porch like Jayden was doing! I want a cupcake. It's good that Jayden is learning how to clean the windows Eileen, in a few more years Ray won't have to do it anymore! Love Di

  12. You have some terrific window washers there...sure enjoyed watching them work and now I think I will try that windex thing...thought of you when I saw it at BJs yesterday but I was in a hurry to get things for the Consolation group last night. Windex should be giving you some advertising money!

    Jayden looks so cute climbing around that balcony...when my kids were little, all three of my little monkeys would do things like that! Where's the picture of you doing it after Jayden finished and what about Ray?

    Those cupcakes look too pretty to eat but I would probably sacrifice and eat one anyway.

    Love your Fall decor, very pretty and comfy looking too.

    blessings and lots of hugs,


  13. Jayden's visit next door put me in mind of the old Dennis the Menace comic :) What a good feeling it must be to have the outside of your house so clean and sparkling!

    I adore the fall decorations. I am trying to add autumn touches to our front porch, too. I don't want to clutter it (which is my tendency) but so far I fell it is too sparse!

    I have been away a few days, so I'm trying to catch up by only reading the most current post. I am sorry that I can't read further back - I know I'm taking the chance on missing some very, very important stuff. Oh, it's either reading blogs or getting milk & other essentials and having clean clothes!

  14. Mmm. I'll take the one with the m&m's on it. Oh and some coffee as well...please. No cream. Just black. Happy Autumn.

  15. Watching Jayden always makes me smile! He is such a cute and busy little boy...that would have made me nervous too..I would have been afraid that he was going to fall..I just wish I had his energy!
    Your windows look great and so does the porch! I love what you did with it!! I love the nut house pillow!! That is hilarious!!
    Well...the cupcakes would be all equally tempting! Coffee and cupcakes and that equals smiles!! Your family is always bringing or serving the yummiest food...lucky you!!
    Love you!! Jerelene