Friday, September 4, 2009

Villagers Real Life Honest Food Post

Okay, I forgot last night while I was posting to mention that I was drinking a 10 oz. bottle of Canada Dry ginger ale! I took the picture and meant to post it but I forgot, so this picture goes with yesterday's post:

Okay, now on to today's food choices (I ate A LOT today!).

Breakfast: 7:00 AM ~ (the usual) A cup of Life cereal and a mug of coffee with french vanilla flavor added.

9:30 AM ~ Another mug of coffee with french vanilla flavor added.

Lunch: 12:30 ~ Jayden and I had Egg Beaters (Garden Vegetable) with a cucumber and tomato salad, and pumpernickel bread toasted with butter (he had cinnamon bread toasted). And I had a mug of coffee with both Italian Creme Flavor AND French Vanilla Flavor added!

(No, we don't normally eat lunch like this, although we should, I was just doing a 'Tablescape Thursday' for my other blog and decided to take advantage of the table setting. In fact, when Jayden was asking for seconds he said he had to have them in the living room in front of the TV because he was missing all his shows and he did not like eating in the kitchen!)

(This kid takes after his grandfather, he is addicted to TV! Notice him eating while staring at the boob tube! I wonder what he's going to do when he realizes that the lunchroom in school has no big-screen TV with cartoons blaring!)

Snack: 3:00 PM ~ Starbuck's Java Chip Frappuccino ice cream. YUM!

Dinner: 6:00 PM ~ a giant slice of whole wheat pizza AND lots of baked ziti (from the pizza parlor down the block from us), and bottled water.

And just so this post isn't totally a bore I've added some more random pictures of Central Park.

Sculpture at one of the entrances to the park.

The rest of these pictures were all taken from the carriage ride through the park.

I don't think I have anything of interest to post tomorrow, so I think you'll just be getting the boring food choices post! Maybe I'll eat something outrageous just to spice things up!


  1. I love the Tinkerbell have the cutest mugs Eileen! The pizza looks yummy..very yummy! We had spaghetti and garlic bread for supper here..Where do you get the starbucks ice-cream? It looks so delicious! I love the pictures of the park. I bet it is even more gorgeous when the trees are changing colors. I'm going to try to post something tomorrow. I've been so busy here chauffering the girls around that I've not had time to take any pictures or sit more than a few seconds to look at everyone's posts. Did the sculpture actually say something? It almost looks like letters...
    Your food all looks delicious..I would come and eat with you any time! Wouldn't we all have a great time having a yummy feast at a fancy restraunt together...all dressed up and talking away? It would be a wonderful thing...Getting to meet everyone from so many different places..It's nice to have so many friends!
    I love your picture off to the right of me as I'm commenting..the sweet dreams one...that is darling!!
    Love and hugs to you..:) Jerelene

  2. I agree with Jerelene, it would be wonderful if we all could be together to chat and share a would be great.
    I loved your photo's and your meals seem healthy to me......and I so loved the pictures of Central Park, no wonder you all loved it there! Have a wonderful safe weekend with your family and friends......:-) Hugs

  3. Hi Eileen, I think you did pretty good today on the eating. Are you learning anything? I tried your French Vanilla flavoring in my coffee this morning and liked it very much. I wonder if it has less calories than half and half cream? Where do you get the Starbucks Icecream, I have never seen it here.

    Maybe one day we can all meet in New York...and have dinner, and walk through Central Park, we could probably write a book about it. "Village People Invade The Big Apple!" or something like that. I want to see the statue of Liberty! It is on my "Bucket List" ! ((((hugs)))) T 555

  4. Oh no, no, no, it's not boring at all. I am really enjoying seeing what you eat everyday. And those pictures of central park thrown in are great to see too. I clicked to enlarge and oh the beauty of it much greenery. I guess we live in the desert compared to that.

  5. Hello, Ladies! Thanks for visiting!

    Jerlene, all the 'girls' in the family fight over the Tinkerbell cup! It's a nice big mug, it's sturdy, and we all love Tink! Usually my oldest daughter is up early and she gets it, she was not happy yesterday to see that I got to it first! And when we have family over my sister-in-law Susie claims it. I got it years ago in the Disney store, but I've never seen one like it since. Even Disney World didn't have the same one last time we were there.
    It's funny you said that about the park being pretty in the Fall with the leaves changing, I've never even thought to do that! We usually head up for a drive to the mountain/forest areas upstate, but you're right! I'll have to do that this year! It would be nice to spend a weekend in a hotel that overlooks the park!
    I like that 'Sweet Dreams' picture too! When Jayden was little that was the only way he would nap, his cheek had to be on mine! And I had Mia that day too, and that's how we all napped, and my oldest son came in and took the picture.

    Bernie and Teresa, I would LOVE if we could all meet for a meal and some fun together! I think that would be great! Teresa, you are SO funny!
    And do you know, Teresa, I have NEVER been to the Statue of Liberty! I've been near it and taken pictures, but I've never done the tour! I'd like to do that one day too!

    Jill, thank you! Tomorrow I am going to a barbecue at my sister-in-law's house, then you will see picture after picture of ALL I eat. She puts out a nice spread and I help myself to it all!

    Okay, Girls, I have to get this house in some kind of order! I can't believe how bad it got this week!
    I'll post my food pictures for the day later.
    Love, Eileen

  6. Hi Eileen!
    Don't worry about Jayden, he'll be too busy talking with his little friends to miss the T.V. Your pictures of Central Park were very lovely! Wish I could have been there! Love Di

  7. I'm sorry, I forgot to tell Jerelene and Teresa that I get the Starbuck's coffee ice cream in the grocery store, it's right there with all the other ice creams, they have one freezer with these little individual cups, sometimes I can get Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia in the little cups too! Otherwise it's usually just all the Weight Watcher's type desserts that are so tiny.
    But even these tiny servings are close to 300 calories!

  8. Hi, Di, that would have been great! I think you would love it! And I think you (and Marcy especially) would love going to the Irish museum, it's all outdoors and it's part of a real thatched -roof cottage that they transported over here. And also the tenement museum, to get a bit of the history of the immigrants and how they lived when they first came here. I did those with my sister-in-law and my cousin a few years ago and I'd love to do them again!

  9. Hi Eileen,
    Is there a really good Roller Coaster near where you live? Dianna and I want to ride one together, that is on my Bucket List too! I forgot to mention that I really liked your Tinkerbell Cup. I have one from the 50th Anniversary, think I will use it today to drink my coffee from. Oh and I also love Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, and Chunky Monkey, they are my favorite! ((((Hugs)))) 00555

  10. Teresa, I think Coney Island (in Brooklyn) is still open, and I'm sure they have a roller coaster!
    Otherwise we'll have to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania, that's about a two hour drive from me.
    Other than kiddie type amusement parks I don't think there are any big ones near us.
    I forgot about Chunky Monkey! Now I want some.

    I have been so bad with eating so far today! Wait 'til you see my post tonight! All junk food! And tonight I have no dinner planned so I'm sure I'll maintain this bad eating streak all day!
    Love you 555!, Eileen