Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday's Village Real Life Honest Food Post

(Sorry for some of the pictures in these 'honest food' posts being so blurry. But once I load them on the computer and see that they're blurry, it's too late for a re-take, the food is already eaten!)

Breakfast: 9:00 AM ~ Half of a Wheat Bagel, toasted and with lots of butter, a handful of some cinnamon toasted almonds (a few were eaten before this picture was taken), a mug of coffee with French Vanilla creamer added.

10:30 AM ~ Hershey's boxed chocolate drink.

I'm not sure of the exact time I ate the rest of my food for the day. But we got to my sister-in-law Susie's house around 1:00 and stayed until around 7:00, so this was all consumed in those six hours.

When we first got there this appetizer table greeted us!

This is what I had:
Shrimp & cocktail sauce, pineapple & strawberries & fruit dip, cheese & crackers.

And I had a Mojito:

And then I had some more appetizers:
A few more shrimp, another piece of pineapple, cheese on a cracker, and there were a few more carrots but I ate them before the picture was snapped.

And then I had some Peanut M & M's:

And I had a few goldfish:

This is the dinner table:

And this is my dinner plate:
I had a cheeseburger, macaroni salad, garden salad, tomato & mozzarella salad, and roasted vegetables. It was fantastic!

Then I ate a lot more M & M's:
I can't tell you how many I ate because I just took the whole bowl onto my lap and ate until I felt sick. And here's Ray squeezing onto the loveseat in between myself and my sister Diane! I think we all need to eat less if the three of us ever want to fit comfortably there!

And I had a glass of iced milk:

Here's the dessert table:

Here is my dessert plate:
I just ate the cookies that my brother-in-law Steve made (Cappuccino chocolate chip cookies, and I forgot what the others are called but they were delicious! Oh, and there were two of those but I forgot to take the picture until after I had already eaten one). And I had a cup of coffee with three different flavored creamers added!

Okay, tomorrow I will post pictures of Susie's beautiful yard, pool, and decks. And I'll post a few pictures of hand mishaps, and a few things other than food!


  1. I just made a pig of myself just thinking about the food you posted! My favorites were the shrimp and that chocolate cake. Not together of coarse, well you know what I mean right? It looked like you was havin' a lot of fun!! Your weekend sounds good so far Eileen, any plans for tomorrow?
    Love Di

  2. OK....something is seriously wrong with me. I've decided that after looking at all my friends' photos of food. People actually cook...and they actually spread it in a way that it is sooooo good to look at that it would be almost sinful to eat it....ruining a magazine-looking photo.
    If I took a photo of what I ate, you would all just laugh...and laugh....and feel so sorry for Jack that you would want to send food packages...really!!! You girls surely do know how to spread a feast....and photograph one.
    I would have to take a camera to Cracker Barrel, Red Lobster, Farmhouse (local restaurant) and Texas Roadhouse. I don't know the last time I turned my stove or oven on. If I do, Jack asks if we're having company. Great blog, Eileen....great food posts.
    I'm going to quit eating (have I said that before??) :))
    P.S. OK....the verification word was "Combo"...does that sound like McDonalds or what??....sigh

  3. WOW what a feast, your SIL's tables were fit for a King.....I would of had to taste everything as it all looks so good. You are a real trouper for doing this my friend, and as much as I didn't enjoy doing this I love seeing what kind of foods you eat and enjoy.
    I don't think there is anything in this world that makes me happier than seeing a family having fun together....your family looks wonderful and happy....thanks for sharing my friend and making me hungry......:-) Hugs

  4. OMGosh Eileen...I never saw so many cakes, tortes, cookies, donuts, candy and snacks. What on earth would Thanksgiving look like? The appetizers alone were a meal.

    You actually didn't eat that much...your dessert plate was nearly empty...of course I'm overlooking the bowl of M&M's in your lap!
    How could you resist the tortes? I couldn't...there would be a small sample of everything on my plate...except for the donuts and cookies...but everything else I would need to taste!

    That was fun Eileen, but I think you need a little more cream in that coffee! ;]

  5. Hello, Ladies! Our get-togethers always involve LOTS of food!

    And we do always have lots of fun when we get together.

    The chocolate cake is a German Chocolate cake that Ray had bought, but I was too full to try it, and I usually like to go for the home-baked goods before I try the bakery or grocery desserts. By the time I finished off Steve's cookies, I couldn't fit another thing! I should have curtailed the M&M's a little! Oh well.

    You know, I actually can drink coffee without flavored creamers, but then it has to have lots of milk and sugar!

    Jackie's restaurant diet sounds dreamy to me!

  6. With all that food you must be a closet Lutheran! Lutherans have potlucks religiously!!!!!!
    Love Di

  7. Diana, Ray's family is Lutheran! Ray converted to Catholicism years and years ago, but I'd call him a lapsed Catholic now!
    Donald is very involved in his Church (Lutheran), and I'd say Susie is a lapsed Lutheran.
    I don't think any of our kids go to any organized religious services at all anymore, but they are very spiritual, they are all very turned off by organized religion though. I wonder if that will change.
    I can't say I blame them as I've had lots of problems with the Catholic Church myself these past few years.
    I'd have to use up about a month's worth of posts to get into all that though!

  8. Hi Eileen,
    You are such a trouper, taking pictures of the food you eat so you could post it for us. Do you think you ate less than you normally would have if you did not have to take pictures? Anyway I think you did fabulous, apart from the M&M's, but at least you admitted it. Good job!

  9. I thought I was the only one who drinks iced milk. I have always loved it that way. I am allergic to cow's milk now but I still love to drink my rice milk with ice in it.

  10. I love ice milk! My grandparents used to drink it and I tried it and liked it too! All of that food...oh my! I would have left stuffed! I would have also been sitting there eating M & M's with you! Yummy :) guys have great get togethers! Lucky You!
    I LOVE the pic of the three of you on the loveseat!! Funny :)
    Love, Jerelene