Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday's Village Real Life Honest Food Post

Okay, this one is going to be embarrassing for me, but I said I'd keep it honest so here goes.

Breakfast: 8:00 AM ~ 1/2 Wheat Bagel with butter, and a Chocolate Chip Muffin Top, and a mug of coffee with French Vanilla flavor.

Snack: 9:00 AM ~ 2 Chocolate Chip cookies and a glass of milk (at first it was just one cookie with the milk, but I forgot to photograph it, so I took another cookie out to get the picture, but then I just had to eat it instead of putting it back! And I forgot to photograph the milk too, but I didn't want to drink anymore so you'll have to use your imagination for that one!)

Ray picked me up this tin of cookies, I think because he knows I like these tins for the kitchen (or maybe he just likes me fat!), I had forgotten about the cookies inside until my daughter asked about them, and then I just had to try them! And I loved them, they reminded me of the Burry's Chocolate Chip cookies that I was addicted to as a kid! Definitely not as good as my Grandma's recipe, and not as good as the pre-made cookie dough from Omaha Steaks, but good, and very easy to just grab them out of the tin and not have to bake them first!

Lunch: 1:30 PM ~ 3 Chocolate Chip cookies and a mug of coffee with Sweet Italian Creme and French Vanilla flavored creamers added.

2:30 ~ Bottled water.

4:00 PM ~ Two Chocolate Chip Cookies and a cup of ice milk.

Dinner: 6:30 PM ~ Mozzarella Pomodoro, Crab Meat & Cocktail Sauce, Cheese & Crackers, and a Mojito. I didn't take pictures of my individual plate, because I just wanted to relax and eat and drink, but suffice it to say, I ate a LOT! And now we're going to watch a movie and then I'm going up to bed EARLY!

And just so this post isn't a total loser post, here are some pictures Ray took of the full moon last night. They didn't come out great, but I still think they look pretty (especially if you enlarge them). It was eerie to see that black sky, no stars, and just the moon staring down.

If you look to the right and down a little in these two pictures it looks like there is a second moon or another planet in the sky!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Oh your supper looked so good, Eileen...made my mouth water!
    I haven't ate a lot today but what I did was way too high in calories...oh well I just can't be bothered with it today, will worry about it next week if I do at all.
    Loved the photo's, it does look like another you think it was a reflection?
    Hope the rest of your weekend is great too my friend.......:-) Hugs

  2. Jeez Eileen, except for that delicious looking dinner you had, I don't know how you can make it through the day with that little bit that you ate! Definitely not enough food for me! The Mojitos looked pretty good too! Ray's moon photos were very neat indeed! It is so very cool and nice here this evening. Jake goes back to work early tomorrow. hope you are having a good weekend! Love Di

  3. Diana is can you go all day on cookies Eileen? My dad use to drink his milk over ice...I hate milk myself...even as a child...I can drink buttermilk though.

    Your lunch made me laugh, but your dinner made me smile, it looked delicious. I find it hard to post everyday Eileen, so I'm sorry for no food post yesterday. ;{

    Ray's moon photos were great, the moon appeared very orange here last night.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. OMG Wanda, I don't like milk either! I will eat cereal with it but thats it. I love cheese but cheese is bad for me. I used to eat so much cheese that I believe thats what gave me my stroke, yes you see I believe that a little hunk of cheese got loose and floated to my brain and then I had a stroke. I don't eat much cheese anymore. Except for low fat or fat freee cottage cheese! Hi Eileen! Love you girls!!!! Love Di

    P.S. Happy Holiday!!!

  5. You girls make me laugh so much!!
    I seriously have the worst diet, I know it, I know I should change it, but I just don't. I guess I'm like my sister-in-law Susie that way, and Diana too, about their smoking. We know what we're doing is really so unhealthy for us, but we have no real desire to change our bad habits! I love eating junk food, and I'd rather eat that than anything else in the world!

    I've always loved cookies and milk. And, Wanda, I'm very much like your Dad, I love a glass of iced milk! Not to drink by itself, but with chocolate, it's my most favorite drink! Well, maybe I have good bones anyway from all the calcium!

    And, Bernie, you and Wanda have the most healthy diets I've ever seen! And if I ever do decide to get serious about my diet, I am going to copy you both, I think you are wonderful examples of how to eat healthy!

    Wanda, I love that big orange harvest moon! Take some pictures if you get a chance!

    Talk to you all later.
    Love you all, E

  6. Eileen...I want a bucket full of those cookies!!! NOW!!! :))
    I am a cookie monster (in disgues of a jackass)...but a friendly one. I don't kick...unless one deserves a swift kick...but I doooo love cookies! You are being so good about taking photos of what you eat!! You are a trooper, girl!!! I just quit eating...until the posting is over (cough).... (NOT!)
    You are a sweeties...and I love your blog.
    Tell Ray that I took photos of the moon, too...Mine were much like and out of the clouds. His are very pretty. The moon is gorgeous this week!!
    Smiles from Jackie (who is about to take her Sunday afternoon nap....... zzzzzzz.)