Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet Dreams ~ Sweet Babies

My friend Bernie @ On My Own had a post the other day about babysitting for a neighbor who's baby was too sick to drop off at Daycare. She wrote about how good it felt to just sit and hold a sleeping baby again.
I couldn't agree with her more! I loved all those years with my own five babies, and then I was Blessed to have two grandchildren.

Here's Jayden:

And then I was lucky enough to have all this joy again with Mia!

And every once in awhile I was especially lucky to have them both at once!


  1. Grandma.....your in sweet heaven. A lucky grandma you are. I can see how much joy your granchildren give you and how much you love them. I have two grandsons and I just love them to pieces. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. Have a sweet day.

  2. Good morning Eileen...I have a feeling you are missing Jayden an awful lot with him being away at does make us realize how quickly they grow...and the different stages of their developement...they are wonderful memories and photos to have...their sleeping in your arms.
    Hope Jayden has a great day at school...and makes lots of new friends.

    Smiles to you this morning Eileen,

  3. What wonderful photos and you are so cute, Eileen. Loved seeing the babies progressive pictures and each one grew so much hair so fast!! Sometimes babies change so much as they get older that you can't recognize them but Jayden and Mia both kept their adorable looks as babies.

    It is so wonderful to cuddle little ones, isn't it? I sleep with Olivia when I visit and we have no choice but to cuddle on a single bed and it is very sweet!

    blessings and snuggly hugs,


  4. Oh what priceless joy in those pictures. Nothing like a grandma and her babies. That's wonderful you have these pictures as they will mean so much to Jayden and Mia, especially as they grow older.

  5. They are so precious.....and you sure can tell they are cousins Eileen, you look so happy with your grandbabies and so you should be. I love looking at these pictures and yes holding a beautiful baby, inhaling their sweet scent brings me great happiness.....Luv ya....:-) Hugs

  6. Eileen I have to tell you that I loved these adorable photos of Jayden and Mia. But in that second photo of Mia she really looks like a baby doll!

    And don't you find it near impossible to stay awake while holding a sleeping baby? I do!
    Very sweet Eileen! Love Di

  7. What wonderful "hands-full" of cuddles!!!! There is nothing more invigorating that snuggling and cuddling a wee one! Thank you, as our Daniel is due to be delivered in just a few days. Though I won't be able to see him right away, the anticipation is grand!!!! God bless you!! Cathy

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  9. I'll try again...

    Oh so sweet... I could almost here the lullabies that accompanied them to sleep. How serene you look!

  10. ahhhh! yes! Babies are so precious, and holding them is such a blessing. I can see you really love holding them Eileen, and they are so beautiful. Makes me really miss my grandchildren even more...sigh! Hopefully, Adam and Ashley will think about having children soon : )

  11. HI EILEEN-
    Oh I am overflowing with joy and love as I feel your love with your grand-babies and recall my own special times with mine. The photos are precious- so so beautiful. "Thank you" for sharing this wondrous tribute.

    Love to you and yours

  12. Hi..
    Jackie asked me to relay a message.
    She is away from her blog for a while.
    Taking care of her mom ( H1N1 flu ) and she doesn't have internet access at her parents'.
    She will return to blogging and posting as soon
    as possible.

  13. OH those children are so beautiful. You look as though you are in your glory too! I know I am when I am around my grandchildren. Thank you so much for your kinds thoughts and prayers. I will be just fine tomorrow. I have a good feeling about the whole thing. I will let the village know as soon as I can. ISN'T LIFE GRAND! these precious children make everything in this world worth it! hugs and smiles....linda

  14. Eileen, those babies are beautiful!!! Love the hair :) I can't wait to have grandbabies some's got to be wonderful...right next to having your own sweet little ones! Jayden and Mia look like they could be brother and sister! Hugs....
    Love you....Jerelene

  15. My dear friend Eileen,
    What wonderful pictures of you and your grands... and wow, you are one lovely umma!

    Your visits to my blog always delight and warm my heart, I just wanted you to know that.

    Eileen, if you have a bit of time, I invite you to re-read the last part of my Sept 30 post. I have re written it and honestly shared more of what I am personally going through. It has not really been easy for me these days.

    I will surely appreciate your prayers at this time.


  16. Good morning Eileen, What a great post! Your grandchildren are beautiful ♥ Your right, there is nothing more wonderful in this world than holding a baby. I too enjoyed my children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren. I feel incredibly blessed! Thank you for adding a button about my fashion show to your blog and for all of the lovely comments you leave me. Please tell Jayden that Charli sends him a great big hug :>)

  17. is a joy to see these absolute treasure you hold in your arms...they are beautiful...and the love you have for them is evident in every one! You are one beautiful Umma....inside and out.

  18. Thank you for dropping by again. Your comments truly warmed and encouraged me today. I loved the verses you quoted. They are among my favorites, and hearing them from you brought such a confirmation to my heart!

    Be richly blessed by His presence today!


  19. Oh, boy, do I agree with you, Eileen! Babies and grandchildren are blessings poured out into a mother's heart from God...He surely does love His daughters, to give them little ones to love and nuture. You are a very loving woman, and the babies in your life will know what love is.

    God bless,

  20. Sleeping babies are on of God's most wonderful gifts. There is truly nothing like watching a little one fall asleep in your arms. sigh... You have been so blessed, dear friend- and so have they.:)

    I am adding you to my blog roll, Sweets! Stopping by your blog gives me such a joyful feeling! Lori

  21. Look at those darling little angels! How precious and you look like you're in hog, well, baby heaven! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)