Monday, September 28, 2009

Blogging Gives Great Recipes!

I have gotten some wonderful recipes while visiting the blogs of others. There are so many wonderful recipes for muffins, breads, cakes, and cookies, not to mention main meals. I haven't tried them all yet, but the ones that I have tried, I've been very happy with the results.

Lately I had been looking for some good recipes for my slow-cooker. I love using a slow-cooker because you can prepare everything in the morning, and then just go about your day (and usually there's just one pot to clean up)! I usually put the slow-cooker away for the Summer as we cook on the grill outdoors more often then, and I need the precious counter space it takes up to set up for parties, but once Fall rolls around the big pot comes back out and I start hunting for recipes.
You don't have to look very far when you are blogging. I came across all sorts of good recipes for soup, and loin of pork (one of my favorites!), and chicken, and beef.

I especially look for EASY when searching recipes, and I came across a great recipe for pot roast thanks to Jane at Frugal Fine Living, her blog is a font of information with many tips on how to live a frugal life. You can see her recipe here.

This is what I used:

And this is what I used:
(Okay, this time I did have another pot to clean because I made egg noodles for those who refuse to eat vegetables! And I made a substitution to the original recipe, instead of using cooking sherry I used cranberry/cherry juice [found in a recipe book].)

The results were fantastic! Everyone said they loved it and they really did all seem to enjoy it.

And we had peach cobbler for dessert. I got this easy recipe from Barb at Bella Vista, Barb's blog has wonderful recipes and she shares her many creative decorating and crafting ideas with her readers too. You can get her peach cobbler recipe here.

Here are my ingredients:

And here were the results:
(I made a bigger cobbler than the recipe called for so I did a recipe-and-a-half)

I don't eat peach cobbler, but everyone that did eat it said that it was good! And I promise you that it was a very easy recipe to make!

I still have many more recipes left to try, and once I do I'll be posting the results for you!


  1. hmmm. and you said you didn't cook.... : )

  2. Hi Eileen!
    One of our favorites we made the other day. Brown about six lb. of pot roast.Cut it into chunks. Put in cooker along with a medium sliced and quartered onion, one clove of garlic, basil, oregano, italian seasoning,pepper and then cover with beef broth or beef bullion water (not too salty). Cook the crap out of it until it shreds easily with a fork. Shred all of the meat. Serve on large bakery buns, I toast mine in the oven with mozzarella cheese. You can drain the aus jous or have it juicy on your buns. Italian beef. Kate and I love horseradish sauce on ours!
    I don't care for peach cobbler either but it did look good! It all looked good. Was that pork that you made? That looked delicious!

    Love Di

  3. Hi, girls, I was just heading up to bed and stopped here first. I just finished emailing Jackie and I am laughing so hard at her! She cracks me up!

    Teresa, I hardly ever cook, I don't enjoy it at all, that's why this slow-cooker is the greatest invention for me!

    Diana, no, it was beef, but that reminds me of a great pulled-pork recipe my aunt has. I'll have to get that from her tomorrow!
    Your recipe sounds wonderful and I love it with the Aus jus! And putting it on a bun sounds great too, reminds me of the hot open roast beef sandwiches my Mom used to make for us!

    Thanks for visiting.
    And now I'm off to bed!
    Good night!
    Love, Eileen

  4. Wonderful post you do eat real food and not just junk food like you tease sometimes! Colder weather does bring the thought of stew and other hardy food to mind doesn't it. Anything with onions and garlic, cooking long and slow makes a home smell so comfy. To me that's a big part of fall and heart warming meals, espeially fresh from the oven homemade bread!

    I don't have a lot of extra counter space either Eileen, that's why my bread machine is in the utility room upstairs. Will be looking forward to any future recipes you try.
    I imagine you miss Jayden being away at school, because I miss my grandchildren popping in and out.

  5. Thanks, Wanda, and thanks for reminding me that I have a bread maker down in my basement too! I'll have to bring that up, I used to make bread all the time in that little machine (we called it R2D2 because that's what it looks like!). I haven't used that in a long time, lately if I do bread I usually use those box bread mixes (which are surprisingly good too!).

    I do miss Jayden so much. And today he was begging me to let him stay home, it broke my heart. He kept saying, "I just want to stay here with you, Umma. Umma, please can't you call school and tell them that I'm staying here with you today?"
    I was glad his father was walking him to school because I think I would have given in and turned around and taken him home with me!

    Okay, I better get something done around here (and amazingly, it will stay clean with Jayden in school!).
    Have a good day!
    Love, Eileen

  6. Great recipe! I don't like to cook, but love to create wonderful meals with my crock never fails me! My hubby's favorite dessert is peach cobbler...I might make it for him after I recover from our long trip to Arizona. I think we ate enough to last us a week, at least! Love your sweet dreams picture to the right...there's just nothing like grandbabies!

    Blessings to you!

  7. Maybe I should try a slow cooker... : )


    It ALL looks so delicious. I am impressed! :-) I enjoy cooking and people say, that my home made marinara sauce is the BEST EVER!! My Mom and Sis always line up with their tupperware on sauce making day. ALso, my Thanksgiving turkey stuffing is one that folks stop by with their containers to take some home. :-)
    Love to you

  9. Eileen... I have really missed you and blogging. Am on borrowed time on a borrowed computer so have to make this brief. Hope to have mine back next week. :-)

    Love to you and yours...


    Sheila :-)

  10. Eileen, it was Rebecca who reminded me of my slow cooker and I have been using it a couple of weeks now, I absolutely love it. Everything in one pot and then I freeze meals for myself, it's wonderful. I loved what Diana does, that does sound so good on buns and you and Wanda has reminded me of my bread maker (it's in the crawl space) must get that out for the winter.
    Oh I don't think I could of taken Jayden to school either, what a sweetie..big hugs to him.
    Great post, I am going to check out your friends blogs. Luv ya.......:-) Hugs

  11. Boy all of this looks so delicious. I'm straving now. I think it's time to get out the slow cooker too. Great post! Thanks for the delicous recipes....

  12. Eileen...I must warn you...don't start...don't give would then be asked more often...and then it's reeeaaaally hard to say no...Trust would live to regret letting him stay home just to be with you...and it would be harder for him to grasp why not if you had done it before. :)

  13. I thought I was CRAZY because I don't eat peach cobbler, but the family loves it! same with other cobblers and even my delicious apple pie...hmm well I am glad I am NOT crazy! hehehe and your "kissing cousins" post was adorable. Those children are sooo beautiful! You must be insanely happy around them!

  14. Hello to everyone!

    Mary, Welcome Back! I hope you rest up and many thanks for your kind comments here and on my other blog. I so appreciate all your thoughts! And I love how you share your Faith! I'm very happy to have met you!

    Teresa, I think you would enjoy cooking in a slow-cooker. You could make yourself all kinds of 'feel good' soups and stews. And you could freeze the left-overs like Bernie. I think even if you only used it once a week it would be worth it.

    Gail, if it's not a secret recipe please post it sometime! I've made sauce this past summer with all the tomatoes Ray grew, but I never made it the same twice!
    I'd love a stuffing recipe too!

    Sheila, I've been missing you and your wonderful posts! Thanks for stopping by and I'm looking forward to when you start blogging again!

    Hi, Carol, thanks for visiting and I am so looking forward to your 'Little Black Dress' post on your blog! I'm just mad that I'm going to be away on the 22nd! I'll have lots of catching up to do!

    Linda, I'm not big on a lot of baked fruit type things, some are okay, but I'd much rather have chocolate! I do bake it though because so many others in the family like it. I like apple crisp type things, and a blueberry cake (especially with a crumb topping!) but I'm not big on peach anything! And if I'm eating dessert I'd rather it not be anything healthy anyway!
    And I am EXTREMELY happy around the grandkids. Everyone must be getting sick of me posting about them, but I can't help it ~ they're my life now!

    Wand AND Bernie, as hard as it is, I force Jayden to school even when he doesn't want to go!
    Today they called me around 12:30 to come and pick him up because he threw up at lunch!! His teacher made him change his clothes (they are not allowed to help them anymore), and she said she wasn't going to call because she felt it was just from anxiousness, but there are a few kids absent with a virus, so to be on the safe side she called.
    Well, when I got up there, he was fine! I was tempted to just leave him but the teacher was afraid it just might be the virus.
    He ate when he got home, but then cried and cried that he doesn't want to go to school anymore. I told him I understand, I told him I felt the same way when I was little, but that he still had to go.
    I feel so bad, he just looks so forlorn, and I really do know how he feels because I did go through the same confused state of not knowing why I just couldn't stay in the home that I loved with the people I loved. I hated school from the moment I set foot in it, and that didn't change until the day I graduated high school.
    I feel bad too because he was loving it for a few weeks there. Oh well.
    I told him even if he throws up next time he has to stay in school, I am not coming to pick him up. I feel like an ogre but I guess I have no choice.
    I'll say a prayer each morning and send him on his way.

    Thanks everyone!
    Love, Eileen

  15. Hi Eileen! Wow girl you have been busy!! These recipes sound so good! Funny, I busted out with my slow cooker the other day and just cooked a whole chicken cut up with sage, garlic, salt, pepper, carrots and onions then served it over rice. Talk about comfort food??!! It was wonderful! Another funny thing...I don't do cobbler either! Hubby on the other hand would say it's one of his faves!

    You are too sweet, and such a delight!! So glad we bumped blogs!!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!
    Love and hugs,

  16. There's nothing like good home cooking! Complete with pictures :) That peach cobbler looks like the best I've seen.

  17. Eileen,
    Thank you so much for your lovely letter! I received it yesterday and it absolutely made my day!:) My first questions is- When can I come over for dinner? Oh my goodness- YUM!:) Lori