Friday, September 11, 2009

God Bless America ~ September 11

We still feel it here in New York. We still have the scars. We still have a hole in the ground. Thousands of fellow New Yorkers are still gone. New York's Finest and New York's Bravest are still missing their comrades.
Yes, we've risen from the ashes, and our city has gone back to what it should be. We have banded together with courage and dignity, and with the generous hearts of our fellow Americans, we were able to move forward. The spirit of America upheld us. And the prayers of the world sustained us.
But we have not forgotten the victims, and we have not forgotten the loved ones they've left behind.

Little snippets of prayers, and poems, and songs, and stories and memories of September 11 will stay with me always, and I'm sure it is the same with others.
A beautiful morning, clear skies, sun shining.
Did I hear right?
A plane crashed into one of the Twin Towers?
They're reporting it was a small plane.
It was no accident.
A second plane plunges into the other Tower.
They are hijackers. They are terrorists.
One of our darkest hours.

One of our finest hours.
There are courageous acts of heroism.
Make a plan.
Boil some water.
Pray together.
"Let's roll."

Phone calls placed to loved ones.
Messages of love left on answering machines.
Spared because a child started Kindergarten that day.
Gone because a fellow fire fighter called in sick that day.
At first they were just missing.
Thousands of New Yorkers posting pictures of loved ones on fences, posts, buildings, benches, on any surface. Have you seen my son, father, daughter, mother, husband, wife, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, friend? Call if you have information.
Thousands digging through the twisted rubble. Surely there must be survivors.
I read that even the rescue dogs became depressed.
Our Father Who Art In Heaven.
The Lord Is My Shepherd.
God Bless America, land that I love.
Spontaneous prayer.
Spontaneous song.
Holding each other up.
Falling to our knees together.
Thousands walking across the 59th Street Bridge.
Fighter jets flying overhead for days.
Blackest smoke filling the air.

A young mother knew, she just knew. She told her relatives she had a bad feeling. For months she had bad dreams. She had a baby girl, and she knew she was going to have to leave her. She was out with her husband and friends, her baby was home with other family members. She had to get to her, she was desperate to hold her to be with her. She told her family of a dream, there was smoke, and broken slabs of concrete fallen all about her, and Jesus was there, and He had His Crown of Thorns on His Head, and He was crying.
And this young mother knew. She just knew.
She was in one of those buildings that morning. She did not come home that night.

We still feel it here in New York. We still have the scars. We still have a hole in the ground.
We still have a hole in our heart.


  1. Eileen, this is absolutely the most powerful statement I have read about that fateful day. May I please put a link to your blog on mine? I really want everyone that visits me to read what you have said. I know you'll say yes, so I'm doing it now. God bless you! God bless America!!!

    p.s. I found the names of the firefighters and they are now under the picture!


  2. Oh dearest dear Eileen, my friend, I am reminded of that fateful day and how the tears fell from our eyes, mine and those of my friends. We were just gripped by the sad unbelievable events of that day. And we knelt in prayer for America.

    What words do I have to describe this post you have done for this day? Thank you for sharing your heart, allowing yourself to let the emotions flow.

    Simply beautiful!

    I was in New York in 2003. I went to Ground Zero. A hole where two beautiful buildings used to be.

    We will never know in this life the stories beneath the rubble left behind by that diabolic act. But God knows.

    Dear friend, may I leave you and comfort you with the words of Joseph after he met his brothers again many years:

    The enemy meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.

    Or, In all things God is able to work out for good in the lives of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.


  3. I will never forget either...My heart still mourns. It touches us all! God Bless you this day! Cathy

  4. Eileen...Your Post is Commendable...said so well! I leave a simple Thank You!


  5. EILEEN -

    Your writing is beyond honorable and true. I felt every word. I cannot expound only 'bow' in humble memory and appreciation for your tribute this day.

    Love Gail

  6. Eileen, what a poignant and beautifully written reflection and rememberance of the day.

    Thank you. ((hugs))

  7. I've been thinking about that day all morning. I am glad that you and Marcy posted about it. It was a wonderful memorial post Eileen. The pictures that you chose were perfect.
    Love Di

  8. Well did such an admirable job for honoring the memory of today, my friend!! I, who never watch television, STAYED GLUED TO THE TV FOR DAYS AFTERWARD, crying and will always make me cry just to think of it.

    Not enough love in this world and we need to overwhelm it with love to change it.

    blessings, hugs and love,


  9. Eileen, I was in a hotel that morning and blow drying my hair getting ready to catch a flight.....then I saw it. I sat on the bed and was glued to the sights and sounds....I sat there all day and spent an extra day and night at the hotel.....crying and praying. I came home the next day my heart heavy and still crying, as I watched on my own TV everything shifted, the tears were still there but I was so proud of how the people came together, helping each other.....I have never witnessed such an horrible act but neither have I witnessed such wonderful caring people banding together to support each other. May God Bless New Yorkers and all Americans...a sad day but one that showed all the world how wonderful your beautiful country is. I am thinking of all Americans today and my prayers are with them.....God Bless America....:-) Hugs

  10. As have so many, I also posted a tribute today and am trying to stop in to others who have done the same — to say thank you. I have never been to your blog, but today we are united from the horrific events of that day, for we shall never forget.

  11. Eileen..we just got home from Sam's went well :) Sam is sitting here with me and I read it aloud to both of us. We had talked about it earlier today and my family has not forgotten. I will never forget that long as I live. You did a wonderful job in remembering and honoring with this post...I can't imagine how it was for you living so close there..I've not been there and seen where the buildings once were..but I can imagine how moving it would be so see's amazing when you read about how many were spared by such amazing things..I've read about it. Thank you so much for this really touched my heart. Having been to New York many yrs. ago..I know how great a city it is..the people of this country really came together after this...that is how we should be everyday :) I'm hoping enough love can be sent your way to fill up that hole!! Big Hugs and Lots of Love to you this day!! Love, Jerelene

  12. Because they came from one so close to the scars, these words impacted me deeply. Let all of us continue to pray and love and speak encouragement to each other as God heals and sheds His grace on our country.

  13. Thank you everyone for your more than kind comments, for sharing your stories, and for being the wonderful souls that you are!
    We have a village to cherish here, ladies, and I do.
    And I know every American sent their heartfelt wishes and prayers to New York, it is what moved us forward. And I know that other nations as well were holding America up in prayer and they were united with us in our grief.
    A very sad day for America ironically was also a very beautiful day for her.

    God Bless America.
    God Love you all,

  14. Eileen...tears run down my cheeks.
    A very touching post, my friend......

  15. I remember,I will never forget.My heart goes out to you. I pray for you and all who have suffered loss.Tears bring us closer together,so that we can share the suffering & share the healing . May the Lord Jesus be with you .

  16. God Bless America...Land that I love! 555

  17. I was just getting ready for work, and the TV was on and I started first I thought a war had begun and I called my kids in California, as I was so afraid for them. They were still sleeping, and did not believe me at first. I cried and cried and cried...and when my Niece picked me up for work we both cried again, it was such an awful sight. The next few weeks I was glued to the TV.