Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Favorites ~ Fall

This past weekend we started getting the house ready for Fall. I really love Autumn and we've been having such beautiful weather lately. Ray did a lot of Fall cleaning outside and I did some decorating on the porch outside, and I wanted to get started inside too.

I put away all my 'pink' and my pastels, and I packed away my summer decor. Then my daughter Ellie was kind enough to gather together all my Fall decorations from wherever they were scattered around the house (some were in the outdoor deck boxes, some were in the basement, and the rest were in the attic).

I had long ago given up decorating the house with scare crows and such as my children are all grown, but then my grandchildren came along and we started once again with visiting pumpkin farms, buying Halloween costumes, and decorating the house for the holidays.
I wanted to start by decorating the front window, Ray had washed the outside of the windows but I needed to do the inside.
Here are my luxurious lace curtains. Well, they are actually shower curtains that I bought on sale from the JC Penney catalog. They were supposed to be our 'let's make do with them until we can afford better', but that was seven years ago!

Okay, let's see what we have here. No beautiful views of mountains or meadows, but it's the street where I live and I love it!
The windows actually aren't all that dirty, so a little spritz with glass cleaner and a quick swipe and I was good to go!

I remember Wanda had a beautiful video on one of her posts on her beautiful blog Moments Of Mine, it was of a shower of leaves falling and I wanted to try and replicate that.

Not quite Wanda's beautiful Fall scene, but I made the effort, and Jayden and Mia liked it!

Okay, time to pull the shower curtains back in place!

And now I have to motivate myself to get busy on the rest of the house!


  1. It looks beautiful Eileen! I love your shower curtains! I did the same in my bedroom. I couldn't find curtains that I liked better so I bought the shower curtains! The leaves on your window look wonderful! Love Di

  2. I've decided that I wish I were your neighbor. What a quaint looking street you live on. And that shower curtain idea...who would have thought! The falling leaves...there is something about falling leaves that I just love.

  3. Really lovely!!! I think I will ask my granddaughters to help me this weekend. That should be soooooo much fun! Have a grand weekend! Cathy

  4. Thank you, girls!
    I see we think alike, Di! I'm on a quest for some new curtains for my dining room window and my upstairs hall window, and once we do the foyer over I'll want new for there too, and the first place I'm looking is the Bath Department!

    Jill, I would love if we were neighbors! I so enjoy reading about your life and your beautiful family! I think we'd have lots to talk about!

    Thank you, Cathy, and all the best to your granddaughter on receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. Joy to all!

    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

  5. Eileen...I thought I WAS at Wanda's :)) Beautiful....both of your sights are beautiful to you both are in spirit and in heart.
    I LOVE the windows!!! Such a happy shot!!
    You bring smiles to me, Eileen....many more than you'll ever know.
    Hugs and smiles to you from Jackie


    I love your falling leaves display. Beautiful!! ANd I love that you love your street. :-) And I love that Jaydeb helped and that Ellie gathered the boxes with your Fall decorations for you. :-)
    I feel a lot of love reading your post and seeing your world. A lot of love, indeed.

    Love Gail

  7. Good evening Eileen, I love what you did with your windows. I'm a big kid at heart so even when my children left I still decorated. I love the idea of the falling leaves. It's really pretty. I put bats in my window today or I would have put the falling leaves like you did. I, like you, love my neighborhood. We don't have mountains to look at either :>) I hope you have a great weekend. I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures.

  8. Jackie, that is very sweet!
    I love city-living, but it's nice to take a mini vacation by visiting Wanda's picture posts and yours too! I especially love the trips to the lake!

    Hi, Gail, I've been enjoying the pictures on your posts too. It's funny how we're all surrounded by different scenery and it's so much fun to take a little visit to each blog.

    Hi, Carol! Oh, I'd love to see the bats in the window! It's nice you still have that enthusiasm for decorating.
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Enjoy your weekend, girls!
    Love to all,

  9. WOW you really have done a beautiful job decorating Eileen, no wonder Jayden and Mia love it.....I do too!
    Your shower curtains look much better than my new ones to be hung up by mid October, oh I wish I had more talent as my village friends do, since I don't I am just really going to enjoy all of yours, Wanda's and Diana's...I am so blessed to have all of you in my life. Have a great weekend ......luv ya....:-) Hugs

  10. What a good job you did!! I LOVE the leaves on the window....very creative..I can see why the grandkids love it...and it was very sweet of you to do it for them...You have a lovely window too!
    Have a Happy Weekend!
    Love You, Jerelene

  11. I'm not a "scary/spooky" decorator myself - so I REALLY like what you did with the leaves...Even with the curtains dropped, they show up.

    We don't live in the city, but on a busy street. We deliberately left out a window facing the street when we remodeled our living room last year. I'm kind of sorry now when I see how you've made yours so attractive....

  12. I love fall and ususally decorate every fall even though my boys are in their 20s. I really wasn't into it this year. A tragedy in our family has kind of put me in a funk.

    Eileen you have inspired me and I am going to get my decorations out tomorrow and make fall come alive in my house.

    Thank you,


  13. I love colors of fall, I dress in fall colors all year long, browns and greens and orange and yellow are my colors! I too have put the decor UP since we didn't have children around to LOVE them, last year I only had a tiny tree on a table for Christmas because we were not home...I hope I can get into the spirit once again. I use to PAINT my windows with the season....I guess I just have gotten LAZY...or it just isn't as exciting when there are no children around to appreciate all the hard work hehehe.