Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday's Villagers Real Life Honest Food Post

First to answer Teresa's question in one of her comments ~ no, Teresa I am certainly NOT eating less than I normally eat, nor am I eating any differently. I eat whatever I have a craving to eat each day! And most days that is junk food!
BUT, I am realizing that I eat way too much! And I eat way too much junk! Well, I always knew that, and I don't really want to change my eating habits, but I'm realizing that I have to.
AND, I'm glad that this is the LAST day I have to do this! Well, I think I'm supposed to do tomorrow too, but we'll be going hiking and I'm not sure if I'll remember to photograph each and every thing I may be snacking on while doing that. I'm sure we'll have a camera with us, but I think I'd like to take a little vacation from all this.

Breakfast: 9:00 AM ~ A cup of Life cereal with milk, and a mug of coffee with French Vanilla flavored creamer added.

Lunch: 1:00 PM ~ Applebee's ~ A 'Perfect Margarita' with extra salt on the rim of the glass. It's actually more than one margarita because they give you the whole shaker!

Tomato Basil Soup.

Grilled Chicken with Broccoli and Roasted Potatoes.

Coffee with milk & sugar added.

Chocolate Mousse Shooter for dessert.

Snack: 7:30 PM ~ A handful of cinnamon roasted almonds, four chocolate chip cookies, and a mug of coffee with French Vanilla creamer added.


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  2. HI EILEEN -

    Sorry about the deleted comment - I made a mess of it. trying again.

    Great food day. You and Bernie are my heroes being able to drink in the afternoon. Enjoy your hike.

    Love Gail

  3. Hi Sweetie, I want to go to Applebee's too! It looks so good. I don't think you eat all that bad, just maybe too much creamer in your coffee....LOL
    Enjoy your day of hiking, sounds like fun.
    Luv ya......:-) Hugs

  4. Sounds like a day I would I sit here at the computer 11:03 pm because I cannot sleep and I am snacking on some little chocolate sixlets! I am sure it will keep me up even longer..oh well, it is worth it becasue they are soo yummy...I think I am worse than your with the junk food!

  5. I don't know how you can drink caffeine that late at night! If I drink a soda after 4:oop.m. I can't sleep! Applebees was lookin' good to me girl!
    Actually Eileen after observing your eating habits , I would say that you don't eat enough. I think that you crave the sweets because you are craving more energy. Try substituting the sweets with more protein ( piece of chicken ) with some green food ( small salad ) and for the sweet craving some low fat yogurt. You don't have to have them all at once. But it does look like you you need to eat more smaller meals through the day to keep you going.
    You do a lot, especially with Jayden so you need more fuel to burn!
    More good sweets: Sherbet , Angel food cake and of coarse fruit w/ low fat cool whip or fat free. They are very good.
    My DIL mixes pinapple (drained) with fat free cool whip, slices an angel food cake horizontally and spreads half the mixture in the center. Put the top back on and spread the remaining mixture on top. You can also top with strawberries if you like. This is very good and very pretty and Fat Free!!!
    Love Di

  6. Eileen...I think Diana is right...I only see a small amount of protein in the chicken and almonds...maybe you need more protein...snack on cheese instead of cookies maybe...and I too can't handle caffeine later in the day.

    Those cakes Diana speaks of are called "Lush Cakes"...they are very good and so simple...

    I think following the Mediterranean Style of eating is the healthiest way to go...eating healthy gives you the freedom of eating things you crave without paying the price of worrying about your health. After reaching a certain age...that becomes of more importance!

    Enjoy your hike Eileen,

  7. Hi Eileen,
    I am not doing this anymore either, if I do it will be for myself. I did learn a lot about my eating habits though, and this morning all I have to say is "enough is enough". Thanks for being such a sport. ((((HUGS)))) 555

  8. You don't eat enough. It seems like you eat about one complete meal a day. How do you do it? Aren't you hungry most of the time?

  9. I like almonds, too :) And you DO drink a lot of coffee! I love coffee myself, but after noon, I really believe it affects my sleep (negatively).

  10. I've never heard of a chocolate shooter? What is it? It looks yummy...I've never been to Applebees...that's funny, because I just said to Sarah today that I want to go there...
    Your food looks delicious!