Monday, September 7, 2009

Susie's Little Piece of Paradise

We went to my sister-in-law Susie's house for a barbecue yesterday. She and her husband Doug have a really nice home with a beautiful park-like yard. Just this summer they added a multi-level deck down by their pool.

These pictures are of the lower deck and pool, the upper deck, and the side yard with the pond:

This picture is taken from the lower deck by the pool looking up at the back of the house:

This picture is taken from just outside the kitchen door on the back porch:


Here are the birthday girls!
Jill's birthday is today and Ellie's birthday is next week.

Ellie (my daughter, in red) and Jillian (Susie's daughter):

Rudy (Jill's husband):

Mikael (Susie's youngest):

Donald and his son Christian:

My sister-in-law Ann, Donald, and Susie:

Susie on her back porch:

Jackie (seated), (and then counter-clockwise) Ellie, my sister Diane, Susie, and myself:


Here is Jackie's pinky finger after she fell and 'fixed' it herself. It still looks swollen.

I made her put her pinkies side-by-side so you can see the difference in size:

Here is Jackie and her sad pinky finger, and here is Donald's 'claw' as he calls it. Donald practically cut off his hand with a table saw a few years ago. He has had a few surgeries, but the nerves never really knit back together and he doesn't have much use of that hand, he can't open it completely anymore either, but he does very well with his claw, and he even went back to work in construction for years after.

Donald and Jackie:

And here is Susie's bruised and battered hand:

How did it get this way? Well, her son-in-law Rudy was teasing her as usual, so she punched him in the arm. Rudy doesn't have a mark on him and he laughed and he insists he didn't even feel it! Susie's not so lucky:


And this is something Susie had sitting on her shelf that I really did not like very much at all...

...until she showed me this!

Isn't it adorable?!

I had a great day there!


  1. Hi Eileen-

    I love going along on your family visits and adventures. Great photos!! And 'Happy Labor Day'....

    Love Gail

  2. Somehow I see arthritis in jackie's little pinky's future! What a gorgeous day you had Eileen, was it warm enough to swim? Susie's yard and deck look like a little paradise! It looked so nice out. I loved all the photos of your family. You can see the closeness and good times that you have together!

    Happy Birthday to Ellie and Jillian. Hope they got some special goodies! How old did they turn Eileen? I love the family photos Eileen.
    Love Di

  3. Oh what a great day you had with family Eileen...Donald and Susie have a wonderful place to get together...loved the deck and the pine trees...I will have to think about the snout though!

    The hand injuries were awful...Susie's looked very painful...

    Enjoyed visiting with your family Eileen,

  4. What a nice post, and I loved getting to know your family, they all appear to be very happy fun loving and handy (if you know what I mean). Looks to me like they use those hands a lot! For many things...Susie and Donald have a beautiful home...loved the pool and the decking! ... and did you play Guitar Hero with them? Wonderful family and good times for sure...and the pig snout on the table? What were you thinking! ((((HUGS)))))555

  5. Good family times. I still wonder how she fixed her own pinkie. But hey, if it kept her out of surgery, that's great! I find the pool while beautifully layed out, very different from our pools here. But then we don't have the pretty rolling hills you do.

  6. What a beautiful home they have! Love the pool and decks...gorgeous! Happy Birthday to the birthday girls...and the pig snout glasses holder...that's funny! I'd like a cow one like that :)
    Love, Jerelene