Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy Doing What?

Sorry, no Wordful Wednesday poem this week, this post is much too long already!

While I was away from blogging I've kept myself occupied with a few things:

Ray had a bounty from his tomato plants, so from this...

...we got...

...this! ~

Anyone who knows me knows that no meal is complete without bread!

And I have to have tons of Parmesan cheese on my pasta!
Oh, I really loaded up this plate, someone come and share this with me:

(Nevermind, I wolfed down the whole thing myself! Every bite, and then I mopped up the sauce with the bread! Well, how else am I going to keep my fluff and my womanly curves, I ask you?!)

Now, let's see if my little man here approves:

(Well, I know he loves the bread, he takes after his grandmother that way!)

Now let's try the pasta and the meat sauce made with the tomatoes that Jayden and 'Paw' planted.

Okay, he's abandoning the fork (I guess that's a good sign) and using his thumb (which fits perfectly into the rigatoni):

He sure seems to be enjoying it!

And I got a nice messy thumbs up! Yaah!

And we've been having very strange weather, it had been pouring rain during the day with the sun out! That evening the sky turned eerie and this is what we saw:

At first a very pretty pink and lavender sky!

Then the sky turned very dark and... this red sky there were black clouds, there was thunder, there was lightening, there was rain, there were stars, and there was a rainbow!

The next day we had this:

Hurricane Bill ruined our fishing plans because all the beaches we usually fish at were washed out. One beach was open, but not for swimming or fishing, the water was too rough.

What a mess!

There would be no picnic lunch this day!

Always clowning around!

The waves that day really were scaring me!

And here's Susie trying to throw me in! (Like that skinny little thing had any chance of throwing me in, although when I am laughing like that, I am much too weak to fight her off! And she actually is freakishly strong!)

Donald and his son Christian waited beyond the danger zone with Donald protecting Susie's pocketbook.

But he didn't do a very good job of protecting her flip-flops!

The news cameras were there all along the beach.

It was much calmer on the bay side.

A little update on Donald's beach forts: He said the hurricane waves completely washed away his 'Summer fort', and the ocean also practically destroyed his 'Spring and Fall fort'. But his Winter fort that he made in the dunes is still safe and sound.

The next day Ray was off work, he had a doctor's appointment in the morning and decided to take the whole day which was nice for me and Jayden!
When he came home we went to shop at Ikea, and Jayden had to stop and try every sofa, and he had to sit at every table and chair we walked by (and he even got into one of the beds and tried to pull the covers up over himself! No, we don't have a picture of that, we were too busy yelling at him to stop the nonsense!):

We saw a beautiful sink there, one that I think I love almost as much as my big outdoor sink! If I had seen this sink when we had our kitchen renovated, this is what I'd be washing my pots and pans in now!

Well, we didn't buy a sink, and we didn't come home with any new furniture, except for a cute little chair that we picked up for Mia so she and Jayden can sit together at his little table for lunch. And we did get lots of things for organizing, I bought some more bins for Jayden and Mia's toys, and we got a 'pirate treasure chest' to keep some of Jayden's things in too, and I got a few baskets to keep in the living room for quick pick-ups. I also got a few things for the kitchen.
Mia's chair:

We also stopped in the cafeteria and had a delicious lunch of Swedish meatballs, potatoes, and lingonberries! It was so good that on our way out we decided to pick up two bags of the meatballs and a can of lingonberries to make for the family over the weekend.

(It was a very quick and easy meal! And the meatballs tasted almost as good as my mother-in-law's recipe!)

And of course I had to have bread! To be an authentic Swedish meal it should have been Wasa Bread, but I was happy to settle for 'Pillsbury Grands' biscuits!

When we were leaving Ikea 'Mr. Funny' had to pretend to be Grandpa in the driver's seat!

Jayden: "Paw, give me your keys, I want to really drive!"
Me: "Jayden, get in the back seat right now!" (Grandma has no patience.)
Jayden: "Okay, Umma, it was just a joke!"

When we got home we picked some more tomatoes (they are ripening at a rate of five to twelve a day now!):

(I used some of them to make Mozzerella Pomodoro)

And then while Jayden and Grandpa were busy swimming in the pool, I was busy in the kitchen:
No, I didn't bake from scratch AT ALL! These are actually made from pre-made dough (chocolate chunk cookies from Omaha Steaks), and they are the best I've ever tasted other than my own Grandma's Chocolate Chip recipe (Erin, if you're reading here I didn't forget that you want Grandma's recipe, I'll email it along with the picture of Grammy's actual handwritten recipe).

And this blueberry cake is from a box mix for blueberry muffins (but I did wash and add some 'real' blueberries instead of using the canned ones that came with the mix!), and this actually taste as good (better!) than the recipe I make from scratch so I am not going to knock myself out anymore!

After the pool and showering, Jayden ate some of the tomatoes and cheese, and he ate his dinner, and then he enjoyed some of the cookies too:

(This kid is the messiest eater!)
And after the cookies, he had some more dinner! I guess swimming makes him work up an appetite!

The next day my oldest son took off of work and he spent the day with Jayden while I spent the day with my friend Barbara, strolling, shopping, eating lunch out, having girl-talk, it was really a wonderful day! And we promised each other we would be good for each other and not encourage spending too much money, and also not encourage too much eating. Well, we were half-hearted on those promises to each other! When shopping these were the words that came out of our mouths "Yes! Buy that, it fits you so well, it looks great, you can't leave that jacket behind here in the store!", and, "It's a bargain at that price, you'll be kicking yourself if you don't buy it!" So much for helping each other curb our shopping addiction! But lunch, we were golden! One of Diana's (Welcome To My World) post had me so in the mood for a beer, and when I mentioned it to Barbara she had to have one too, so we did do light beers, but then we split a grilled chicken sandwich with a side of apple slices! And we only had coffee for dessert! So I think that makes up for the shopping slip-up (although I don't think Ray agrees, I think he'd rather have me fat than to have us in the poor house).
While shopping we stopped in Barnes & Noble and I got myself two journals. One already has Bible verses in it, so I will do those each day. And the other I will look up Bible verses on my own to ponder:

And then we had a 'Mia Day' as Jayden calls it! She stays with us while her Mom is at work, and Jayden always looks forward to the days when Mia comes! It was very hot and they wanted to go play in the sand box, but I convinced them to play with water instead, well, it didn't take much convincing, they were eager, so I got them changed into their bathing suits and we went outside on the little side deck.

Then they both decided they were going to clean their little kitchen:

And I devoted a day to cleaning out things (refrigerators, cabinets, kitchen drawers, etc.), and I got Jayden's school clothes ready for him for next week.
While cleaning out one of the cabinets a jar of gravy fell out onto the kitchen counter and shattered into what seemed like a million pieces! Gravy and glass all over the counter top, all over the floor, into a lower drawer that I had opened, the metal lid to the gravy ended up in one of my coffee boxes, gravy was dripping down the cabinets, and all over my jeans and shirt! How can one little jar of gravy do so much damage?

I had just emptied the bottom shelf of the cabinet, made myself a cup of coffee, and was starting to empty out the middle shelf, I turned and bent down to put a box of coffee away and I heard this crash behind me, I thought something fell on the cup of coffee and thought I was going to see coffee all over, but instead I saw gravy. Jayden came running in wanting know if I had spilled soup! And he said it smelled good!
I had to waste a perfectly good cup of coffee as I was afraid I might be like Diana and end up with slivers of glass in my mouth if I dared to drink it!

Gravy and glass all over my coffee and tea drawer!

And here the lid shot across the room and fell into one of the boxes inside the drawer.

Bits of glass and gravy even got underneath the boxes of coffee!

I tried taking before and after pictures of the fridge, but the battery went on my camera. I could take pictures of my now pristine and empty refrigerator, but you wouldn't appreciate it without seeing the before pictures!

On a positive note, I started walking with my daughter in the evenings, I think I'm cramping her style as she's been doing it for a few weeks now and I've only just started, so we just walk to the park, and then do the track there a few loops around, and then walk back home another way, and that's enough for me, but I'm sure my daughter would like to be doing more!
The park we walk to has a nice view of the bridge and I took a few photos last time we were there.
I'll have to do a post about this park and the story behind it sometime, it's an interesting story.

This picture was taken up near the entrance to the park:

This one was taken down by the beach area:

And while away from blogging I made a new recipe that my friend Jill @ Grandma Honey posted. It was quick, it was easy, it was delicious, and my family loved it! In fact, those were Jayden's exact words! I asked him if he liked it and he said, "No, Umma, I love it!" And my family raved about it and thanked me for a wonderful meal!
So, I in turn thank you, Jill!

If anyone is interested you can find the recipe here.

And yesterday was another trip to the beach, this time the beach we fish at was open, and we had it all to ourselves!

But in the morning it was cold and jackets and pants were a must for some of us (but not for Ray who is usually in shorts and flip flops year round)!

Donald teasing us 'girls' (as usual!):

Later the sun came out and it did get warm, and I was wishing I had shorts or a skirt to change into, and I'm sure Donald was hot in those blue jeans, especially while doing all that digging!

Here's Jayden, happy to be taller than Umma!

AND ~ here's another bounty of Ray's tomatoes! So I'm off to make some more sauce! And I'm ending this post with the same way I began it!

Well, there you have it, all my cooking, and baking, and cleaning, my mishaps, my praying, my journaling, my shopping, my eating, my family and my friends, and my new exercise routine. That was my week, not much excitement, but that's my life!

Okay, Blogger really cooperated with me tonight, and uploaded all these pictures easily and quickly! I may stick to a once a week posting from now on!

(Rachel, if you're reading here: Happy Birthday & Good Luck on your new job!)


  1. Eileen....This is a great blog! I'm going to have to come back to it this evening and read it more closely....there is a lot of great information and lovely photos of Jayden...(and the beach....and the spill, and the FOOD!...just after Teresa got us started on our 'food diary'....(choke...cough, sputter) you post these delicious-looking photos.)
    I can't comment time...(imagine how much I'll comment when I do have time! :)))
    but wanted you to know I was here....and will be baaaaaaaaaaack! Work calls my name!

  2. Good morning Eileen, It looks like you had a wonderful time away. I love looking at all of your pictures and hearing your stories. All of that delicious looking food is making me hungry :>) Your little Jayden is so adorable. I love how he gave you the thumbs up :>) He is such a little sweetie ♥ I hope you have a great day.

  3. OMGosh Eileen...I so enjoyed your post that went you said a week's worth! Tomatoes, gravy and sand everywhere makes for interesting blogging posts. Jayden and Mia as always are just too cute...messy eating and all...even his Ikea mischief is all boy! Dylan was a messy eater when younger...and we purchased our gazebo swing at Lowes because he was with us and kept going over to it, telling us how comfy it was and insisting we try it. We do love our Grandkids, don't we!

    Loved the clouds in the beach photo and the storm clouds with the! you really packed this post Eileen. The comments are going to be long as well. Let's see did I leave anything out? Oh yes, the blueberry cake and meatballs looked delicious, so many looked like Thanksgiving!

    Smiles always Eileen,

  4. Jackie, I know you said you are semi-retired. Does that mean you work a few hours a day? Or do you work a few days a week?
    Don't worry about coming back and reading all this! It was almost mean to do this to people!

    Thank you, Carol, for visiting here and at the Award post! I hope you pass the Awards on, I think they are both really nice ones, and really made me think of everyone and how tight-knit we are!
    Thanks for all your kind comments always!

    Wanda, I LOVED the story of Dylan and the gazebo swing! I could definitely see Ray and myself doing just that very thing with Jayden (or Mia for that matter!), that is too cute!
    And I usually cook a lot, especially on weekends because there is usually a crowd here, this past weekend Ray and the boys took Jayden to a ballgame and then they all came back here for dinner, and my brother-in-law and his son were here too, so a house-full of men = lots of food!

    Thanks for visiting, ladies!
    Love, Eileen

  5. Hi Eileen,
    I too loved your post and wonder where you find all of that energy! Beautiful tomatoes! And all that wonderful food and spilled gravy, and storms, and rainbows, and fun! fun! fun! Jayden is a hoot, I loved how he wanted to drive, and you had no! I too love Ikea, and the food there is great too! Happy eating today...I am thinking we all might just go on food binges, if we see anymore photos of the wonderful food you posted today. ((((Hugs)))) T aka 555

  6. Wow where do I begin? I use just as much parm. cheese as you on my pasta, if not more! I loved the photo of Donald and Ray pretending to picnic and grill with the waves surrounding them, they look like fun! All the food photos, well I had to get up and make a sandwich right in the middle of your post! And I couldn't help but thinking how handsome Jayden is going to be when is older, girls galore will surround him! Mia looks to be a super feminine girly girl! You cook too much, it makes me look bad! I am glad you are walking with some beautiful scenery along the way! I have also started a spiritual journal. I feel so bad that you had that gravy mess to clean! And finally I loved seeing the photos of you looking so happy. Great job my friend! Love Di

  7. Hi Eileen, what a wonderful post full of everything you love. I really enjoyed reading everything. Jayden and Mia are absolutely beautiful and I loved Mia's little swim suit.
    WOW, I have seen more food on this post than I do in my house in a year...makes me hungry and I can't even get into my kitchen let alone my fridge as I have my Dining Room table and chairs in there to make room for the contractors.....oh well, I had a good breakfast and don't need to eat right now anyway.
    You look absolutely fabulous in your pictures, I would be huge eating the food you do and you look so you are lucky that you can do this. I love to eat but everytime I eat what I want I put weight on. I have to watch what I eat all the time.
    I love how you are now journalizing, it's something I have done for years but have slowed down with it since blogging, I just don't seem to have enough time and I do miss my written journal....I think I will put one on my night table and do it first before posting, yup that is what I am going to do.
    In this post I feel the love you have for your family and see how you care for them, what a wonderful wife, mum, umma, SIL and friend you are. Have a wonderful day my friend.....
    Luv you.......:-) Hugs

  8. Teresa, I just read on your blog that you and Diana have NO FOOD in your house!
    First, I wish I could have you both here for dinner!
    Second, what are you going to post? Pictures of an empty refrigerator?
    What's the purpose of this exercise? To make you more hungry than you already are?

    Um, Diana, has the lack of food weakened your spirit a little? What happened to calling me the 'village idiot' for spilling the gravy and wondering if I was serving it anyway?? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY DIANA???

    Oh, Bernie, you should hear Donald asking me all the time how I got so fat! I used to be so skinny, skinny (remember that model Twiggy? well, that was my nickname! That and Olive Oyl!), I think my height helps me out a lot, but I seriously need to diet, and maybe Teresa's little 'game' will help.
    So far not though!
    Thanks for all your sweet comments, Bernie!

    Thanks for visiting everyone!
    I have to run next door and clean, my Aunt is coming back from down south tomorrow and my brother has been living the bachelor life over there for months now (SHUDDER!).
    LOVE YOU!, Eileen

  9. Wow! What a week you've had. I found that odd sky & weather report very interesting - kind of scary! And it was interesting to see the beach after the hurricane...I kind of speeded through this,but get the idea of lots of love being passed around your family.

  10. Oh, before I run out, I wanted to correct myself to Wanda. I said I usually cook a lot.
    What I meant was WHEN I cook, I cook a lot of food for a big crowd. BUT I DO NOT COOK OFTEN at all! We just happened to have that harvest from Ray's tomato plants, and we just happened to go to Ikea, and I just happened to like the sound of Jill's recipe!
    Mostly I only cook on weekends! During the week it's usually leftovers or take-out, only occasionally I'll cook.
    This post was a unique week for cooking!

  11. Oh, thanks, Rebecca!
    Yes, I thought about the Bible verse "When you see a strange light in the sky..."
    It was scary! Especially when so many things were happening at once!

  12. Whew!!! There was sooo much food I think I gained 5 lbs just viewing the luscious pictures!!! Good JOB!!! Cathy

  13. Firstly, those tomatoes look delish and second, the eyebrows on that kid...AMAZING, he will be a swooner I think.

  14. So you tried the recipe from my blog!! I'm happy you like it. I will have to let Amy know since she gave it to me.
    Fun post. I am in awe over all the beauty you have around you. Wasn't that a bit eery being there with those news people on the beach? Somehow I don't think it was your idea to be there that day :)
    And that gravy...ohmygoodness. One little bottle of gravy did all that damage. And it's the kind of thing you have to clean up NOW huh? I've had days like that.
    I hope you don't really just do one blog a week. I would miss you.

  15. that was a POST!! I loved it all too!
    What are lingonberries? I've never heard of those...what do they taste like. Your pasta looks yummy and the tomatoes are gorgeous..I love blueberry that made me want to make some :) I love your mug with the duck on it!! Was it a present from Mia? It's adorable..
    The pictures of the sky were beautiful!! I also loved the pictures of the bridge..can't wait to hear the story ;) It was so nice to see YOU in the pics of the are so pretty!! I loved both journals and couldn't pick a favorite..they were both so pretty!!
    I love the new look to your blog..the pink petals are SWEET!!....just like you!!
    I don't know about the posting what I eat thing..My kids think I'm nuts going around taking pictures of everything as it is..If I start taking pics of what I'm eating they might have me committed..;)
    Love and Hugs.........Jerelene

  16. Dear Aunt Eileen,
    Thank You Soooo Very Much for the Birthday Wishes!!!.....Love You and Hope to See You Soooon!!!!!!
    Love Always