Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hiking Mohonk Mountain

Raymond, Jayden, and myself went hiking today at Mohonk Mountain in New Paltz, NY. I can't believe the energy Jayden has! I thought he might have trouble keeping up with us, but it was us that had trouble keeping up with him!

We started off from the parking lot on a nice gravel path.

We came across some fallen trees.

Then we turned onto a more rocky path, it was very steep in some places, but Jayden was fine climbing.

Whew! 'Made it to the top!

And Umma needs to rest!

Then we walked down a hillside to get to the lake.

Then we went on to a rock scramble.

Jayden took a picture of Ray & me resting on the 'love bench', but he had to reprimand 'Paw' for covering up the heart on the back of the bench!

On to another rock scramble that would take us to a steep staircase (you can see the wooden stairs in the background).

I don't know if I'm going to make it!

Jayden was such a happy little coach! "Come on, Umma, you're almost there!"

I need another rest!

Jayden thought the Mohonk House was a beautiful kingdom!

Let's enjoy the beautiful views before we head up the rest of the way to the top of the mountain.

Once at the top there's a tower with lots of stairs! More climbing!

Here's a view of Jayden's 'beautiful kingdom' from the top of the tower.

Okay, back down. I loved the iron gates!

Really pretty sky!

Beautiful gardens back down at the bottom! The trees behind the fence in the background are a big maze, and Ray & Jayden tried to lose me in there on purpose! But I remembered my father-in-law's advice, Harry said to keep your hand on one wall the whole time and you'll find your way out, and that's just what I did!

There was a small stone tower there. It was so cool inside and a nice place to rest.

We stopped for a snack at a little picnic area and I just had to snap some pictures of these eyelashes! I want them!

On the walk back to the parking lot a deer crossed our path!

The Incredible Hulk!

Jayden was excited to spot this farm.

Don't go too close to the edge! It's a two hundred foot drop!

I loved this tree! Look how it's roots are all around the rock!

More fallen trees on the walk back.

I really had a wonderful day! I was so tired, but it's one of those days that you hate to see end.
I asked Jayden if he had a good time and he said, "Of course!" I asked him if he'd like to do it again and he said, "Of course!"
I'm already looking forward to the next time! Hopefully the leaves will be turning soon.

On a side note:
Diana asked for information on Mohonk, I was going to give background but this post was so long already!
Here's a link for anyone who may want to look it up . Just go here.


  1. WOW!!! What an adventure. You sure don't let those cookies hold you back Eileen.
    That place is amazingly beautiful. I can only imagine what a great time Jayden had. His imagination must have went wild! The rocks were huge and I thought the gardens beautiful!
    The stone tower was just cool! Not just the inside I mean.
    But my favorite photo Eileen was of you and Jayden embracing in the Mohonk House. That was just so precious Eileen. I think you deserve the greatest grandma award today!
    I'd like to hear a little history on that place. Is there a website?
    Beautiful Post , Love Di

  2. Diana and I agree 100% on 'the photo' that captured my heart....the one of you and Jayden...that one was an "ahhhhh" photo.
    Do you ever go anywhere that's ugly?
    I'm jealous!

  3. I just came back to tell you that you should have that picture enlarged ! Right Jackie?

  4. HI EILEEN -

    Oh my this is all so wonderful. I enjoyed hiking with you and Ray and Jayden SO much. It really was a perfect day - I wish I could take such a trek - I have to keep it way simpler - anyway - Iloved your hike tremendously and the photos were ALL breath taking and SO beautiful. :-) Thank you for sharing this amazing day Eileen.

    Love Gail

  5. Thank you so much, Girls!

    I like that picture too! And I loved the feeling of that hug! He really can be the sweetest little thing when he wants to be!

    I also loved the one of the back of him in that little look-out pointing out and showing me the 'beautiful kingdom'!

    Seriously, it was one of those "Thank You so much, Dear God!" days! I am so Blessed!

    I'm going up to bed now.
    Good Night, All!
    Love, Eileen
    PS ~ Diana, I added a link to the Mohonk Mountain house for you at the bottom of my post!

  6. Oh I am in love with New York, there are so many places to see and things to do. Loved this post Eileen, and make that a triple captured my hear photo of you and Jayden, and I thought he did a great job taking yours and Ray's picture as well. The hike was so beautiful with the flowers, rocks, trees and just all the scenery....I can see Jayden is not afraid of heights, I would of been holding on for deer life.
    What a wonderful day you had and I love how you are always making memories with your family. Have a great Wednesday my friend and thank you for sharing, big hugs to Jayden......:-) Hug

  7. Thanks, Bernie!
    We are lucky living where we do, there is so much to do and see! You don't have to go far to find city life, or beaches, or mountains, it really is a beautiful State with lots of good to offer. It's not all bad, but I think we do get a bad rap sometimes.

    And I was hanging on for dear life!! I usually spend most of the day on my hands and knees crawling up the rock scrambles. I am extremely afraid of heights and I can not do the really big rock climbs, I actually go into a panic attack. So I just stay to the easier rock scrambles, and knew with Jayden along there was no danger of doing the scary ones!
    My family has done the scary ones in the past, I should post pictures of that sometime!
    Love you, Eileen

  8. What a wonderful day Eileen...You made Jayden King of the mountain...the view from the top of the tower did look like a magical kingdom.

    Mohonk Mountain is a beautiful place...loved the tree growing on the boulder and I want that stone house!!! You do have a little bit of everything to enjoy with your family Eileen.
    Where are we going next?

    I loved that little bear hug and those lashes I've noticed before!

    Have fun cleaning the hose while Jayden is in school...I'll be doing similar things here!


  9. Where did my long, long comment go??

    What kind of welcome back is this blogger, you stinker you?

    Loved this whole post as I do love woods and the climbing was breath taking (literally too)..you do super great for having a fear of heights, Eileen! I don't think Michael will even be able to LOOK at some of your high up there pictures!

    I am always afraid there won't be enough pictures but you do soooo good...except...what happened to the maze pictures? Maybe one hand on the wall doesn't allow for easy picture taking?

    Next time you need a picture with you and Ray hugging each other over the heart on the bench or even under it...the heart was precious and so were the two of you! Gotta love that great hug from Jayden!

    blessings and good to be back hugs,


  10. I got my exercise climbing with you by pictures, Eileen! What a beautiful day you had. Jayden is your "fountain of youth"

  11. I went to the link Eileen. Have you ever stayed there? It does look very magical! Thanks for posting the link! Love Di

  12. Thanks for stopping in, everyone!
    Welcome Back, Marcy! And isn't it nice of Blogger to welcome you with the usual problems! Ugh!
    We'll be going again in a few weeks and I promise I'll do 'maze' pictures! And I'll get a 'hug' picture just for you too!

    Wanda, I think next trip will be apple picking in Connecticut! If not, either NYC or Mohonk again!

    Rebecca, I think you're right, Jayden IS my fountain of youth!

    Diana, NO, we have never stayed there, although we talk about it a LOT! I'd love to, but it's SO EXPENSIVE! It's more expensive than spending a weekend in a high-end hotel in the city!

  13. BEST LINE EVER...."Do you ever go anywhere that's ugly?"
    She comes to my house sometimes.

  14. Diane, you're house is NOT ugly! I've always liked your house, I've always liked the lay-out, the paneled walls in your dining room, the big bay window in your living room, and your bedroom and your bathroom especially with it done over! I think your house always reminded me a little of the old house. That's probably why I always loved it.

    The only thing I don't like about coming to your house is when Speedy attacks me and puts pin holes in my sneakers from his sharp little teeth!

  15. What a truly amazing adventure for him. Wonderful stuff.

  16. What a beautiful outing...I loved the flowers..they look gorgeous! You did awfully well...I would have give out...Jayden has beautiful eyelashes! What a cutie he is! I also loved the little stone building..the view from the top was magnificent!
    Wonderful pictures Eileen...I know Jayden had a great time...it was nice of you and Ray to take him!
    Love You! Jerelene

  17. What an amazing adventure you had! OH MY GOODNESS, to have all that energy. I take my hat off you girl! I can barely get through an hour of a Zumba class! And I am totally spent! Your home is so beautiful! Why would you EVER want to leave it! But if you EVER want to come for a visit to sunny Southern Utah...I would love to show you around. We visited Zions Park last Sunday. I still need to post my Labor Day weekend! What a slacker I am!....

  18. I enjoyed this trek with you, Elieen!


    Sheila :-)

  19. Hi Eileen,
    I took your hike with you, and loved every minute of it, and you have a lot of energy, that's for sure. It is not easy keeping up with little ones, and you did a great job. Jayden is so darned cute, just want to hug him, I just couldn't resist, and I love that pic of you and Jayden hugging, so tender. You can see he loves his Umma, you are so blessed and so is he. What a fun day, and so georgeous,,, I love NY...(((hugs)))) 555