Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Won't Know What To Do With Myself!

Jayden has started Pre-K and Monday starts the full-day session for him.
As worn out as I get watching him sometimes (and it is going to be nice to have some time for myself), I think I am really going to miss the little guy. I won't know what to do with myself!

I was looking through the myriad of pictures we have of our two grandchildren, and I thought I'd share a few of our earliest photos of my favorite little guy, these were all taken when Jayden was newborn and just a few weeks old:

These were taken in the hospital when I first laid on eyes on him and I was smitten.

At home:

I loved how he seemed to really listen intently when I spoke to him.

Poor baby!

This is how I got to spend my days and I LOVED it!

He was always such a happy little guy!

He really was such a sweet baby!

And he's still a sweet little guy! Although a little more active now!

He's ALL BOY! Yikes!

His energy is boundless!

I love this kid and all his antics!

Have a wonderful school year my little man!


  1. Pre-K could use voluteers, I'm sure. It wouldn't have to be a daily basis...but wouldn't Jayden and Umma be excited to see each other at "Big School."
    I know that you'll miss him dearly.
    He'll miss you, too...
    Hugs from one Nana to another....I'm thinking of you....of course.

  2. I misspelled 'volunteers' in the post above, and didn't want to delete it....but I's this keyboard...(cough) It has absolutely NO idea how to type or spell. I'm trading it in!!
    Nuther hug,

  3. I just came back here because I could....wondering if Di, Wanda, or Marcy would comment on how MUCH space I'm taking up!!!
    Heh, heh...I'm sooooo bad.
    Your Jayden is beautiful! (I know...I know, handsome is the word....but....if he's beautiful, he can't help it....and I gotta say it!!)
    OK....somebody else's turn!!!

  4. He even started out cute, very cute. I just love little boys. Maybe because I had 4 of my own. They can cause so much trouble and be loud and annoying and dirty and rambunctious, but they also just totally completely melt my heart.
    I hope you give us updates on how he likes preschool.

  5. Good morning,
    Now uh Eileen...You don't like this little do you? I mean...having to look in those eyes all day while wanting those lashes, envying that hair and smile, having to laugh when he's funny, just staring at that cute face like you didn't have better things to do, and having to hold yourself back from...eating him alive!

    I know, I've been there...I totally understand your feelings Eileen...but with his new found independence, you get time to rejuvenate and get even bigger hugs when he gets home!!! :)

  6. Oh Eileen, I am in tears, Jayden is such a beautiful boy, and thinking of your little guy and going off to school brings tears to my eyes. I cried at every new step each of my babies took.

    My grandaughter Bailey, and my daughter lived with me until Bailey was 9 years old. The transition has been so hard for me, for she had become so close to me. I still miss them so much. (((HUGS))) 555

  7. HI EILEEN -

    Oh such beautiful wonderful memories for you both. And YOU have been so wonderful in being a writer of the early chapters of his life - those are forever. It is hard to let go and alloow others a chapter or two and so on......but I have learned that the only part of their lives I can influence are the chapters I helped lovingly create. You have so many. :-) I did too when my grand kids were born and for yhears after. I loved the pictures - and seeing you surrounding him with love. My words can't do it justice.

    Love and deep admiration

  8. Hi Sweetie, You had me with tears in my eyes and big huge smiles, too!! I know you are going to miss him! Changes like these are difficult at first, but God finds a way to fill the void as we seek Him.

    I love all of the pictures, but especially the tender moments with him in your arms. How wonderful is that?! What a blessing! What a loving grammy you are! How blessed Jayden is to have YOU!!

    Have a joyful Sunday, Eileen!
    Love and hugs,

  9. Good Morning Eileen, I think we all have fallen in love with Jayden through your blog. Oh how I envy all the wonderful days and beautiful memories you have made with him. He is so precious and oh what I wouldn't give to have his eyelashes, he is a cutie for sure.
    It will be different at first but you will adjust just as you did when your own babies started school....Good Luck my friend and enjoy your "me" deserve it.
    Luv ya.....:-) Hugs

  10. Picking up here for Jackie..."beautiful. Just beautiful."

    When the heart and house feel quiet & empty, pray LARGE prayers to our awesome God...for this beautiful child, his teacher, his schoolmates, his future.

    And I pray for YOU, my friend. Will be thinking of you all this week as you begin to use your minutes & hours in a "new" way.

  11. That little guy is so much fun, just by looking at the pictures. I can understand how much you will miss him.

    Lovely photos! Loved those newborn baby pics!


  12. Jayden was a gorgeous baby!! What hair..oh my!!
    What sweet pictures of you holding him...I can only imagine how sweet it is to hold a day will come I'm sure:) Jayden is lucky to have such a sweet Umma as you!! Maybe you can be a room mom ? I know you'll miss him...but it will be a good chance for you to have a little me time...I know how precious that can be...I don't get that very often at all :)
    Thanks for sharing all the precious pictures!!

  13. Jayden has just never had a bad hair day! He also had tons of hair at birth. My two girls were almost bald and then my son had hair but not as much as Jayden. He is just too cute and he has that twinkle in his eye...can you see that mischievious and adorable twinkle too??

    Hmmm...I think I've seen that twinkle in YOUR eye in a couple of photos too!

    Jayden going to school like this is what brings the meaning bittersweet to life because you will have the joy of free time but the emptiness of his not being there.

    Will be praying that the transition goes well for everyone.

    blessings and ninja hugs,


  14. Well Eileen I have to say that those infant photos of Jayden were just priceless! God he is beautiful! You'll be o.k. Eileen. I can see why you will miss him but you'll get used to it and he will learn all these new things to show you! I would like to hear what he said all about his first day. You are a wonderful grandma Eileen. Jayden is extremely fortunate!
    Love Di

  15. What a wonderful post. I do know how you feel, my grandson started kindergarden this year, and to see him so small with that big backpack hanging on his back, climbing on that big yellow bus, was truly a sight, that brought tears to my eyes. As he strutted on that big bus, I remembered like it was yesterday, the day he was born, so little so perfact,my first Grandson after 2 Grandaughters, how I felt, so lucky, so blessed. Oh watching him grow what a treat and an adventure, it has been and still is. He has been everything from a lion to Superman, never a dull moment with Harry,by the way that is his name, Harry W. Troxler JR. after his Pop-Pop. What a true gift, he is, and now he is well on his way to growing so fast, to fast. So I do understand, and I am there with you, we will get thur this and look forward to each new day with our little men.
    Best To You, Donna

  16. Good morning Eileen,
    I loved this post. I can feel your pain of having to let go but in a few days it will be OK again. You are a wonderful grandmother and your little guy is so blessed to have you. He is such a little sweetie. I love his little personality. He's going to have a great time at school.

  17. Eileen, Jayden's adorable! He reminds me of my son when he was that age...he will be 36 next week. I have granddaughters, but I sure remember what fun a little boy can be, so I know you're having a great time with your little guy. You'll miss him, but trust me, you will know what to do with yourself in no time! You're a good grandma, and he will miss you just as much as you miss him, but he will love school, so it's a new experience for both of you. The pictures of him of him are wonderful...I smiled at each and every one of them! You're a lucky gal!

  18. I came over tonight to see how you're surviving! (I did see you comment on others' blogs, so I guess you're "out there".....) Thinking of you and the empty feeling that is natural given the time you've spent with J. over the past years.