Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Voted Most Photogenic!

Everyone in our family agrees that my niece Jackie is the most photogenic person in the family, she never takes a bad picture. So we all decided that we want her in every picture, this way even if the rest of us look bad the pictures won’t be a total loss:


  1. Can I use her photo instead of mine in my profile? She's so pretty! Oh no, now I have that song in my head. "I'm so pretty, oh so pretty, I'm so pretty and witty and gay" For all you younger people, gay means HAPPY! Song from "West Side Story"

  2. Diana, you are so funny!
    My husband says the same thing about songs now with the word gay in them. He says at Christmas "How can I sing 'don we now our gay apparel'?
    I don't think anyone uses that word to describe happy anymore, it just has a sexual preference definition now.

  3. Actually Eileen, I think you look lovely in all of your photos too and your darling grandchildren really bear a strong resemblance to you as well. Michael is absolutely gonna love the "don we now our gay apparel" as neither one of us made that connection, so thank Ray for that cute one!


  4. I look like I have to pee.

  5. dhoff - don't you always?
    Don't we both always have to make sure a bathroom is nearby?!

  6. Marcy,thank you! You are always so sweet!