Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Favorites

I see that other bloggers have some entertaining terms for different days of the week (Merry Mondays, Tuesday Teasers, Tickle Me Tuesdays, Wordless Wednesdays, Thoroughly Thursdays, Funny Fridays, Freaky Fridays, Successful Saturdays [I like that one a lot, especially if a successful Saturday means it was a fun Saturday!], Sunny Sundays, etc., you get the idea). Well, since Friday is a day I look forward to and it is one of my favorite days of the week as it is the start of my weekend I have decided to do some ‘Friday Favorites’ where I will post some of my favorite things, whether they be a favorite movie, book, restaurant, meal, vacation spot, place to shop, things acquired for our home, a favorite memory, etc.
And some weeks I will post for myself a Weekend Forecast on Fridays of things I’d like for us to accomplish, sort of a ‘to do’ list of either chores or amusements or maybe a bit of both. (Then Monday I will check to see if it was mission accomplished!)

Okay, so for my very first ‘Friday Favorites’ I am posting some pictures of some of my favorite things in my home. The first is a picture of things I picked up at thrift shops, White Elephant sales, flea markets, and yard sales. I have been told that the things in this little silver collection were used in any number of ways (vintage travel ink wells, vintage condiment pots, vintage salt cellars, vintage cream perfume cases, powder make-up containers, or candle holders). I have no idea what they were once used for, but something about them called out to me and I had to buy them. Tea light candles fit inside of them perfectly so that is what I use them for.

And here are some pictures of a few of our favorite Swedish possessions. Here are just two of my traditional Swedish Dala Horses (I have so many more, but they are boxed in the attic for now), and two wooden butter spreaders that were made in Sweden by my husband’s Uncle Roy. If you look close you can see that Uncle Roy etched 'Aland' on them and he did so because Aland is the island off of Sweden where my husband’s family is from (Aland is actually an archipelago but I always call it Aland Island).

And these pictures are of baby outfits that my mother-in-law has so kindly given to me, my husband and his brothers wore these when they were babies. I have them hanging up in our back room and I love them. Now I am on a quest to find some vintage baby hangers.

** The Weekend Forecast:
Saturday ~ Ray golfs in A.M.
I finish cleaning out the back room
Rearrange furniture in P.M. (with Ray’s help!)

Sunday ~ Go for hike after Mass
Paint base of outdoor sink


  1. What an interesting collection. I noticed, that like me, your candles have not been lit, but my daughter-in-law in AZ does something awesome that I want to try. She lights aromatic candles and plays music when she really wants to get things done around the house...she's so creative.
    I actually had a nun suggest doing this when facing a task that is difficult!

    blessings, my friend,


  2. The baby outfits are precious, what a sweet idea. Having the knives from so far away, where your husband's family is from- so special. I wish we could all know exactly where we come from. By the way- your family is gorgeous!

  3. Oh, Samantha, thank you! You're very sweet.
    We are lucky enough to know a lot of my husband's family history as his parents came here from Sweden (his Dad actually jumped ship and swam to shore when he was a cook on a Swedish ship, the ship docked in New York), and his Mom came here with her family in the mid-40's. My side we know a little of but not too much, a cousin is doing lots of research now though.

  4. Marcy, that might just do the trick for me, I actually hate cleaning the house! So maybe that tip will be a help!

  5. Any girl that likes to go thrift shopping can be my best friend! This is my favorite thing to do. Looks like you have some neat finds. All of my favorite things that I own used to belong to someone else! Have a Funky Friday!

  6. Diana, I think we must be kindred spirits!

  7. What are you painting the base of your outdoor sink with? I'm wondering because my outdoor kitchen has an old one that has seen better days. I need to decide if I want to try and fix this one up or get a nice shiny new one.

  8. Contributing Author, it wasn't the sink itself that was being painted (although I hear you can do that), it was the wooden base that was made to fit the sink into that was painted. Sorry for the confusion!
    No matter, I love 'old, seen-better-days' type of things, I wouldn't touch your outdoor sink if I were you! Can't you just build a shabby chic outdoor kitchen around it?