Saturday, April 25, 2009

This Is One Time I Didn't Mind Baking!

If anyone knows me they know I do not enjoy cleaning, and I do not enjoy cooking, and I do not enjoy baking (not a great resume for a ‘housewife’!).

But I have to thank blogger Diana for posting her grandmother’s recipe for Potato Chip Cookies on her blog ‘Welcome To My World’! They are a big hit with my family!! I made them this morning and they were very easy to make and the results were gratifying as they satisfy both my cravings for sweet and salty!

I took this picture after just a few cookies were eaten, I figured I better take it quick because before too long there will be nothing left to photograph!
I did promise my son that I’d save some for when he visits tomorrow so I have to keep an eye on them (and I better show some self-control myself)!

These cookies remind me so much of my grandmother’s Sandies cookie recipe, and I loved those too!

Thank you, Diana!

Also, many thanks to Marcy for posting her Banana Pancake recipe on her blog Blessings Each Day, I haven't had a chance to make that one yet, but I'm determined!

Thank you, ladies!

Okay, it is now Sunday, 8:20 PM as I edit this post to add another picture, the picture above of the plate full of cookies was taken Saturday morning soon after baking.
The picture below was taken Sunday evening with hardly a crumb left! Good job, Diana! My family thanks you!


  1. Your very welcome Eileen! I'm glad that your family enjoyed them. I don't like coking and baking either, but these cookies are easy and quick so enjoy!

  2. I have to try these. I like baking occasionally...just made cookies this morning for a baked goods sale. These sound so quirky though, with the potato chips in them. I love sandies, so I expect great results, Eileen!

  3. Mommy, you need to make more - ASAP! You promised your son you'd save "some" for him - but he at almost the whole plate!!! Very un-fair! You can't get me addicted to a cookie like this and then just take it away from me like that!!!

  4. I'm so glad my mom's recipe has made it into another family's hands. She used to make those cookies for me when I was a kid, and I adored them.